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Chris and Jack : More sillies from the Body Swap day! Hope y'all are getting ready for Julysixth Park in a couple weeks!

Trivvy : Nye stick.

TheNerdySimulation : yo but seriously... Nice Dicks... Could be the name of a great detective series. *WHAT HAPPENS WHEN TWO GOOD COPS GO OUT OF THEIR WAY TO FOLLOW THE LAW EVERY STEP OF THE WAY, EVEN WHEN IT WOULD BE MORE CONVENIENT TO BEND THE RULES? FIND OUT THIS SUMMER ON:* Nice Dicks

LucieEatsSnekkers : I n s t i n c t u a l e l b o w p l a c e m e n t

King of the Anals and the Fist Men : Nice dick.

LforLight : Your deleted scenes are like an other half a sketch. And this sketch was GREAT.

Felipe Trindade : N I C E D I C K

Abbreviated Reviews : I feel like there was room for at least 8 or 9 "Nice Dick" claims in there.

AAABattery : night stick

Mitochondria No : Honestly the person playing the witch is very good! Would love to see more of her

MonteCarbo : Between the writing, adlibbing, and the ways in which lines are delivered, the comedy you come up with is consistently hilarious. I've been keeping a list of one-liners for a few years now and a quick add from the actual short was "We're talking about sleep? This is, like, third after weather and traffic." A great (presumably written) line, but something as simple as "Never was a corn nuts guy. Love corn nuts." really tickled my funny bone. Very well rounded, your content is my favorite on all of YouTube without exaggeration.

Zack Morey : How do you decide what to throw out?! These are all amazing and I laughed at the corn nuts/salmon discussion :)

emmjacks : do not understand why this channel doesn't have a million subscribers. it's like my favorite thing on youtube

Nick Naccarato : Night stick

janine harris ☄︎ : Wait... are you... are you sokka?

1234jz1 : This is my favorite youtube channel

Stephen Albright : What is that beautiful piece of music at the end?

Philipp : YES!!! More of you... best 5 minutes of the day... And I seriously had a blowjob!

Donstar Playz : Any of these scenes could have been in the final video

thechris312 : Nice Dick *nods knowingly*

Puncherjoe1 : Deleted Scenes are one of my favorite parts of this channel. Among the videos, people in them.... Just general channel stuff.

jfat4 : Y'all my favorite!

7Comic7mischief7 : I love how y'all do deleted scenes, following the narrative of the original. Almost like an alternate skit.

Olivier Faure : Eeeeh, I can see why these were cut. They really weren't quite as funny as the main video.

The Best Gamer : I miss when you were Sokka so much!

jellyberg : 0:38 is Oscar worthy

Nissan Karki : Sponsored by Flux™

Flynt RavenSpear : An interpretation of what each color actually is... I can't even begin to process what would that actually mean when it comes to our mind interpreting the rest of our sensations, the rest of our reality... wha....

Coda Mission : 4:26 My friend and I have never swapped bodies, but...

ThePluskota : Sudsy, brah


Pizza God : Noice dick

dazucca : I especially like the deleted scenes because I always want your videos to continue after they’re done.

Mystique Ufo Pirate : As always! Great stuff!!!! :D

TheHD0000 : Can we have a part 2 please? THIS WAS LITTTTTTTT

Bill Collector : Julysixth Park Party!!!

Meg S : yew guyz are the bestttt!

Joseph Woods : These are great!

Franciszek Rychlewicz : Nice Richard!

ChronicEel93 : yes this

Jessie C : Dice Nick

yui kol : I really like the car elbow bit.

riccardovamos : F.lux