Life Begins at Arousal | Squidbillies | Adult Swim

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Alouitious Teapot : It's amazing: Under all that cheap animation and extreme lewdness is some of the best and most creative satire I have ever seen.

Frosty : "They also think they can WHOOP YOUR ASS!!!" Hahaha!

Patrick Williams : "Well I believe Life begins at arousal!" this is a great thing to shout when random drunk weirdos are debating about abortion at a party and making everyone uncomfortable. Trust me I know.

BalzToTheWall86 : I can no longer sit back and allow communist infiltration, communist indoctrination, communist subversion and the international communist conspiracy to sap and impurify all of our precious bodily fluids!

Andrew A : This is a clip from Donald Trumps Iowa Rally

Chong Marin : every uneducated conservative political convention ever.

Anferny9097 : That's what I imagine it would be like if Alex Jones held a rally.

H00ligan : the lip quiver

JishinDX : I moved to Texas a year ago and sadly many political convos here sound like this

Data Masked : This is what it sounds like talking to any Trump supporter.

Adrienne Martin : It's a joke people. Fluoride is ok in small amounts. That's the point of this video is making fun of protesters who at some point protested against fluoride in our water. At least that is my interpretation. Also being a biology major, I know this.

joe carazola : Barack hussein Obama

gnbman : The writers should sue Trump for stealing their ideas.

xxevery9seconds87xx : 6,000 of these views has to be from me.

Hades Lord of the Underworld : Dan Halen looks and sounds like Orson Welles

ErwinSchrodinger64 : Wait a minute! Does this mean Dan Halen will be running for president soon? Don't care for Hillary, Trump, or Sanders but Dan Halen has my vote!

WhisperingZephyr : I'm taking courses in public relations now, and I'm so damn tempted to try this someday.

Shimon Hawkins : Man, that's the most accurate, life-like depiction of a Trump rally ever! Is this a documentary?

Seth Estrada : This is every extreme political point of view in one clip

Heath Tiger : reminds me of any protest, ignorance fueled ignorance

slayerdearly : Somebody’s gonna die XD

Pat Son : Dan Halen is hilarious!

Carlos Castillo : "Afternoon of Vigorous Masturbation" LOL.

Sgt. F.T.O. : OmFg-ahaha

Jaharah Hobbs : #nofluoride

MechWarrior894 : And then they blame Obama when their teeth fall out. Pardon me while I drink the bleach

Leveler : God hillbillies are way to easily manipulated. I mean you don't even have to try . . . at all.

Tommy Rad : drink up my little one. drink it all up. don't ask questions. keep on ridiculing. You'll be fine.

Tommy Rad : jus cuz thars a skull an crosity bonez on the label don't make it poy-sin! specially if ya put it in tooth paste fer the kids. Crest tooth paste, now with a satin tote bag... for the nausea!

fuzzywzhe : Well, actually, flouride actually is a highly toxic chemical.

Quibbles : You're an idiot.

Javelin09 : Alex Jones is also a raving right-wing lunatic who thinks the government "invented" homosexuality. So, take his opinions with a grain of salt.

communistjesus : FAUX NEWS and MSNBC ,to name a few, are great at BRAINWASHING with their BULL5HIT...

communistjesus : Funny but sadly true.. It is amazing how THOSE AT THE TOP easily MANIPULATE and BRAIN WASH the minds of the rubes///

jjon43 : I just drank two very big cups of water. I'm not dead. So...?

Reverend Veritas : Why is fluoride in toothpaste and mouthwash but the product warns you not to swallow any? Because as anyone who has taken a blotter of acid will tell you chemicals are quickly absorbed into the bloodstream under the tongue. Haven't you ever thought it odd that every toothpaste tube says to contact poison control if you swallow so much as a pea-sized amount? The fluoride content in that tiny bit of toothpaste is the same as in 8 fluid ounces of tap water.

Reverend Veritas : Go to your local grocery stores, take a look at the fluoridated nursery water and ask yourself "Why do babies who don't even have teeth need fluoride to prevent cavities?" It was used by Stalin and Hitler in prison camps to make the prisoners more docile and sterilize them. Squidbillies isn't just making this shit up to be funny. Sodium fluoride is the main ingredient in rat poison AND it's in Prozac.

CatcherCo : You haven't been to Portland, Oregon, lately, have you? ;)

jjon43 : You're joking, right?

Father Wendigo : I drunkenly youtube'd this video to make a comment and was greeted by people actually making this argument. The year of our Lord 2013 and people are hand-to-God making this argument. Fuck this gay earth. Also, kudos to unknown hinson for driving the finest satire of southern living to the goddamned moon. But seriously, fuck this dumbass earth.

Reverend Veritas : Fluoride is a toxic chemical byproduct of aluminum manufacturing. Companies used to dump it into rivers and lakes until they got in trouble because it was destroying the ecosystem. Instead of paying to safely dispose of it the companies used their influence to convince the American Dental Association that fluoride prevented cavities. Now they get paid to dispose of it in our public water supplies where most of it ends up dumped into nature... which was the original problem decades ago.

Jules Plourde : I dont accept this!!! Lol!!! 😝

aGuyInaBearSuit : I find this to be a very realistic portrayal of Georgia.

Jordan Howell : hahaha. nice one.

Leo Davinci : Dan Halen should be in every episode!

personM4N : I didn't get any bacon =-(

Rick McDick : In Soviet Russia, ass whoops you!

Emmanuel Moreno : They also think they can whoop your ass!

Ruben Amaya : Don't blame me, I didn't VOTE!!!

neviusprime : In Arizona, life begins about 2 weeks before arousal