Life Begins at Arousal | Squidbillies | Adult Swim

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Alouitious Teapot : It's amazing: Under all that cheap animation and extreme lewdness is some of the best and most creative satire I have ever seen.

Frosty : "They also think they can WHOOP YOUR ASS!!!" Hahaha!

JishinDX : I moved to Texas a year ago and sadly many political convos here sound like this

Patrick Williams : "Well I believe Life begins at arousal!" this is a great thing to shout when random drunk weirdos are debating about abortion at a party and making everyone uncomfortable. Trust me I know.

BalzToTheWall86 : I can no longer sit back and allow communist infiltration, communist indoctrination, communist subversion and the international communist conspiracy to sap and impurify all of our precious bodily fluids!

Anferny9097 : That's what I imagine it would be like if Alex Jones held a rally.

Chong Marin : every uneducated conservative political convention ever.

xxevery9seconds87xx : 6,000 of these views has to be from me.

Hades Lord of the Underworld : Dan Halen looks and sounds like Orson Welles

Κ ο μ ν η ν ό ς : 0:00 just an average day in the south during elections

joe carazola : Barack hussein Obama

Rereversed : I swear these episodes just write themselves.

dukenukemthreed : LOL, Dan Halen is mad because he didn't think of it first XD

WhisperingZephyr : I'm taking courses in public relations now, and I'm so damn tempted to try this someday.

Reverend Veritas : Fluoride is a toxic chemical byproduct of aluminum manufacturing. Companies used to dump it into rivers and lakes until they got in trouble because it was destroying the ecosystem. Instead of paying to safely dispose of it the companies used their influence to convince the American Dental Association that fluoride prevented cavities. Now they get paid to dispose of it in our public water supplies where most of it ends up dumped into nature... which was the original problem decades ago.

Heath Tiger : reminds me of any protest, ignorance fueled ignorance

H00ligan : the lip quiver

ErwinSchrodinger64 : Wait a minute! Does this mean Dan Halen will be running for president soon? Don't care for Hillary, Trump, or Sanders but Dan Halen has my vote!

Andrew A : This is a clip from Donald Trumps Iowa Rally

fuzzywzhe : Well, actually, flouride actually is a highly toxic chemical.

Javelin09 : Alex Jones is also a raving right-wing lunatic who thinks the government "invented" homosexuality. So, take his opinions with a grain of salt.

MMBNM : To abort my plan or vigorous masturbation?! BULL FUCKIN SHIT ILL JERK MY DICK IF I FUCKING FEE LIKE IT

Data Masked : This is what it sounds like talking to any Trump supporter.

Elu Arkham : @Kizales Fluoride is a chemical compound consisting of the element fluorine.

Elu Arkham : @Kizales You're thinking fluorine.

Elu Arkham : @Kizales Agreed. :)

C FP : Girls don't have testicles

C FP : @wilky1189 Yes they do

personM4N : I didn't get any bacon =-(

Sacred Reality : OMG LOL, what he is speaking iS actually THE TRUTH!!!! They are telling you right to your face!!!

Plugged On : Actually the dude is right haha that exactly what they want

Insane8221 : @Yperaspizo and that look on Early's face once Dan Halen said that lol

salvadory : @worryphree while you do provide some facts the amount we ingest is nowhere near what the nazis gave to people and how do you explain all the people ready to question and protest who have been drinking it their whole lives- all the non docile people out there- the anger and rage- i thought flouride was supposed to make people docile- so how do soldiers work so hard if they drink flouride which they do- i have plenty of energy no cancer and i always question things including u

salvadory : @worryphree ps its only pysch ops if your dumb enough to let commercials or a cartoon influence you- people who rush to taco bell after seeing a tv commercial are braindead to begin with - seldom do i ever buy anything i see on tv- from music to shampoo- i buy local or underground or alternatives - if this is psych ops as you claim then people are hopeless- ps if im drinking rat posion it hasnt bothered me- im 40 look 30 no history of sickness- a ton of energy and still interested in debate

salvadory : @worryphree actually im well aware of david icke- some of his stuff is interesting and worth investigating and some of it is comical to high heaven-- in fact the only tv i watch really is the weather channel and squidbilles and aqua teen hunger force- another very funny cartoon- i spend more time youtubing and debating on things like this and investigating claims of all persuasion- id say in the end we can overcome any social programming and flouride- !! good luck!!!

salvadory : @worryphree and the next episode they will rank on the govt or law enforcement or elltest or corruption and greed- all is fair in love and war- life is way to short to worry about a cartoon that is literally watched by less than a half a million people- most of whom are stoners in the first place- and yet again many in the south are nice well educated people- but theres a minority represented by the squid who are bonafide morons whether they think flouride is bad or not

salvadory : dan halen is the perfect tea party presidential candidate- Halen/Bachmann 2012

salvadory : @worryphree ps i respect your opinion but i think theres a legimate point that people in power use fear over people for their own purposes- i get that from this cartoon more than i see flouride being endorsed- it was just a comical controversial subject to illuminate the fact that often panic and fear is used to advantage by town leaders like dan halen - who in the show plays a souless greedy corporate type leader- but before any of this it is just satire and comedy first and foremost

salvadory : @worryphree if you watch the show like i do they ridicule the govt - they ridicule law enforcement- they ridicule elitests- they ridicule alcohol and drugs and the media-in essence they ridicule everything and hate to break it to you but many in the tea party and the south are as dumb as the squid- not as a whole but enough that the stereotype is indeed true- to me they ridicule the towns richest and elitest citizen dan halen the most along with the dim police chief- ps rat poisons yummy!!!

salvadory : @worryphree well i dont drink much alcohol or do drugs so my thinking has always been pretty clear- flouride is so low on my list of worries and while it kills animals in greater quanities humans have developed immunity to it for the most part- just like we have adapted to many things- evolution will handle it! i n the meantime this episode wasnt an endorsement of flouride- it was a condemnation of people using fear to profit or for political reasons- it was more about the dan halen character

salvadory : - this more about how people in power use fear and peoples ignorance than it is a promotion for flouride as nutters like alex jones claim- and if you replace dan halen with glen beck and the squidbillies with the tea party its pitch perfect satire at its best! now go brush your teeth!!!

Just A Hunk : I want that hat lol

aGuyInaBearSuit : I find this to be a very realistic portrayal of Georgia.

Jaharah Hobbs : #nofluoride

Father Wendigo : I drunkenly youtube'd this video to make a comment and was greeted by people actually making this argument. The year of our Lord 2013 and people are hand-to-God making this argument. Fuck this gay earth. Also, kudos to unknown hinson for driving the finest satire of southern living to the goddamned moon. But seriously, fuck this dumbass earth.

Tywin Lannister : POUR THE WATER OUT


Robert Timm : @Chucktanium You spelled Kieth Olbermann wrong.

xtallyx1 : OMG !!! Funniest thing ever !! BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA .. LOL. "They also think they can kick your ass ! " LOL !!!

xtallyx1 : @rockxhero Yes, but the point of the satire is tea party antics used to needlessly stir up hillbillies for no good reason.