Young Rival - Black Is Good [Official] (Autostereogram Video)

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Kwebbelkop : Don't do drugs kids.

Actar Raikit : Wow, I never knew this was possible in video!

GassedGasMask7 : Magic Eye books have trained me for this.

JP Kloess : Why aren't there more stereoscope videos out there? This is so cool!

Ethan Wilson : That is the most dope thing ever. If you don't see it, keep trying, you don't wanna miss it.

Ignacio Buiatti : A ver.. Hay mucha gente que no logra ver nada.. El truco está en bizcar los ojos, cuando el video empieza, crucen los ojos y van a lograr ver 3 puntos, pongan atención en el punto CENTRAL y mantengan ese foco, concentrados y relajados. Cuando el video comiencen, van a ver una figura bailando y cantando, logicamente no se ve claro y detalladamente, pero la figura se ve y es el objetivo del video

Danny "TheMillion Dollar Voice" Wacorngler : I love how to anyone seeing me watching this, it just looks like I'm staring cross-eyed at a snow-crash for 31/2 minutes.

Issa Issa : when people catch me watching this video.....xD

MM420 : I feel bad for those who can't maintain the de-focus for the duration because this is a fantastic, well executed idea for a music video.

Lowdown : am i the only who couldnt see shit even with eyes crossed?

BlackGeez : This is fucking awesome. I saw the person, but sometimes it looked like there is "depth" in the screen of my laptop.


SKIMAX MUSIC : Either I'm retarted or missing something, but all I see is static :(

Héctor Acuña : c de catalejo

dogeymon83 : Love 3D animation. I can see magic eye stuff immediately any time. It's great!

RodrigoPerezGT : Sssssssssssssssssssss COMENCEMOS

Bob Hazel : if this works for you, you will be amazed! if it doesn't, then your missing out!

SWGmovies : thats trippy. epic :D

Ragenous : Holy crap... I got it!!! It's so awesome, now I see what I was missing out from.... Rock on moving person :D

nekif820 : I guess I understand now why Patrick Star kept on laughing at the TV showing nothing but static images and the sound of it.

Bidoof : One of the most amazing videos I've ever seen, if not the most.

U.N.D.Y.S. Productions : These images weren't exactly "static". Bu dum tss.

Marksmithwas12 : 1080p looks like 480p stretched bigger, so whatever is in the video is really hard to make out. The only word I could see at the beginning was 'IS'

KarRuptAssassin : Brilliant. Absolutely Brilliant

Zac Tortellini : Guys, don't cross your eyes. Relax them.

iAnimate38 : what the hell am I supposed to see?!?! D:

lifejunkie : Reminds me of something Ok Go would do.

Dragon Jewel : Irlins syndrome :/ I cant see anything but static and colours...

Phalxxx : Neat concept... but I have to say, you could have done SO much more with it. WAY to many shots of just the band playing instruments. Got more interesting toward the end, but still to much 'band shots' IMO.

gratex : i see dead people

Bby Craig : I can only seem to do it with videos :\ Other than that, these autostereograms are slowly burning my eyes off ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Vera Wieschollek : Hermoso, me tardé como 20 minutos en verlo, pero vale totalmente la pena. Si alguien tiene problemas, yo no lo pude ver hasta haberme acercado al máximo a la pantalla y luego me fui alejando de a poco.

1337 Productions : This is the best thing ever

Dangerous Thoughts : my eyes hurt

CutestMileyFan9 : I have been trying to do this for an hour I think almost and IT FINALLY WORKED!! If it doesn't work for you just keep trying, it's really worth it. If it still doesn't work don't feel sad, I feel like my eyes are broken, cuz i had to stay cross-eyed for a pretty long time... kills your vision, but still worth it!!! so cool btw!!! 

Scootaloo : I don't see it. I used to be able to get the books to work all the time. But not this video stuff. It needs to be a still image for it to work for me.

John Kevin Soreño : few people can see this.. its really amazing!

Jack Warner : I cant see anything!!! and its so #@#^^$%$##@$ frustrating and on top of that i have given this guy 1,000 views and a couple of years of watch time... *sigh* Holy hyperbole out the but hole.

amunra : Both worked, x-eye was much easier tho. and this parallel one was exactly the negative of x-eye

GlubTv : I see dancing people and spinning. Things.

Efemral : I feel like I gotta tell someone... It clicked into focus for me at about 3 seconds in, and stayed locked perfectly through the whole thing, no effort, no blur. Is this a superpower?

Ricky CL : El truco esta en que, si estan en un móvil, enfoquen sus ojos a algo atras del cel, no al video y despues vayan moviendo la pantalla hasta que lo vean

Alex Gadd : I just ended up with a headache

Kelly Corless : the first time my brother showed me this I was uncontrollably, hysterically laughing the whole video and five minutes after for absolutely no reason

Fred inecraft : :( quisa no funciona en burros

רותם שלו : hello. this is be comment.

Josef : i still hold this to be one of the coolest things i've ever seen. to anybody thinking it's not real or it's a hoax, that just means you gave up too easily. it took me a couple tries but once you get it oh my god is it worth it

GameSling : wait... what's supposed to happen? because it's just static with some colors sometimes

99h19 : i wish all of the pornos were like that , i could feel them :D lol

Slate : This must be what people felt like back when movies were invented