Young Rival - Black Is Good [Official] (Autostereogram Video)

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Watch our latest video here: To see this video, watch in 1080p HD and follow the instructions at the beginning. If you're having trouble try the crossed-eye version here : For further information about this video: Directed by Jared Raab, Programming by Tomasz Dysinki. Purchase this song on iTunes: WHAT THE HELL IS THIS? This is a random dot autostereogram... music video. HUH? A WHAT? A stereogram is an image which, when viewed with two eyes, using one of several different techniques, produces the illusion of depth perception. They're cool. You can read all about them on Wikipedia. Some of you will already be familiar with the autostereogram, which was popularized by the Magic Eye® book series in the 1990s. These are made on computers, and use subtle changes in a repeating pattern to combine depth information for both eyes into one single image. By tricking your eyes into viewing these images a certain way (see below) one can see a three dimensional scene. This video is made up of a sequence of something called a "random dot autostereograms". These are also made on computers, but use subtle differences in a randomly generated field of noise to create the illusion. And a music video... is a music video. HOW DO I SEE IT? To view autostereograms, one must simply "decouple" or defocus their eyes, tricking the brain into seeing the slight variations in the repeating pattern as depth information. All autostereograms are made to be viewed in one of two ways, using either the "crossed-eye" method or "parallel-eye" method. Some can be viewed both ways and still look cool, but not really this one. To be nice, we made this video viewable both ways because some people are better at one method than the other. Though there are several ways to learn how to see them, there's a decent step-by-step for how to view parallel eye stereograms here ( Crossed-eye stereograms are basically the same principal, but done by crossing your eyes, rather than "relaxing" your eyes or "looking through" the image. It can take a while to learn how to see them, but try practicing with some stills and take your time. It's worth it. BUT WAIT, THIS IS A VIDEO. HOW DID YOU MAKE IT? This is where it gets technical. To make your own autostereogram, one must first create a thing called a "depth map" which is a 2D representation of 3D depth information. We collected real-time depth data of Young Rival performing the song using an X-Box Kinect hooked up to a computer. The computer was running software called RGBD toolkit, designed for capturing the depth information from the Kinect using its built-in infrared system. Once we had our depth information, we unpacked it into image sequences and edited these sequences as if they were regular video. The only difference in the editing process was that depth was represented by luminosity. For fun, you can view the black and white depth-map version HERE. With much trial and error, we then ran the data through an algorithm which took each frame of depth information, converted it into a random dot stereogram image, and repacked it into the final video. Lastly, there was one more colour pass at the end, and voila. CREDITS A project by Jared Raab, Tomasz Dysinski, and Young Rival Jared Raab is a director, editor and cinematographer from Toronto, Canada. He has directed music videos for numerous bands including Arkells, Tokyo Police Club, Born Ruffians, Ohbijou and Diamond Rings to name a few. Often both highly technical and bizarre, his other projects range from reprogrammed Oscilloscopes (Born Ruffians - What to Say) to 3D holographic projections (Arkells - Whistleblower). Tomasz Dysinki is an artist and all around digital creator who, when he's not carrying out his role as Senior Developer at Jam3 is usually playing guitar or rollerblading. Special Thanks to: Nadia Tan Nick Tininger Peter Dreimanis

Comments from Youtube

Vulkiri : C d 100sia

MM420 : I feel bad for those who can't maintain the de-focus for the duration because this is a fantastic, well executed idea for a music video.

GassedGasMask7 : Magic Eye books have trained me for this.

Danny "TheMillion Dollar Voice" Wacorngler : I love how to anyone seeing me watching this, it just looks like I'm staring cross-eyed at a snow-crash for 31/2 minutes.

JP Kloess : Why aren't there more stereoscope videos out there? This is so cool!

Ethan Wilson : That is the most dope thing ever. If you don't see it, keep trying, you don't wanna miss it.

Issa Issa : when people catch me watching this video.....xD

Kwebbelkop : Don't do drugs kids.

FerFer1958 : was there a T-Rex? and a boat and a tea pot and a bunch of people singing ?  :) I'm 56 years old so age is not an excuse :P

BlackGeez : This is fucking awesome. I saw the person, but sometimes it looked like there is "depth" in the screen of my laptop.

dogeymon83 : Love 3D animation. I can see magic eye stuff immediately any time. It's great!

Bob Hazel : if this works for you, you will be amazed! if it doesn't, then your missing out!

Josef : i still hold this to be one of the coolest things i've ever seen. to anybody thinking it's not real or it's a hoax, that just means you gave up too easily. it took me a couple tries but once you get it oh my god is it worth it

Bidoof : One of the most amazing videos I've ever seen, if not the most.

SWGmovies : thats trippy. epic :D


U.N.D.Y.S. Productions : These images weren't exactly "static". Bu dum tss.

Bby Craig : I can only seem to do it with videos :\ Other than that, these autostereograms are slowly burning my eyes off ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

KarRuptAssassin : Brilliant. Absolutely Brilliant

nekif820 : I guess I understand now why Patrick Star kept on laughing at the TV showing nothing but static images and the sound of it.

Héctor Acuña : c de catalejo

Ragenous : Holy crap... I got it!!! It's so awesome, now I see what I was missing out from.... Rock on moving person :D

Zac Tortellini : Guys, don't cross your eyes. Relax them.

Cesar Brambila : Sigo sin ver las ilusiones Ópticas Martí !! :(

SKIMAX MUSIC : Either I'm retarted or missing something, but all I see is static :(

Dragunov : S E N D N U D E S

lifejunkie : Reminds me of something Ok Go would do.

RodrigoPerezGT : Sssssssssssssssssssss COMENCEMOS

John Kevin Soreño : few people can see this.. its really amazing!

Marksmithwas12 : 1080p looks like 480p stretched bigger, so whatever is in the video is really hard to make out. The only word I could see at the beginning was 'IS'

M Heinz : C de ciencia sigo sin poder verlo. Esto es desesperante.

MrCameronchase420 : Coolest video I've seen in a low time, finally I can put my useless magic eye skills to the test

1337 Productions : This is the best thing ever

GlubTv : I see dancing people and spinning. Things.

Janelle Krome : Coolest thing ever it took me till my third try to de focus but it was awesome

Dangerous Thoughts : my eyes hurt

Jynn Yoon : It took me 10 minutes to get this

NoName : Al principio mas o menos en El segundo 20 sale un mensaje que en medio dice "ISIS" WTF.

amunra : Both worked, x-eye was much easier tho. and this parallel one was exactly the negative of x-eye

MrChupino : put 1080p resolution at this video and enjoy

GailForce : i see dead people

Drawork : AHAHAHAHAAH!! I SEE IT! IS AMAZING! The first time that i see that effect was in a book "Magic Eye" I recomended it ;D

Eddie : :( quisa no funciona en burros

CleoPhoenix : This video is NSFW. My coworkers walked by and saw me staring at this smiling and now they want to have me committed.

MatojoLedesma : CdeCiencia me trajo aquí.

fcantil : After looking at this video, my eye sight seem to have some sort of "Dreamy" effect.

vidit parab : awesome it could be a substitute for 3D

Capitan Nudillos : *Insert Futurama's Fry Meme Here* i'm not sure If I am watching anything

mortal 0utsider : Wow that was crazy