How Long Is A Moment? | Verativity Language
We use colloquial units of time A moment a jiffy a shake But did you know that these each correspond to precise periods of time

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English is full of colloquial units of time: moments, jiffies, shakes, eons, ages, eras. But are we using them correctly? Each of these units corresponds to a precise period of time. At Verativity, we're exploring the intelligence of a crow. Scientists estimate that an adult crow has the same IQ as a 7 year old human. By the age of 7, most humans can speak fluently, and have a basic awareness of language, history, and culture. If their IQs are so similar, could this also be achieved by Kiko? Every week we'll be immersing Kiko with weekly videos about language, history, and culture. Every topic is explained using a quick and digestible animation, narrated by Jot Davies. Subscribe for weekly videos: Music from "Look Busy" by Kevin MacLeod ( License: CC BY ( #time #units #moment