Helium Singing (meme)
Helium Choir

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Here's your daily meme! I hope you enjoy!


Margot : I know that it’s a meme,, but its actually very good singing

MangoMochiBTS : Just when I thought it was gone forever. Just when I thought it was lost in the deep pit of dead memes It returned.

chocolat caek : Guy on the left: **Me hungry at 2 am sneaking into the kitchen** The door and stairs: 0:14

Rebecca Rebe : 0:14 when you accidentally step on a piece of lego Edit: thanks for the likes

SoySauce GD : 0:14 when somebody stole your 0:14 comment idea.

NON-MASK : Some say his voice is higher than an angels.

Cringe Central : 0:13 when you take 3 vitamin gummies instead of 2

XXXnobody : 0:14 Travis Scott in a horror movie screaming with auto tune on

IcyLilligma : When u stub your toe Btw thx for the like guys

Vladimir Putin : It’s queen and the guy with the balloon is rodger

theninjakid 14 : That's so genius God must've blessed him...in some special way

Gacha Cupcake : The guy on the far left looks like he really doesn’t wanna be there

XxDuBsTePxMaStErxX 4 4 : 0:14 *Takes hit on battery" 0:16 *AFTERMATH*

XQueenie_playzX : Me: SnEaKiNg OuT The front door: 0:14

random kid : When you think its Coke but its actually Pepsi 0:14

Tejas Nair : 0:14 that moment when you breathe in helium and sing. edit: OH MY GOD THANKS FOR THE LIKES GUYS HEHEHE

Crystal & Zara Najimi : When he held the baloon: Me - wtf is that After the sound me- *almost laughing* lol

Arjun Muraleedharan : Ok now make a 10 hour version of this pls.

Waleed Khalid : I demand the full video

àßfsa cya : 12:00:WTF I AM SO LATE,I NEED TO SLEEP 12:01: HELIUM SONG

Erica Lewis-merner : 0:16 the far left guys reaction is priceless

Sameer Gosavi : 0:13 sounds like mystery music!!!

Thegirlinthe Moon : 0:14 *when you look in the cookie jar and sees that it’s full of heathy stuff*

REPROGRAM : 0:14 How i scream when a jumpscare in da video

Fired Heartbeat : I'm not catholic or christian but dang this sound very good!! Ya deserve a new subscriber


Isaagain Plop : When your roasted by the quiet kid

Jalyn Elizabeth : I watched this 48 times I really don’t regret it.😂

Noname Gamester : Respect for those kids tho cuz i would never be able to hold my laughter while singing Edit: maybe that kid looks so scared cuz he needs to laugh

Dolcie Xoxo : I accidentally pressed play on tv and my mum is downstairs ...😂😂😂

Starlez YT : HeliumMan: Now for my secret weapon! Behold, the balloon! Guy on the left: NANI?

CJonthelake : 0:14 that moment you step on a LEGO brick be like

Ice The Animator : Omg im hungry at 3 am! I need food *opening the door **0:14*

Somebody The Stranger : Anyone else always found this more cool than funny?

Winged Coco : I feel so calm .w.

potal39 : Singers: Me:hmm I can do that Me:Shhhch Me (dog's howling)

shouto - : This honestly sounds so angellic

Baxter Colloid : this is what you hear when entering heaven

Alvin Jr Sison : Welcome to another episode of Why is this in my recommended?

Icy Pawz : This is so beautiful and hilarious at the same time! X'D

Finlay Stephens : 0:14 my last brain cell during a brain freeze

Hoi hoe gaat het? Yt is wel leuk om te kijken. ! : Lmao the face of the left guy when the high part came

bzibubab bzibubab : I didn't know helium can boost your octave

Stacia033 : *R.I.P vine.* Beloved memories.

Samuel Lee : ... that, for some reason, actually sounds good🤔

Rhyolite _ : This helped me to realize how dead inside I am. Thanks, choir boys!

Nethercore 99 : *When all the comments start with when*

Netrual Dodo 71 : When you do a back flip but then break your leg 0:14

Matthew Knight : I‘m pretty sure the song is Miserere by Antonio Lotti, in case you were curious 😊