Helium Singing (meme)

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Wolfy The Warrior : Memes aside, it sounds nice

- Spidey - : I have never heard something so beautiful in my life..... This turns my life around. Thank you helium choir boys. Thank you. 😢

Pyaqy : 0:14 when you stub your toe on the table leg

dude in the background : They actually sound good

Golden Roses : The guy on the left just looks terrified and I'm dying XD

Sean Shekhman : Wow... just wow. That sounds amazing.

Joel Perez : Beautiful

The Black Hole : I don't know why... but I love the way it sounds

giselle c : 0:15 my dog at 3 am (This is beutiful tho)

Pro Miner : Sounds like the my singing monsters dawn of fire!

I am a Weeaboo/Koreaboo : I added this to my music playlist?

Yhung G : 0:12 is what we all came here for 💯🤣🤣

Queen of the Llamacorns : Okay but he pulled the balloon out so calmly

Makayla Farrington : ok but tell me why this would sound so good in the movie the Titanic when jack either dies in the water or when Jack and rose first have sex

evil_b1tch : look at the guy on the left when he shows the ballon

Shane Hornsey : The one on the left looks like he had no idea that was gonna happen.😂

Your Casual Channel : What type of singing is this?


Gökçen Aktürk : what are their names?

RestlessWolf 06 : It sounds beautiful

Denver Jacobson : Beauty

Derek Gans : it sounds really good

Netarded Rigger : I love this

Hannah Lerch : That’s like the funniest thing. It gives me life

Harley Quinn : Yoooo I’m done💀 be it actually sounds bad ass I like it🤔💯

Neon Cosmic : This is both funny and amazing that they can do this

My Beanie Boo Village : This is now my new favourite video! 😂

Rylo 704 : Name of the band please 😆

My Beanie Boo Village : 0:19 Look at the man on the left

RM B : When the soprano calls in sick...

xpkid590 : 99 percent of the comments: This sounds beautiful 1 percent of the comments : This so funny!

Dylan Bartell : Sounds like Skyrim music. I love it.

Planers For Life 2 : Does anyone know the orig song? I JUST LOVE IT SO MUCH

Sheldon Nguyen : Shouldve been on halo reach

Fortnite Taker : I can't stop watching this like of same

XDgirlChelsea Xx XD xX : 0:14 when you want to go to heaven

King Quarter67 : Cool!

MCShadowwolf Gaming : If I ever go to a choir... I need helium!