Helium Singing (meme)

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Wolfy The Warrior : Memes aside, it sounds nice

Queen of the Llamacorns : Okay but he pulled the balloon out so calmly

Oof Oof : I have never heard something so beautiful in my life..... This turns my life around. Thank you helium choir boys. Thank you. 😢

PhatxBoyxFresh : Let's be honest, nobody watches this only once.

Golden Roses : The guy on the left just looks terrified and I'm dying XD

RM B : When the soprano calls in sick...

Pyaqy : 0:14 when you stub your toe on the table leg

The Black Hole : I don't know why... but I love the way it sounds

dude in the background : They actually sound good

Dylan 329 : Sounds like Skyrim music. I love it.

ari maryxox : Beautiful please make a 10 hour version

Rhyolite _ : This helped me to realize how dead inside I am. Thanks, choir boys!

giselle c : 0:15 my dog at 3 am (This is beutiful tho)

Zookee The Hunter : All kidding and that meme stuff aside, that was beautiful!

Joel Perez : Beautiful

evil_b1tch : look at the guy on the left when he shows the ballon

Shane Hornsey : The one on the left looks like he had no idea that was gonna happen.😂

Yhung G : 0:12 is what we all came here for 💯🤣🤣

Sean Shekhman : Wow... just wow. That sounds amazing.

Joshua McClain : If you guys honestly like this just search gregorian chant on spotify and you wont be disappointed!!

I am a Weeaboo/Koreaboo : I added this to my music playlist?

Mr. Joshua : ..ten bucks says that the helium choir boy is the priests favorite

Pro Miner : Sounds like the my singing monsters dawn of fire!

Sound Cat : Beautiful ❤️

CraftyMaelyss : 0:12 *Dude on the left's expression* X'DDD

Lil Kevin the cube Rosendo Martinez : This first guy looks so terrified at 0:11

melancholia : This is played at the most romantic scene in one of my favourite movies and because of this video I can‘t take it seriously anymore

Dimitri Salazar : You Know this is Fake ?? Right ??

KawaiiHugs 21 : Ive never seen the meme before.

My Beanie Boo Village : 0:19 Look at the man on the left

unsettledowl 42 : Does this not remind anyone of harry potter

beyond Galaxy : Alvin who?


jasmine cunnings : this so cool

Hannah Lerch : That’s like the funniest thing. It gives me life

Makayla Farrington : ok but tell me why this would sound so good in the movie the Titanic when jack either dies in the water or when Jack and rose first have sex

Urynix XD : 😫😩😢

Pichugirl04 : I would download the audio. Its that beautiful!!

Juffs : Why do i get nostalgia from this

Derek Gans : it sounds really good

THE JOKER 75750 : What type of singing is this?

Gökçen Aktürk : what are their names?

Big Chungus : Dude on the far left at 0:09 has seen some shit

Emma Kempster : 0:12 🤯

Denver Jacobson : Beauty

Netarded Rigger : I love this

heleen : this is literally me and my friends all my friends are altos and i'm left alone in soprano

RestlessWolf 06 : It sounds beautiful

Little Devil Darling : magestic....