Tomorrow belongs to me Cabaret

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Chuck zanders : I think the scary thing about this is that most of us think that if we were there, we would not have sang with or enjoyed it. However in reality, the only reason we see this as bad is because we know this is a Nazi movement. Could you not see yourself caught up in enthusiasm of a movement that preaches unity, moving forwards, pride in your nation, and helping the community? It does not matter if it is a right-wing or left-wing movement, as humans we are all susceptible to be caught in the fervor they create.

Jacob Hoss : When I was in secondary school, I had a friend who attended public school several towns over, and her theatre group did a production of Cabaret. I don't really remember much of it, except for this number. The blonde Hitler Youth lad was a girl in this one, she sang a beautiful soprano. When she first took the stage it was darkened save for a spotlight on her, and her uniform was devoid of symbols. Out of context it looked like any common Girl Guides uniform. She began singing totally acapella. Her melodious voice filled the darkened auditorium, it was beautiful in a minimalist sort of way. Then, instruments gradually came in to accompany her, beginning with piano, and then slowly strings and some woodwinds came in, all quietly stepping out from the shadows. Then toward the end, the marching band came in, filing down the centre aisle, and singers who'd been planted in the audience suddenly stood up and joined their voices to hers, turning the lonely melody into a chorus. Then, during the final round of choruses, everyone whose hands weren't occupied with instruments extended their right arms in a Nazi salute, and they all put on swastika-emblazoned caps. The bass drums boomed and the brass section didn't miss a beat, and the vocalists kept on singing, their voices just as sweet and powerful as ever. Finally, during the very last repeat of the chorus, a HUGE Nazi flag unfurled behind them, and several in the crowd unfurled Nazi standards. The music kept on to the last note, strong and joyous. It was only as it was fading out that it moved into a suddenly discordant tone, and the lights faded, replaced by an ominous, red spotlight.

Keith Haussel : One quick part of that video is the sad, worried looking old man. HE knew

MidnighWolf : "Those who do not remember the past are doomed to repeat it."

Jack M. : What a lovely singing voice Nigel Farage had in his youth

Neil Leslie : One of the most terrifying scenes ever filmed. The way the song subtly shifts from a quaint little pastoral ballad to a Nazi anthem, and the way the phrase "Tomorrow belongs to me," shifts from being a promise of hope to a threat is chilling. When the camera pulls back and you realize that sweet-faced teenager is wearing a Nazi uniform you get shivers down your spine. Finally when almost everybody in the beer garden joins in the song you see a perfect metaphor for how so many Germans were swept up into the Nazi movement.

William Snyder : This is a brilliant job of staging and cinematography. When the song was done on the stage, it was in a drawing room. But by placing it outside in the film in a beer garden, Fosse uses the camerawork of Geoffrey Unsworth to concentrate on close-ups. The first shots are of the angelic-looking boy and moving around to the nice-looking faces of seemingly nice, friendly people. As the song develops, it becomes apparant these faces are no longer friendly faces, but faces convinced that tomorrow "belongs to them." The staging of this song might be one of the reasons Bob Fosse won the Best Director Oscar over Francis Ford Coppola.

discowhistle : Great scene. And who doesn't like the way that neo-Nazi morons love this song -- even though two Jews wrote it.

Nathanael Krausz : Dear everyone who doesn't know their history and compare people they dislike to Hitler and the Nazi's. "The future fascists will call themselves anti-fascists." - Winston Churchill

SmartK8 : If I was in 30's in Germany and they played this song, I would become a Nazi. Song's that good.

Yael : 'You still think you can controll them?' Is a questions we all have to ask ourselves in these times.

njplr : A brilliant scene, which scares the hell out of me, because I think it pretty much captures the current zeitgeist here in the US, and possibly in Europe too.

Paul Edmondson : The old timer thinks, oh no, not again!

Byron Benguche' : Donald Trump's New Campaign Song

grantrocco : Looks like a Trump rally.

Jacob Hoss : A young Ben Garrison serenades some of his first fans.

Nikolaus Cox : One simple song summarizes the zeitgeist of '30s Germany.

weallbfree : Those who do not remember the past are doomed to repeat it.

Lotan : Tomorrow does not belong to that old gentleman

TheaterRaven : At first, this song sounds soothing, pretty, and promising, but the moment the camera pans down the actor's arm at 0:40 to reveal his swastika band--Boom!--you're hit in the heart with just what kind of "tomorrow" he's singing about, who exactly it "belongs to", and what history showed they were willing to do to achieve it. And the scariest part is, people bought it and are buying it again today. All over the world, we're seeing a rise in blind patriotism, blatant xenophobia, marginalizing already-marginalized people, and fanatic loyalty to leaders who claim that they and they alone will make their countries great again in this same "tomorrow". My only comfort is knowing that such things always fail, even if the resisters don't live to see the victory.

Gnomelord0 : As the comments here prove, this is how evil and genocide come to past, smiling all the way

Gabriel Parra : And Angela Merkel now claiming the Germany is a proud Judaeo-Islamic country. Good for you Germany you are facing the real end of your people or what is left of it. Tomorrow, today, belongs to muslems and jews.

JakodaRay : Soon, my brother Europeans, soon.

Felix Ray : Kareoke Night for the Brietbart staff.

sanford sklansky : I saw this movie when it came out. Being Jewish this is still one of the most frightening scenes I have ever seen in a movie and I have seen plenty of scary scenes in movies

Annie Trinity : Scroller be warned, the comment section is full of nazis. That's not a joke; literal nazis are unironically talking about how great this song is in the comment section. I'm just saying, if your faith in humanity is flappable, it's not the best idea to keep reading.

Tom Idleman : The most chilling song I ever saw performed in a movie. Together, with the end of Cabaret, the two most horrifying moments of the musical.

Callum G : please rise up again Germany

NYCBG : One of the best and most memorable scenes ever filmed.

The Grand Supreme : The old man has seen it all before, notice how his hand trembles.

Евгений Прохоров : The sun on the meadow is summery warm. The stag in the forest runs free. But gather together to greet the storm. Tomorrow belongs to me. The branch of the linden is leafy and green, The Rhine gives its gold to the sea. But somewhere a glory awaits unseen. Tomorrow belongs to me. The babe in his cradle is closing his eyes The blossom embraces the bee. But soon, says a whisper: "Arise, arise, Tomorrow belongs to me”. Now Fatherland, Fatherland, show us the sign Your children have waited to see The morning will come when the world is mine Tomorrow belongs to me.

Jessica Parker : Next time someone from the Trump administration shows up at any Broadway performance, yes, the audience should boo, but the cast should just scrap whatever they're performing and do an impromptu performance of 'Cabaret'.

Eryn Dean : 2:59 The creepiest part is that small clip of emcee smiling and nodding slightly towards the end, always stuck with me.

Olle Rönn : The old veteran has seen all this before...

robert sutherland : It's better than the bastard Merkel.

David Erif : Evil always masks itself in populism, idealism and the promise of a better tomorrow. And it always promotes itself as being the only salvation against an inside enemy that's the root of all the problems. That's how it always sells itself to the masses. The evil of supremacist thinking, bigotry, exclusion, hate and even genocide.

michael will : A horror sequence to rival the shower scene in Psycho.

lightronv : "You still think you can control them?" No, not anymore.

Jimmy the Gimmick : This scene terrifies me.

Lesbomarx : If Lincoln was alive today to see the Republican party today, he would be the old man in this video.

agenttheater5 : This scene terrified me when I first saw it. Few years later, still scares me. That's great writing

Robert Slack : Make America Great--er, I mean Tomorrow Belongs to Me!

Dodec84 : "You still think you can control them?" Hillary says to Jeb Bush, while leaving a gathering of Trump-supporters.

J-Man Markus : Today's nazis don't speak German, they speak Arabic!

Survive the Jive : "do you feel in charge?"

Rach : This scene was terrifying tbh

klausweasley : The new American national anthem.

yackle dackle : Take away the video and just hear the music and you'd think this would be an inspirational song.Best song from the movie.

Dave B : 0:58 Girl is thinking I'm going to do terrible things to that boy 1:00 Man is thinking, not if I get to him first

Richard Chris : orange is the new black #whitelivesmatter lool