If your man doesn't hype you up like this, get rid of him 不
If your man doesnt hype you up like this get another man

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If your man doesn't hype you up like this, get rid of him 不 Via: @mrcocoyam on instagram


Daydania C. : Get me a hypeman like that to be my personal crossguard and my bodyguard every step I take

MrsConnie 2You : She's laughing so hard at him, she can't even walk樹...He ain't got a lick of sense and I LOVE IT, keep strutting sis弘弘

OneShyBeauty : When he stopped the car for her to walk... I was done! Kudos to him! He knows how to boost a girl's EGO!

G Doc Mark : Am happy for you King-man, you found your Queen....

Wendy's Tv : Who kept smiling all through why watching this?

itz_dd 00 : slay my life 歹walk booboo walkkk打打打

christian mbabazi : Every girl needs that's special love like this guy is doing

Just_Be_ Yourself : when she takes a step u hear bang, when she takes another step u hear bang, she takes one more step u hear bang dededeng!

Shalise Campbell : Awwe this is so freakn cute

Anne Omokhuale : Boo has beautiful legs and a wonderful shape

The Little Blerdmaid : "Walk boo-boo walk" 不不不 this is hilarious and cute! When he started saying "lion walk" she could even deal anymore不不不! But also she looks Ah-mazing. Them legs!

Mister Mayhem : This is a hyheina walkin, lion walkin, tiger walkin ,this a leapord walkin LMFAO

Yamkass -16 : WOW just him doing this made me smile Lucky Girl we need more men like this

Paige White : I know he gets on Her NERVES in the Best way!

Algernece Strawberry : God really blessed her ...He said walk my queen

Dominique Vincent : I bet she love him with his crazy self Thats beautiful, uplift your Queen brotha Men don't know what they be doing to a women when she's uplifted by her man. That night i bet she snatched his soul because he gave her confidence, recognition, respect, love- all the things a sista need to believe she can fly in this muthafucka!

Galaxy Traveler : Man I need people around me with great spirit.

kmross73 : I have to give it to her she's a baddie.

M矇gane Carver : Lucky woman

MRL : Kicked it off with "FROM THE FEETSSS!".. Knew this was gonna be good

Anaya Milligan : Aint she lucky 歹

DaPhlyymamee : Lol! Loved this! Beautiful and graceful Sista! 毋 Great video! The way he says "Boo Boo" had me

Queen Nuura : 'This is not even cat-walking, this is hyena walking'! Hahaaaa!

SaraiYah - The Island Plantbased gyal : 不不 slay my life

Gogist Tv : Ladies love compliments. Shower her with it at when due.

yocana26 : That's a king right there

CatACor : Yes sir 踢踢踢踢踢踢

Clarissa Mhizha : The ultimate Hypeman !!!!!弘弘弘

J F : I need a man like this to escort me to work tomorrow. Although I might have to carry my flat shoes... Just in case!

annamommy07 : That literally just made my day毋

GUY WAY TV : Beautiful queen I really love 突唐

Alexia Morrow : Boo Boo walk!!!! I wipe the ground for you! Lol Just lovely!!! Love

KEN L : That's how you appreciate a BEAUTIFUL BLACK GODDESS

Cynthia Agbesi : Lion walking...lolzzzzz

Krystal Harris : I love his enthusiasm!

Sophia James : Wow he's in love with his girl! Yes he found his Queen

Martial Marcos : I love the vibe and the concept. Great video. Respect for all Ladies around the world

Tru Kween Skin kissed by the Sun : That's right inspire her, encourage her, and uplift her and she will GO BEYOND LENGTHS AND MEASURES FOR YOU!!! BLESS

the book of Enoch : You did good my brother, your queen is wonderful.

Mcshanda 2019 : Only thing missing is rose pedals

Samuel Barden : All Ghanaians here, who knows that sounds like Mr. Cocoyam

Valentine : Now dats I found Da Queen!!

Just Saying : Cashier: How may I help you? Me: My mans is broken, I want a refund *shows video*

W.B-Star Belaidi : Time to replay 休

KianiGibrea : she definitely deserved all the praise for being able to walk straight and cute throughout this whole video

Veronica Lake : Love it!

Larry Williams : He's telling the truth, and the truth will set you free!

langston122 : If I had a woman that look like that I would do the same things.

ayeni sia : Omy lord she is so beautiful in that red bobo ilike that leopard lion walk !#queen