Goh V Shem Powerful SMASH
Badminton player has a CANNON for an arm

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Goh V Shem Powerful SMASH Source and many thanks to: Steven Hsu Badminton Goh V Shem AMN (吴蔚升; born Goh Wei Shem, 20 May 1989) is a Malaysian professional badminton player in the doubles event. He was partnered with Tan Wee Kiong after their outstanding performance at the 2014 Thomas Cup. Together, Goh and Tan won the gold medal for the men's doubles event at the 2014 Commonwealth Games as well as all their matches in the mixed team event, helping Malaysia retain the gold medal for the third consecutive time. They also won the bronze medal at the 2014 Asian Games and the silver medal at the 2016 Rio Olympics, thus making them the second ever Malaysian men's doubles pair to win the silver medal at the Olympic Games 20 years after the feat was achieved by Cheah Soon Kit and Yap Kim Hock in 1996 Atlanta. Goh and Tan are also the third Malaysian men's doubles pair to hold the world number 1 ranking after Cheah and Yap followed by Koo Kien Keat and Tan Boon Heong ever since official rankings were kept in the 80s.[1] Goh is known for his offensive play style and his signature jumping smash. He would stand ready at the back while his partner guards the front, jumping when the opportunity arrives and delivering steep smashes towards the opponent. Goh was born in Kuala Lumpur. Later on for good luck he changed his Chinese birth name (吴伟申) to one with a different pronunciation (吴蔚升), while also changing the spelling of his name in English from Wei Shem to V Shem. The V stands for 'Victory'.[2][3] Partnership with Tan Wee Kiong In May 2014, Goh was scratch partnered with Tan Wee Kiong to play second men's doubles at the 2014 Thomas Cup. They won all four matches that they contested and defeated several highly ranked shuttlers along the way despite this being the first time that the two has played together internationally. Their debut partnership at the Thomas Cup was widely praised. Malaysia made it to the finals for the first time in 12 years but was narrowly defeated by Japan with a score of 2-3. In August, they represented Malaysia at the 2014 Glasgow Commonwealth Games. They went on to take the gold medal and were the only medalists in the tournament who were not seeded. En route to the gold medal, they defeated top seeds, Chris Adcock/Andrew Ellis of England in the semifinals as well as 3rd seeds, Danny Bawa Chrisnanta/Chayut Triyachart of Singapore in the finals. They also won all five matches they contested in the mixed team event, helping Malaysia secure her third consecutive mixed team gold medal at the Commonwealth Games. Following the World Championships in September, Goh and Tan have been officially partnered. They represented Malaysia at the 2014 Asian Games where they made it to semifinals but were once again defeated by top seeds, Lee/Yoo of South Korea. The defeat automatically earned them the bronze medal as there is no bronze medal playoffs in badminton at the Asian Games. En route to the semifinals, they defeated 5th seeds, Lee Sheng-mu/Tsai Chia-hsin of Chinese Taipei in the first round and 3rd seeds, Kenichi Hayakawa/Hiroyuki Endo of Japan in the quarterfinals with a score of 21-16, 21-16. In 2015, they were semifinalists at the Malaysia Open Grand Prix Gold in January. In March, they became runners-up to Cai Yun/Lu Kai of China at the 2015 Swiss Open with a score of 19-21,21-14,17-21. At the 2015 Sudirman Cup in May, Goh and Tan managed to upset the World No.1 pairing of Lee/Yoo in the first group tie against South Korea. They also defeated the pairing of Manu Attri/Summeeth Reddy in the second group tie against India. Malaysia topped Group D and were drawn against South Korea once again in the quarterfinals but failed to advance. They were then runners-up at the 2015 Russian Open. At the 2015 BWF World Championships in August, Tan and Goh defeated defending champions Shin Baek-cheol and Ko Sung-Hyun of South Korea in the second round but were defeated in the third round. In 2016, Goh and Tan won their first title together at the 2016 US Open. They then went on to win their second title at the Indian Grand Prix Gold. They then became beaten semifinalists at the All England Open and the Indian Superseries. At the 2016 Thomas Cup, Goh won three out of his five matches played. Malaysia made it to the semifinals but lost to eventual winners Denmark. Goh and Tan qualified for their first Olympics at the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. They won all their matches in the group stage to top group B. They defeated 4th seeds Fu Haifeng/Zhang Nan in the group stage, top seeds Lee Yong-Dae/Yoo Yeon-seong in the quarterfinals and 5th seeds Chai Biao/Hong Wei in the semifinals to once again face Fu/Zhang in the finals but this time falling short with a score of 21-16, 11-21, 21-23, taking home silver. #Badminton #Gohvshem #Smash


Infinite Gaming : Iam more impressed on the dudes thats received the shots

Mohamad Ziqreey : I want to smash like that,..but when?

CasterBorneo Addiction : When he smashed,really2 put his heart do that u can see his hang time on air..That's really cool to watched just like Michael Jordan dunk

Boby Julio Akbar : Goh V Shem smash is very satisfying to watch. His jump, his timing, and his wrist is good.

Rayray : damn such nice SEXY ANGLE!! WTF

Henry Agcaoili : Goh V (AIR) Shem! He is like floating in the air when doing JumpSmash!

TacTixHD : Imagine running into this guy in your gym class bracket

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Tuấn Minh : 04:31 style mash

haoning zhang : 2:30 AYEEE 😂😂

やきあつ : スマッシュもすごいけど一回はレシーブできてんのすごすぎ

侯又銘 : 看這殺球心情真好😂😂

メロンパン進撃の : こんな凄いスマッシュが打てたなら、その試合に負けても満足できる自信がある

Karry Lee : goh v Shem and Kevin Sanjaya would be a perfect pair

Takahito Maruyama : Perfect camera position. I wanna see all matches with this camera angle.

Jamil Daquiz : Am I the only one who is satisfied at his jump smash

Nunu Geboy : This is why He was nicknamed a Rival of Kevin Sanjaya

玉ねぎ成人 : 滞空えぐ

侯又銘 : 看這殺球心情真好😂😂

Mohd Hamirol Rezam Amit : How can he stayed on the air a moment before he smash.. Damnnn

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jim w : Perfect. I am not even 20% of his.

ちょこ : 1:04の所の相手のおちゃらけ感好き

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Du Mai : Boe and his partner still have durability

Sandeep Panday : Who likes badminton 👍👍👍👍🤚

Long Nguyễn : His smash technique is more like a stick smash, but add more swing, while still keep his body balance for next stokes.

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ヤンヤンチャンネル : スマッシュエグいて

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