Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom - Trailer Thursday (Run) (HD)

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Herman McCray : What a strange world we live on? We have trailers for trailers? 😭

R C : Looks like Chris Patt is the new trending guy...

Christopher Navarrete : Um today is Thursday yet there is still no trailer.

Manoj Abhiram : Trending #1 in Jurassic World!!!!!

Travis Tatman : It is Trailer Thursday now. Where is the Trailer? I only see the Trailer for the Trailer. I want the Trailer. It's Thursday.

killa sk : They have terrible security, how many times will the animals escape from that damn park? 💀

sehaan bishnoi : IT$ TᖇᗩIᒪOᖇ $ $Oᑎ

Sumit, Your Subscriber : Whoa! 😨😨

DBSATTA DB : Nice video

Prateek Prateek : there we go now jurrasic world vs marvel at 2018 let's ready for mingle 📽📺

Tom Martin : I blinked and I missed half the trailer!

My name is Joey : Yesssssss!!!!!!

Awesøme Sauce99 : Even the babies are one of the most dangerous thing in the world so I built this cage to - *OH MY...*

NewWorldGaming : You guys forget your promise or what day it is today!?!?! WHERE IS THE TRAILER !!!!????

Kenny Garcia-Ruiz : I like the music is hard-core

UnPhayzable : Me running away from my responsibilities

Sarah Jean : The dinosaurs in the very first Jurassic Park look better than this CGI garbage. Seriously, the effects in that movie have stood the test of time. I can look at those animatronic and puppet dinosaurs (with some CGI thrown in), and still get chills. The rest of the movies, especially the later ones don't give me that same feeling. I just look at it and see shoddy computer graphics.

Sujith Np : *24Days-15Hours-16Minutes for New Year* *My advance Happy new year*

Demic Nation : when you get raided in ark survival...

Aria Nugraha : Wtf this happiness remember my childhood

Emily Gee : Wait... So this a trailer for a trailer to come? Weird...

The Respawnables : 0:09 damn why she holding him so hard it ain't like he going anywhere lol

Atharva J : Should I stop I'm still running...


GHOST BANNING IS REAL AND TRUE : where is trailer?

Ulfric Stormcloak : A trailer for an upcoming trailer for an upcoming movie.

Frosty Games : If something chases you, Run.

TheGhazt 21 : It's Thursday! Where's my trailer

Badshah Prateek : #2 on trending

Devasmita Mohanty : Velociraptor is best dino

24 Frames Of Nick : I think my brightness is low hold up. Oh wait nvm

Cytron1515 : It's Thursday so where's the damn trailer already?

Aakash the gameR : https://youtu.be/U4lSYcSxC9I

eatpooism : omg i want to see this movie

RyanMacGames : Me trying to run from the crowd when Star Wars 8 comes out

Nifa Sian : -What should we do Starlord, now that Thanos is finally here? -*RUN. RUUUUUN*

Venom The Symbiote : *_When schools out_*

A. D. : Im running

Cesar R Delgado : So Im still waiting for the trailer...

Slender shark06 : Sooooo good!!

Lee Lanzini : First Jurassic movie to be filmed in 2.40 aspect! *LET'S GO!*

Daneen Broom : it is a good movie

KOTHA VIJAYA : when parents see your report card

Baloo 1978 : 0:00 When the teacher gives you homework at school to take home.

Lastdaysofspring : the best part is when they RUN!


L 4 : Its thursday where the fracks my trailer!!!!!

KoleGaming : Even though I am a fan of the highest accuracy of the time in these films I still enjoy the Jurassic Park/World movies, and enjoy finding ways that it can become more accurate (feathers when they are accurate and others). I cannot wait to watch the movie in theaters.

Noraa 노라 : **Jurassic Park Theme Song Plays**

AceofBlades X : Universal Pictures: Yo dawg we heard you liked trailers, so we made a trailer for the trailer so you can trailer while you trailer.