Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom - Trailer Thursday (Run) (HD)

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Herman McCray : What a strange world we live on? We have trailers for trailers? 😭

DBSATTA DB : Nice video

sehaan bishnoi : IT$ TᖇᗩIᒪOᖇ $ $Oᑎ

R C : Looks like Chris Patt is the new trending guy...

Sumit, Your Subscriber : Whoa! 😨😨

Tom Martin : I blinked and I missed half the trailer!

My name is Joey : Yesssssss!!!!!!

Prateek Prateek : there we go now jurrasic world vs marvel at 2018 let's ready for mingle 📽📺

Travis Tatman : It is Trailer Thursday now. Where is the Trailer? I only see the Trailer for the Trailer. I want the Trailer. It's Thursday.

Christopher Navarrete : Um today is Thursday yet there is still no trailer.


Sujith Np : *24Days-15Hours-16Minutes for New Year* *My advance Happy new year*

Manoj Abhiram : Trending #1 in Jurassic World!!!!!

Cytron1515 : It's Thursday so where's the damn trailer already?

Younus R : Cool I guess

Emily Gee : Wait... So this a trailer for a trailer to come? Weird...


The Respawnables : 0:09 damn why she holding him so hard it ain't like he going anywhere lol

Atharva J : Should I stop I'm still running...

eatpooism : omg i want to see this movie

Nifa Sian : -What should we do Starlord, now that Thanos is finally here? -*RUN. RUUUUUN*

RCB Play bold : Velociraptor is best dino

FeelGood Music : Where's the damn trailer!

Cesar R Delgado : So Im still waiting for the trailer...

srinu Nani : Waiting

Anon1993 : It amazes me the amount of professional movie critics on YouTube.. IT WAS LITERALLY 15 SECONDS OF THE MOVIE

Baloo 1978 : 0:00 When the teacher gives you homework at school to take home.

Tochtli : I died when I saw this; I’m obsessed with Jurassic world/park

last name : Trailer for teaser

Lil Floors : Where it at thoe

24 Frames Of Nick : Now Chris is wearing the heels ;)

Josepheter99 : I am waiting....

NamelessGhostPlayz : Who are watching from Australia?

Fat Bastard : It’s Thursday...

RyanMacGames : Me trying to run from the crowd when Star Wars 8 comes out


Sgt Palooggoo : Oh come on! A trailer for the trailer?

L 4 : Its thursday where the fracks my trailer!!!!!

AceofBlades X : Universal Pictures: Yo dawg we heard you liked trailers, so we made a trailer for the trailer so you can trailer while you trailer.

athar05ali : It is thursday already... where the hell is the trailer

This Little Critic : Shut the front door! When did this happen? Had no idea there’s another JP movie! Santa came early!!!

Rohit singh : Hi

de horsy's : When you get raided in ark suvival

Vivek Bhusum : This movie series are always gave me goosebumps !! Eagerly awaiting for this movie !!

A. D. : Im running


KOTHA VIJAYA : when parents see your report card

Aria Nugraha : Wtf this happiness remember my childhood

Seng Kin : what was the soundtrack that on this trailer use???

Jeremy Cabrera : Who's here before 1 trillion views