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Heartbreaking video shows how quickly motor neurone disease takes over

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Visit for more. Imagine a terrifying roller coaster ride where every turn and loop brings you closer to death... Around 5,000 people are stuck on this ride right now in England, Wales and Northern Ireland. That's why they need your help. Your donation can fund care support and research to defeat motor neurone disease and stop this ride once and for all. Together, we can #TakeOverMND. This film shows the devastating effects of motor neurone disease portrayed as a terrifying roller coaster ride. It has been produced to raise public awareness of MND and does contain scenes that some people may find upsetting.


heyimgoingtoplaysomegames : That was.....jarring. Thank you.

Haywood Mann : I suspect most remember the Ice Bucket Challenge of 2014 and it's so easy to forget what it was all about. Watch this clip and you will remember again - and that 5 people die of Motor Neurone Disease every day in the UK. Let's all keep giving please - to help ease the lives of those living with MND and to help those searching for a cure.

Mohd Faraz : Plz delete this video this is father has mnd 😞


Freddie Gamer : My Grandad just died from mnd yesterday. He lasted 3 and bit years with it. It is a horrendous disease