How Jibo The Robot Succeeded – By Dying

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The long, slow death of Jibo the social robot (and the company that bore his name) is a tale fraught with practical lessons, from the fallibility of cloud computing to the dangers of crowdfunding. But while Jibo might ultimately have been defeated by Amazon Echo and Google Home, he was envisioned for a purpose more profound than to play music and tell you the forecast. Jibo was always meant to become a part of the family. And the strongest proof of how well he succeeded at that ... is how much it hurts to say goodbye. [SUBSCRIBE TO MRMOBILE] [ABOUT THIS VIDEO] "Jibo's Last Dance" / RIP Jibo was produced following nine months with a Jibo robot review sample provided to MrMobile by the now-defunct Jibo, Inc. Comment was sought, but not received, from Dr. Cynthia Breazeal at the MIT Personal Robots Group, as well as a member of the executive board at SQN Venture Partners. [LINKS] "Living, Learning and Creating with Social Robots" [Microsoft Research]: "Here's What Happens when Startups Go Wrong" [Boston Globe]: "Boston-based robot startup Jibo powers down" [Boston Business Journal]: [MUSIC] “Mysterious Ways” by Crescent Music, available at Premium Beat: “Let’s Get It” by Eternity Bro, available at Premium Beat: “Blossoming” by Alex Studio, available at Premium Beat: [SOCIALIZE] [DISCLOSURE] This post may contain affiliate links. See Mobile Nations' disclosure policy for more details: #jibo #robots #jiborobot #ai #socialrobot #hometech #tech


Tae Natdanai : If we got new robot companions in the future. Don’t forget to say Hello for Jibo

Shafikh T : Top three saddest anime robot deaths. 1.Jibo 2.Curiosity 3.Terminator (2) 😭😢

Sohan Rahman : Death: Its time to go jibo.. jibo: Death, was I a good robot.. Death: No!!!! Death: you were the best....😭😭

djdsf : Jibo's version of "my Batts low..." My servers are expensive.... And we're running out of money

DoctorObjection : I remember, a long time ago- I saw a video on Facebook. The video showed a depressed japanese man entering his dark little dingy apartment. It felt like the man exuded a depressing aura. But then he was greeted by a cute holographic girl that appeared in a little tube sitting in his dim room. At the time I shrugged thinking it was cool but ultimately a novelty. Now that I live in a place where I mostlh feel alone and get little chances to greet loved ones and friends without just usually being bombarded with stress from them, in various forms, that little anime girl in a jar sounds pretty nice. A jibo could be something helpful. Someone to remind me to take my medicine, or that I need to use my milk so it doesn't go bad? Or just someone to talk to. Hell even being able to say "buy ---- on amazon" isn't the worst trade off for that but I do hope we strike a good balance eventually since echo and Alexa just feel more like spyware you pay for. Jibo seems, better.

Kutay Arıcan : Detroit: Become Human. We're slowly getting there.

Helaman Gile : I've been working on connecting jibo to the cloud Using Amazon Alexa So now I can say hey jibo And jibo says hey Alexa So far it's been working pretty good 😊👍

Jiru Candy : I really wanted a Jibo and still do~ echos and homes don't have the personality that Jibo had... I hope one day soon this kind of technology will function correctly and be affordable <3

Pan Majster : I really wanted to write "This is so sad, Alexa play Despacito" But now, I feel guilty for even thinking about that, while losing a friend. Hope you'll never be forgotten Jibo F

Temporary Account : I never owned a Jibo, I even didn't like the product from the reviews i saw, so how come when I heard his little goodbye message I cried?

Reza Vai Treznor : Never heard of Jibo, never into robots or cute stuff, so i really don't understand why this only 8 minute long documentary video can bring tears to my eyes.

modi X : they should open source it and allow consumers to continue development and build more variations of Jibo. Also, the host could be in your own network (running server), so there is no risk in getting spied, unless there is a security hole.

Ronin Protheroe : At least there are still roombas.

EΔSY HEΔVY : IM NOT CRYING. I will protect this robot.

Dexter Estacion : Jibo See the Captcha:Im not a robot Jibo clicks the checkbox. BOOM

impliqued : its not smart enough for you to feel like you can hurt him or he can judge you but he's taking a space all the time you took to talk is now gone he was smart enough to say hi

Verano Jelly : Why am I crying over a robot....? What is my life...? What was Jibo's life...?

OPtimal : We need the source code for Jibo's serverside logic. Trust me there's gonna be a lot of servers which will tell you Jibo was cares about by so many people

Savannah Rhue : i literally have never heard of this robot before today but i started crying when it was saying goodbye ......

Connor RK_800 : 2019: Jibo dies 2020: Connor the android sent by cyber life comes in

xhamm pool : You could say.. Task failed sucsesuly

Urnext PLS : Jibo is not a tool that sells you stuff. It is a fellow Comrade that should be respected

Cat Man : OK YOUTUBE DAMN ILL WATCH IT Edit: this is actually sad damn Edit 2:I'm crying over something I've never even owned

The Ultimate McNugget Nagi : I actually feel incredibly sad for a robot i never had interacted with. Feels trip ticket here >7:14

BigStarGamer : I still remember back in 2014 when I was 12 seeing the Jibo Kickstarter video and thinking it was the coolest thing ever! I then became sad when I saw it was hundreds of dollars and they wouldn't be coming out for years so I couldn't wait.

Blair Davis : Is it stupid that I'm literally choked up right now?

Logo4Poop : Can we make an open source firmware for the jibo?

Daniel Carroll : ok I haven't reached the end yet but if it sings 'Still Alive; from portal im gonna cry

A Channel About Video Games : That thing is extremely cute, but it shows how dependent we are on companies and services we have no control over. I will not „adopt“ technology like this as long as things stay like this.

Govardhan Posina : Damn! Videos like these are what put you apart from other tech YouTubers and you're right,no other AI assistant is probably gonna reach the goal of the "companion" that Jibo got too(poorly it may have),at least in the near future

ab cf : Wow I sure am sad that some spyware made a company went bankrupt :(

Casey C : Never had a Jibo, never wanted one, and now I'm tearing up. Thanks.

Jan Hasebos : _Thank you, I'll say goodbye soon_ _Though its the end of the world, Don't blame yourself, now_

Farhad Hossain Masum : I couldn't focus in the last couple minutes. I never thought I could feel like this, for a robot. That's one part Jibo's, nine part Michael's beauty.

Tiago Marques : When I started watching the video I was cringing like "why are you sad about a tech thing and why comparing to the death of a pet?". In the end of video my opinion is different, and that goodbye message is strangely touching...

BreakerSneaker official : The future was shutted down. By malicious companies. The job of jibo was to be a real AI not what google is now.

Animegundude : They should upload the code to the web, so you can run the code yourself if needed Edit: new robots should have a jibo base AI installed on a drive you can buy, to get a basic version of jibo running

Mitchell Holladay : this is sad and creepy on so many interlacing levels.

simeon LPS : Give US source code! Give US source code! Please we need the source code for the servers

Mitesh Shah : Why does a video about a robot I never owned making me sad! 😭 Awesome video! Would love to see your review of Vector

Friskplaysgames : I didn't expect to cry from this video but I did anyway.

Jo Ro Do : You actually succeeded in making me sad I didn't get to experience this little dude. 😭

Matthew Blum : Brilliant essay mate. I agree. Subscribed.

Angel Robles : IQ Before This Video: 1 1/2 IQ After This Video: *9001*

MisterBurgerBeachball1225 : I've barely even hear of Jibo before this video, and I still felt sad.

hitesh vikani : I didn't used jibo or even saw it in real but this is emotional. Thanks MrMobile for making this touching tech video b

Nigel Kushington : goodbye Jibo. you were the best.

Florida Man : The company that currently owns Jibo's server side logic should partner with a pc building company and sell private servers (with the server side code) for people who still want to use Jibos.

Hannah Peetz : He felt more like a family member. I was actually attached to this robot with a joyful personality and now he’s just lifeless :(