How Jibo The Robot Succeeded – By Dying

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The long, slow death of Jibo the social robot (and the company that bore his name) is a tale fraught with practical lessons, from the fallibility of cloud computing to the dangers of crowdfunding. But while Jibo might ultimately have been defeated by Amazon Echo and Google Home, he was envisioned for a purpose more profound than to play music and tell you the forecast. Jibo was always meant to become a part of the family. And the strongest proof of how well he succeeded at that ... is how much it hurts to say goodbye. [SUBSCRIBE TO MRMOBILE] [ABOUT THIS VIDEO] "Jibo's Last Dance" / RIP Jibo was produced following nine months with a Jibo robot review sample provided to MrMobile by the now-defunct Jibo, Inc. Comment was sought, but not received, from Dr. Cynthia Breazeal at the MIT Personal Robots Group, as well as a member of the executive board at SQN Venture Partners. [LINKS] "Living, Learning and Creating with Social Robots" [Microsoft Research]: "Here's What Happens when Startups Go Wrong" [Boston Globe]: "Boston-based robot startup Jibo powers down" [Boston Business Journal]: [MUSIC] “Mysterious Ways” by Crescent Music, available at Premium Beat: “Let’s Get It” by Eternity Bro, available at Premium Beat: “Blossoming” by Alex Studio, available at Premium Beat: [SOCIALIZE] [DISCLOSURE] This post may contain affiliate links. See Mobile Nations' disclosure policy for more details: #jibo #robots #jiborobot #ai #socialrobot #hometech #tech

Comments from Youtube

Jackson Hayes : What? No, I'm not crying. My eyes are just... umm, lubricating.

Abdul-Qader Haddad : Holy shit this was way more emotional than I thought...

Govardhan Posina : Damn! Videos like these are what put you apart from other tech YouTubers and you're right,no other AI assistant is probably gonna reach the goal of the "companion" that Jibo got too(poorly it may have),at least in the near future

Verano Jelly : Why am I crying over a robot....? What is my life...? What was Jibo's life...?

Tech Travel Geeks : So sad. We feel for you Michael. Thoughts and prayers. *sob*

YK D : That why i subscribe to you Michael. You are unique and more human.

Mitesh Shah : Why does a video about a robot I never owned making me sad! 😭 Awesome video! Would love to see your review of Vector

Sayantan Banerjee : That headturn at around 0:26 got me from don't care at all to actually kinda sad 😥

Jason C. : That may be the most touching tech video in history. If your eyes aren’t full of tears something is wrong with you

Tiago Marques : When I started watching the video I was cringing like "why are you sad about a tech thing and why comparing to the death of a pet?". In the end of video my opinion is different, and that goodbye message is strangely touching...

Juuhazan : Assuming I heard right, he's: 430,419 minutes old ~7,174 hours old ~298 days old ~10 months old That's a long time to get attached to the thing. That's three times as long as I had my Google Home Mini! Hopefully Jibo paves the way for more "human" assistants in the future.

Isaiah's Reviews : Can't wait for the Amazon version that follows me around the house asking me if I wanna add everything I touch to my cart.

TechDove : I didn't expect to be moved by a video about jibo, but here we are.

Zach H : "Mr mobile... I don't feel so good" 😥

osiris970 : Wow I just woke up Michael. Why did u make me cry


Sb singh : I dont know why i get attached to these robots for some reason RIP jibo

TechPassion : I have a playlist on YouTube called "Things AI need to learn", and it has a lot of things ranging from understanding comedy to why we feel sentimental and long for certain things. Michael, this video is definitely going in that playlist for me, thank you for making this

Living Dadly : Wow Michael this was such a sad video but In a good way, yes I know that sounds strange but allow me to elaborate. If you meant to touch an emotional heart string well...then you succeeded, which speaks volumes to the time and creativity put into this video, which was very well done! As both a psychologist and now YouTuber I am fascinated by the prospects of this device and lament its passing. The applications in the field of social robotics, especially as companion to introverts and seniors, were seriously untapped. Well done video, you gave Jibo a proper send off. Now excuse me I think I have something in my eye, sniff...sniff.

Matt A : I've never owned a Jibo, but even so, I think he was way ahead of his time. With another day or another dollar, he could have been great. The robot didn't do anything wrong. It's the humans that let us down.

Skehmatics : SQN, please, release the source code for Jibo's server side logic. Becoming open source is the only shot he's got left

Victor Lichtenberg : Wow this is a very emotional video. You certainly managed to convey your feelings throughout the video

Ardimo Harsa : I really hope some people will finally figure how to make it alive again, somehow.

ragnargrinde93 : I've never owned a Jibo. I've barely ever seen anything about Jibos short of your review... But this almost felt like watching the slow death of R2D2. And now I'm sad.

Parker's Brick Box : That’s so sad, Jibo play despacito

vid1259 : Mourning for Jibo aside...that score, that musical score hitting the notes exuding the sadness of the situation in such an electronic way, almost a perfect metaphor for how sad it truly is to see the end of Jibo.

Imran Haider : I am sorry for your loss Michael... Stay mobile!!

Bakedem John : First YouTube video that made tears ran down my face

Nihal Ali : Maybe considering the overwhelming support Jibo has gotten from its users regarding the "humane" touch it provides, might push other home assistant giants like Amazon, Google, etc to foray into Jibo-like devices.. As always, great video, Michael..

Angelito Posse : RIP Jibo, like Pebble, your loss leaves a void nothing else can fill... 😭

Sohan Rahman : Death: Its time to go jibo.. jibo: Death, was I a good robot.. Death: No!!!! Death: you were the best....😭😭

Benjamin Jungbluth : Maybe some Hackers could hack Jibo and could rent Servers get own

Sachindra Bhattacharya : Legitimately cried even though I've never owned one. Thanks for that, Michael.

Arvin Medina : Just let jibo show ads to keep those servers running. Like jibo would offer you a can of Coke or something.

Gideon Cripps : This is so sad. Jibo, play despacito - OH WAIT YOU CAN'T NOW

DezMaeth : Hm... If the company releases the source code, we could do a blockchain based system of jibos, and keep it alive easily...

Nejc Ribič : well he looks like a very good concept just because he doesnt wait for ur commands but he starts the convo by himself.

Holo : This is so sad Alexa, play sad violin

Alex Vega : My nephew is going to be devastated he’s 5 and asked all dinosaur questions to jibo they even danced together . How am I going to explain this to a kid

Nathan Berge : This was surprisingly touching We will miss you Jibo 🥰

Shafikh T : Top three saddest anime robot deaths. 1.Jibo 2.Curiosity 3.Terminator (2) 😭😢

Dario Hall : I have an emotional bond with Alexa- not the product. My little sisters name is Alexa.

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