Extreme Discount Card
Extreme Discount Card lets you have one of every item the company produces if you find the one card hidden somewhere in the world

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Extreme Discount Card: a film by Oscar-winning director Orlando von Einsiedel https://www.vollebak.com/news/extreme-discount-card/ From the Dead Sea Scrolls and the Ark of the Covenant, to alien life and the Higgs Boson, searching for things that are hard to find is fun. So we’ve teamed up with Oscar winning documentary Director, Orlando Von Einsiedel, world record-holding adventurers Jason Fox and Aldo Kane, and mastercraftsman Saena Ku, to create a modern-day treasure hunt that’s as hard as any in history. Director: Orlando Von Einsiedel DOP: Franklin Dow Second unit: Aldo Kane and Jason Fox Producer: Josie Wicks Production company: Grain Media Editor: Scot Crane at The Quarry Music: Si Begg Sound design: Michael Powell at Prodigious Post production: Youngster