The Many Impressions Of Charlyne Yi - CONAN on TBS

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jay : i can't remember conan laughing so hard

JYC422 : that laugh was so much more genuine then that lean back and clap once jimmy fallon shit

memethyst : imagine sapphire feeding ruby lettuce like that

Pieke - PhotoandGrime : That turtle impression is cute :')

TheMiraiMaki : She's such an interesting combination of seeming very shy/introverted/anxious but then also being very outgoing and without shame because of how easily she slips into "actor" mode. How does she do it Charlene teach meeeee 😩

bear : aww. she seems so sweet. very cute. uggghhh

Justin Melendez : damn I've never seen Conan laugh so hard!

Fapity FapFap Fap : Close your eyes, hear her voice.. Its ruby

Zhan Yessenzholov : SHE IS 30? I THOUGHT THAT SHE"S LIKE 16

mollsGreen : Oh my god she reminds me of a grown up Tina Belcher from Bobs Burgers. Friggin love it.

supbrotv : I am a turtle and i find this offensive.

Chris D : No matter how hard I try, I can't stop imagining that it's Ruby.

Globalklaus : You really lettuce watch that, didn't you.

Hung Nguyen : you know you're funny when conan is hysterical.

The Mouse In Your Room : She's dressed so pretty in this video. I could never confuse her for a boy.

Batmanisawesomesoami : I love her she also vocie a character on We Bare bears she plays Chloe on CN that show is pretty funny

Bri Lane : That turtle impression was spot on!

geekles!! : I can't help but see Ruby doing all of this. I am dead.

Celine Nguyen : Now I remember! she was on House M.D. !

disappointment TM : She needs to wear red next time

supastar : That was hilarious...I love Conan's genuine laugh

Akiwi Fruit : So this is ruby Steven universe and that girl we bare bears

Nathan Rodgers : Hardest i have ever seen Conan laugh.

525Lines : Charlyne Yi, Ellen Page, Kate Micucci. Coco likes his women quirky.

A chaotic soul : what am I doing with my life? Why am I watching a video of someone doing an amazing impression of a turtle?

perfectperfecto : I have no idea who she is, besides the fact that she's fucking awesome :D

Greg Poblete : that must be such a rewarding feeling to make Conan laugh that much.

MissT : Her turtle face is hilarious because its so similar!!

64Vrm : Best. Turtle. Impression. Ever.

Charles Lumia : Lol she's hilarious

AsciiGDL : Conan was in pain laughing there :-D

Crestfallen Princess : Ruby is best turtle

rockmonst3r : LOLL I've never seen Conan cracking up so much to someone other than Bill Burr :P

YoureProbablyTheWorst : Those audience laughs at the turtle thing are genuine.

isgravybaby : She is super cute and funny! I've liked her since Paper Hearts 😁

Fernando Pires : That turtle impression, though. Hilarious!

Viral Videos : She should be in SNL

kuru : it's official this woman is the best thing ever

John Hart : i love that adorable little cape/(cloak?) that she's wearing ❤😘

Edward Bliss : How is the turtle impression funny? That's how I normally eat, especially at restaurants

Pink Octopus : Every time I hear her talk I think of Chloe from We Bare Bears and Ruby from Steven Universe XD love her

Cherry Miiverse : Why didn't she do an impression of Ruby from Steven Universe? Oh wait...

James White : She can toss my salad anytime!

Moko RS : i like turtles

GanjaJokke : Best (and the only) turtle impression I've seen

malurisont : 'Just for an additional fact: She is the voice actor of *Ruby* in *Steven Universe*...

Marjory Pimentel : she billburred Conan, she's cute, she's a hero 😅😅

Kyle F : I've seen a load of impressions of a turtle eating lettuce but this is by far the best :D

Thomas Murphy : I don't know why that was so funny but that was hilarious!! LOL

Eric James : The turtle impression!! OMG!! I cant stop smiling and laughing!!