Inside a PCB Soldering Factory - in China
Inside a PCB soldering Factory in China

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Today we're taking an in-depth factory tour of the PCBWay ( PCB assembly factory in Shenzhen, China, to see how the professionals solder circuit boards, step-by-step. Are you an electronics geek or a DIY enthusiast that loves soldering projects that's always wondered how the big factories solder PCBs with pick and place machines and reflow ovens? Today we're going to see how it's made! See behind the scenes at Strange Parts: (some of the following links are affiliate links) Gear for this video: Main camera: Main lens: Other camera: Microphone: Wireless microphones: Audio Recorder: Music: Teenage Lullaby - Ooyy (Licensed through Looking Back (SLCT Remix) - Gloria Tells (Licensed through Edited by auram - #PCB #FactoryTour #StrangeParts


Josh Boucher : Thank you PCBWay. Very much appreciated. Thank you Scotty and great production value. A+

Fir3Chi3f : That's so great that they let you come in and check this out. Besides my worry for the employees hours/wages this place does look top notch.

Z-Mon : More like Scotty the engine driver! Great video dude!

kebakent : Great video. This is exactly the type of content I subscribed for.

KX36 : I did a high voltage board with PCBway. They had no problem with the many isolation slots cut into the board and didn't even charge extra. That's quite unusual.

Gonun : I just was in a PCB assembly factory in Switzerland last week with my electrical engineering class. This video was very intresting to see the diffrences. Generaly, it's pretty much the same procss. I think the most obvious diffrence was that in the swiss factory there was even more automation going on and less manual labor. This makes sense as salaries in Switzerland probably are an order of magnitude higher. Another big diffrence is that the swiss factory seems to be a really focused of customer support and has quite a few engineers helping the customer to improve the design of their bord for easier assembly, testing and better functionality. They added a lot of testpads on all boards to later test all the components after they have been soldered in. To do this they had two methods: For boards in large quantities the custom build a testrig where you can put a board in. It has one of those spring loaded pins for every test pad. Every one is conected to a machine with hundrets of inputs. They then program the machine whitch pins it has to measure against each other and within what margins the result should be. If there is a microcontroller on the board they can also program in that way.The way cooler method is what they use for boards in smaller quantities. They have a robot with "flying probes". Basically a robot with like eight small probes that they can automatically stick on any place on the board and then measure a component. This happens with a crazy speed, the probes are really flying around. But it can easily take a couple of minutes for one board to be tested.

Sahil Khanna : Loved this video partly because I have done most of things at my workplace myself. Pick and place machine is awesome(yet a bit terrifying). We have used PCBway mainly for fabrication but it's good to know their CM services. Thanks for making this video.

Statorworks Robotics : Whoa! Clicked faster than lightning. Another beautiful informative video 👏👍

ArraysStartAtThePowerOf0 : " *This* is an *X-ray* machine." Camera: I don't feel so good.

Oliver Lewin : I build PCBs for work so seeing this from an outside perspective is pretty cool. Also that factory looks crazy clean and tidy! You gained a new subscriber guys! Well done.

BSPBuilder : I use PCBWay all the time, best bang for the buck!

Jeremy Mickelsen : I already use PCBWay for PCBs (good prices, options, quality and fast), so it's cool to see their other capabilities. I think assembly is the fun part, but getting the BGA/CSP parts pre-loaded might open up some part options I wouldn't normally consider.

Danny B : That’s a cool hat 😉 Love your videos man, keep up the good job!

amadeus484 : Typical Youtubers: sponsored by Skillshare and Audible. Strange Parts: sponsored by a PCB assembly company. Yeah, that's par for the course for the channel. Great video!

Wholly Mindless : Thanks PCBway for letting us see this! I love how excited Scotty is to show this off to us. He is just as excited as we would be.

Greg Elizondo : In reference to tombstoning. It mainly happens when your fixture inside your pick and place machine is loose, or the stand offs (board supports) aren’t adjusted correctly. Causing the components to bounce during placement. Mostly what happens is if the component is not equally anchored on both sides, it is drawn to the upright position from the tension of the solidifying solder paste.

Master Adit : Friend: Why do you like PCB related stuff so much? Me:

Shane : When you said pcbway, in my head I heard perifractics schpeal for the company xd

Nanobyte : I absolutely love this factory tour, its hard to find someone on Youtube that makes videos with this high quality and love :-)

Thorleif Jacobsen : PCBWay is a really good prototype PCB factory. Probably production aswell but I have really good experience with my prototypes! Good to see you working so close with them

shazam : Perfect! This video is a Masterpiece! Scotty, you have made a flawless, specific, detailed, and correct video of the latest PCB assembly processes. There are many other videos out there, mostly from CMs (Contract Manufacturers) & YouTubers, but they not well done, poorly shot, poorly lit, disorganized, incomplete, factually wrong, incomprehensible, etc., etc. This video has so many little important details, that it should be watched 2 or 3 times to fully understand them all. Watching this and your previous video of how bare PCBs are made, provides a thorough education and insight of how PCBAs (PCB Assemblies, i.e. boards with the parts soldered on) are built and tested. These two videos should be required viewing by every Electrical Engineer and student (AS, BS,MS & PhD). Especially from the last 20 years, most of whom have very little knowledge or understanding of how physical electronics products are made. Every “maker” and “doer”, especially on Kickstarter, should be compelled to watch this at least 10 times, take notes and pass a test! Thank you and PCB Way for all the time and work for planning, writing, shooting and editing this video. Your well recorded, clear voice and enunciating diction, makes this available and useful for all, including ESL foreign language native speakers. Missing are: like, um, you know, um, searching for words, "Chinglish", explaining to your factory host what they are looking at (host = anyone there who speaks a little English). FYI: I am an Electrical Engineer, who over the last 45 years, has designed and made hundreds of products and PCBAs, designed & built several PTH (Plated Through-Hole) and SMT assembly lines in several facilities and countries, and site inspected scores of electronic manufacturing plants in numerous countries. TEN THUMBS UP! (that’s all I’ve got) P.S. Thank you for helping me find “the way”. PCBWay! I have a few projects and now I am confident in having PCBWay make them.

Jacob D : Amazing video! I love that you rehearsed the parts that mix Chinese and English to make it so fluid! That takes time, translation, and care. I really respect your channel and everything you’re doing. I work at a company that provides tooling for PCB manufacturers, this won’t be the first video I’ve shown new hires of yours, but this will be the best video I’ve shown them to help them understand what processes we are providing tooling and fixtures for.

SuPrAmAd101 : really cool video Scotty, especially since i used to do this for a well know fire alert system company in the UK. We were oldschool though, Our pick and place machines only had 2 heads and manual feeders! we also had a machine called the CS400, which was the worst experience of my life. This machine was for through hole parts, you would be sat on a seat hunched over looking for a very small bright light through the holes in the board. This would tell you where the part would go. A rotating bin of parts would auto turn to what you needed to place next, you would often hear the screams as you dipped your hand in the bin and received a diode or chip up the fingernail!!! I also remember our wave solder oven, when it worked it was great! However between flooding the boards with solder or when feeding a board into the machine it would snag between the teeth and snap a board throwing the parts everywhere, it was a nightmare. Im glad to be out of that business now as it was tedious and very hard work. Great memories though and was cool to be part of something so technical!

Adam Bryant : Thank you PCBway for allowing this video and thank you scotty for taking the time to visit the factory.

Hyprmtr : How about double sided SMD component PCBs? Then, multilayer trace PCBs. Those multilayer PCBs are a nightmare to diagnose. Unless you have an x-ray. lol

shubus : Scotty this is a beautifully produced video which really how these super high quality PCB's are done. Superior high-end equipment. Congrats on a great vid. I would be happy to give pcbway my business.

TR PUBG : Selamun aleyküm reyizler🇹🇷❤️🇹🇷

Peaceful Tigrex : This is absolutely amazing. One of my favorite videos so far. :D

Tuff Movies : this type of your videos are the best. I imagine this takes quite a lot more effort than usual, but please do moar

Justin Michael : did you find a new place yet? staying in shenzhen?

Pachu : I once ordered some boards on PCBway and it's so cool to see how there where made, thanks for bringing us this mini-documental ^^

Markfps : Hands down the best electronics channel on YouTube, TV or any platform. Amazing tour!!!!

MrFlesknava : The best and most informative electronics manufacturing factory tour I've ever seen

Antonio Costa : Building bridges and educating us all. In contentious times you are bringing in China’s Manufacturing Might without bias, or controversy. Be your upbeat mood invite you on other places. You should have a Cable TV Chanel dude.

Cyber MacGyver : been feeling weird all week... just realised i am having 'strange parts' withdrawals. cos i feel better now 🤗

BiggsN15 : Loved it. This is why I love your channel/content, you explain and describe things so clearly. Awesome :)

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Philip P : Scotty: Hey guys I need to do a tombstone effect. Factory: Wah????

Bernardo Ramos : Wow! I am a customer of PCBWay. I used their assembly services and the result is really good. So nice to see inside of the factory. Thanks so much!

USA TECH : Great video, please show more cool tech stuff from China !!! Very well done!!! Thanks

Kent Wilke : Great video. Loved watching it again with the CC turned for a good laugh or two.

artem glukhov : What if a particular PCB has a huge thermal relief problem on one particular pad, and so one component comes out tombstoned on every single pcb? Are they able to prevent this PCB design fault? Or they will notice the problem once the pcbs roll out from the oven?

Bader AlSeiari : i challenge you to change the iphone charging slot to a usb-c slot

839Bender : I order all my PCB for school projects there. I always got them in an amazing quality. Just one time I got a PCB batch where the holes are miss lined. They refunded me without any further hesitation.

Alan H : Just finished the workday which included another order from pcbway. Jumped on youtube for some chill time and I get to see the plant that I ordered from. Normally I just get bare pcbs from them but I have ordered hundreds of loaded SMD. Have always had excellent service and pretty sure that they run 24/7. Great video but hated the use of soder rather than solder which most of the world uses.

Paul Maybon : Awesome, love plant tours and this one was awesome. Great work! And how nice are the people at PCBWay!

SpeedyV : Dude!!! Wow. I think you went full on geek overload in there. Also please please please do a carbon fiber bike factory tour.

Martin Laptop : Always look forward to watching your videos 👌🏻