Fried Chocolate Chip Cookies at Action Bronson's Pop-Up Restaurant

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During Action's takeover of Nicoletta's Restaurant, Zeppole God Pete Trapani fries ups delicious chocolate chip cookies. WATCH NEXT: A Rispoli Pastry Shop Binge in New Jersey with Action Bronson - Subscribe Now: Follow VICELAND: | VICE Video | Full Uncensored Episodes on iTunes: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Newsletter |


Acp Trucking : WTF that's it .... We only get 2:48 👿👿👿

Richard Hodges : “I used to watch him get high every night” 😂😂😂

MartinWaves : *Action glanced down so fast to make sure his Dab Rig didnt break✌🏻😂*

James M : Is Viceland secretly doing a documentary about a guy who eats himself to death?

Monotone : He needs some milk

Kaleb Ford : Action is in spiritual tune with whats great in this life

Mark Rasta : Action dont big pun yourself dog

jorge ramirez : Mayhem! Mr world cup himself

Yorkie Terriers : They use blue tape for everything.. Al's sweater is also made out of it.

Devin Berry : I miss the beard 😢

Black Dynamite : Loving the beard at this length, it'll come back my G

Behzey : insert a fake "body laugh" at 2:06

C Y : he needs to come to my hood wit that

Orange Cosby : the best show on TV

Daniel Vlasic : Action needs to spend a yr living on the Mediterranian. Or somewhere in Japan. Those people live forever.

Austen H : "I wanna see you two fight on a boat"

roomforthefiiixins : Big Body Bes needs his own show. He's too goddamn funny

Doobiejimbob : I wish i had friends like yall

EdwardSwanks47 : I like how Al has became homies with the Action squad its amazing to see genuine love between bros,, not a lot of real ones left

Krombopalous Drexal : "I wanna see you two fight on a boat." LMAO I was rollin. Yo I got 50 on Body.

J F : chocolate chip cookies deep fried....there's only one thing to one up

Angelwitch90 GoYim : This is the funniest show on TV. Hands down!!

Christian McCarthy : what is the song in the beginning of the video

BISON/ JEICE : "You dont know your own strength" AL lmaooo

Christian moreno : at least it wasn’t the rig !

GrapeDrank25 : 1:48 Somebody make me a GIF plz

Tyler Durden : I just wanna hangout and do dabs in a basement too! Wtf

Chase r : that cutlet

John Botelho : These videos need to be longer, Idgaf

RedLiteNinja : ayy hes got the dab rig just chillin

Derrick sremog : yooooo the ending got me dying...lmfao

D. Green : Talk about having fun and living life!

Sil3nt Kn1ght : Fried Chocolate Chip Cookies... if that ain't the fattest sh1t I ever heard of!!! (Reaches for a whole handful)

DonJZA : intro song????

Chris Ventura : I love how he keeps it classic authentic lit. Queens Style.

Oscar Wilson : This is literally not long enough yo ! How are you gonna give us such limited short greatness

Desmond Ciauri : My boys are thicc AF!

Eli Grimes : I wanna see you two fight on a boat. Like a Street Fighter stage.

trustnojuan : lmao i cant stand new york accent.

Sid Vicarious : Greek abortion or Dominican party?you decide¡¿

Fina Eat : Maaan he always eats the most delicious looking things omg

Tony Marselle : This dude makes me sad 😢

mike graham : "His arm only does one movement" lol

CheechedPolak 420 : Action!!! Come to Calgary Ab with a pop up and take my money!!!!!!!!!!

realdeal139 : Action is going for the heart attack.

Kevin K : fav squad ever. name one better, I’ll wait...

Aegon Targaryen : Michio kaku book respekt

Tenzing Namgyl : You don’t know you own strength?!?!lol

Hugo Cisneros : Glad it wasn't the rig lol