Is Hoovie the least Shrewd Negotiator ever?

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Tyler "Hoovie" Hoover is famous for buying the cheapest examples of a car that he can find but that doesn't mean they are cheap to own. In today's video he explains how much buying cheap cars has cost him the past year. Be sure to check out his channel: Ed was very skeptical about ceramic coatings and recently tried it. Check out his video explaining the result → You can get Armor Shield IX by AvalonKing with $25 off using VINWIKI code at checkout → Buy our NEW, LIMITED EDITION t-shirts and gear at our store.  - Be sure to Like, Comment, Subscribe, and Share this with other car enthusiasts! Add to the stories of your cars and the cars you love on VINwiki. Download the free VINwiki iOS App - Download the free VINwiki Android App - Visit


Syed Hassaan Mujtaba Bokhari : Hoovie makes these decisions so we don't have to and thats a community service

VINwiki : "Good cars ain't cheap, cheap cars ain't good" lived out on a daily basis. Thanks Hoovie!

Tavarish : Be still my beating heart

John Hurst : HE'S HERE!!!!! Next is Doug Demuro! I love this damn channel!!

Ed Bolian : Thanks for coming by Tyler. It was great hearing your stories. Buying cheap cars can certainly be a recipe for disaster. We all get bit sometimes. Fortunately you always make it entertaining to watch! Thanks for the great content.

Brandon Hightower : "It was a solid car....." Hoovie-2018

Christian Roman : Tyler, shrewd negotiator...NO! Shrewd entertainer....YES!

Stymie Snerdly : Now, let's figure up how many hundreds of thousands of dollars the Car Wizard has made off of Hoovie over the last few years repairing junk.

Edward Edwards : The iconic opening imitation. 10/10 video from the beginning.

P WrightisRight : That feeling when you add up all your losses and think about what a nice car you could have bought....

Rob Pitts : Always fun watching Hoovie's bad buys on the YouTube . It's like watching a train wreck. You wanna look away, But you wanna see how bad it is. lol Great Vid!

Gearhead Daily : Upvote for hoovie. Appreciate the humor.

Tyler McCain : Hoovie is probably neck and neck with Kimi for least shrewd negotiator.

Shawn Paradox : I was not disappointed I've seen every video of his But the thing about him that I find interesting is that he doesn't give up I many people can put thousands of dollars into vehicles and fail continuously will keep going Not gonna call him an idiot But I love his determination

James Manning : Hoovie gets an automatic like

John Hurst : I just spoke to Clark Howard and told him about VinWiki, he looked it up immediately and seems to enjoy the site so far. I'll keep you posted.

fender : Wasn't a shrewd move to let Parker borrow his car.

MaxSpeed : NO WAY an episode with Tyler! Sweet. Need to bring him on more. Along with Doug Demuro

Silenced9 Trujillo : You get a like for almost roasting porker with the Ferrari

Parth Patel : I remember the time my first video on VinWiki was when I watched the guy who bought a Mclaren F1. Here we are at 503k subscribers.

Yung_ Soto : Now yall need to get daddy doug on here

Jimmy Grant : My Alfa does 1 quart per 1500 miles. Glad to know my Alfa burns less oil than a Porsche!

Clint Gliford : Last time I was this early, the P1 GTR was only worth MSRP.

Noe Hernandez : I legit thought that was ED at the beginning

Matt's Garage : Lol Tyler, you’re awesome, love your channel!

Gus Kipper : In before the "best anime crossover" comments

1776ERS : Omg the title is epic 😂😂

Wes Smith : Hoovie, let's face it, you are good for the economy.

Nope Nope : Hoovie buys the cheapest cars for sale then somehow loses money on them, I need to start buying from him

SightseeingSkyrim : Yeeee my favorite car channels in one!

LD ODOM : Double fisting a Le Baron. LMAO

123Jokkmokk123 : ''And i bought it anyway'' should be Hoovies Tagline!

Joseph's Global Trip : Can we get Rob Spaghetti?

Brett Bilger : Even better than the original Kimmi cold open.

Dr. Skillz : As soon as I saw this, I knew this would get a bigger pop than Stone Cold Steve Austin during the Attitude Era.

Justas043 : Of all people i didn't expect to see Hoovie on VinWiki, but as soon as i saw it i pushed like

Farhan Pramadipta : VinWiki is gaining the attention of many automotive youtube channels, I hope more can come and tell their stories...anyways why hasn't Chris of B is for Build come here?? Tavarish is here and o yea.. where is Rob Pitts the eBay Bandit??

Cody Capps : What I learned....if you want a great buy on a used YouTube car Hoovie has a deal for you!

ZeroBlackfire : I saw hoovie in this, didnt read title, just insta-clicked, knew this was gunna b gud. *gets popcorn* :D

Kevin Miller : How about trying your skills out with real

Mustanglvr007 - : Get the guys from Regular Car Reviews (Mr. Regular and Roman) on here, please!!

The Rolling Troll : The ML-55 is what got me into Hoovies Garage. Pretty sure that's how I got here in the end as well. Thanks for the epic entertainment, Tyler! Here's to many years of fails.

Rupert Migtau : Today I bought the cheapest Ferrari FF in Germany, no joke 🤣🤣🤣, with just 42,000 km and 2 year Ferrari Approved warranty. I’m not sure, whether this was the right decision.

Devante Lee : Absolutely a 10/10 video.

Steven M : I love Ed's and Hoovie's videos. Hoovies imitation of Ed 's experience with Kimmy, at the beginning of this video is priceless !

Skyace 95 : When ya gonna get good ole Doug D on the channel?

sklew : I love watching Hoovie's Garage but it's painful how stupid his decisions are. I really hope it's all for the cameras, I don't understand how anyone can live that way. Where is he getting his money!? Stop giving him money for his own sake!

adhischools : Epic video of a car addict telling a story to another car addict watched by other car addicts

Romanenko Garage : The question is: did he make all his lost money back with YouTube revenue?