heavy metal head baby loves pantera

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Carolus Rex : He's like "GET ME OUT OF THIS CHAIR! I WANNA MOSH!"

VarietyMusicLover : It's good to teach children this music not that crap on the radio now days bieber, miley etc lol

MySeasideRendezvous : He's all "what is this and why do I love it so much? YEAHH!"

Michael : Hell yeah! Parenting done right! This'll be my future kid haha 🤘🏻🤘🏻

D/D/D Doomsday : omfg he can mosh now

Sol Pd : future is bright \m/

Sinlo Kemp : He is ready for a mosh pit :D

Lucas Combs : you are good parents \m/

Flint Ironstag : ROCK ON LITTLE GUY!!!!

Alexander Ross : That's me when I was that age lol

gone87 : I would name this kid "dimebag"

Don john : \m/ for the baby:)

guitarslave : Hell yes!!! Now get him a Dean ML.

Jesus Christ : bright future for this one!

Evaggelos Vega : hehehe thats amazing...gratz for the ''good taste of music'' lessons to the parents :D :D

Cristina : sooo cutee 😃

Sophia Leclerq : my future son :)

Void of Light : lmao

dog502 : so natural

Carl Ross : This is our future, go ahead little boy, love our music like your parents and I love heavy metal I wish my son love metal ...

NastTheMetalhead : Get him out of that chair! The kid wants to mosh!!!

Rafslipknot : HELL YEAH!!! \m/

Ryan Messenger : nice move panterentals.. I approve of this 100%

pjsk8ter : Don't break the baby lol

Tipsy : parenting doing the right way :) 

Straight Jacket : Look at that foot go!!!!! Drummer baby!!!!

Раиса Бухвалова : 😄😍🤗🎸🎸🎶🎙

Venon Sumsger : Open this pit up baby!! 🤘😡😆

Binx Pova : I LOVE THIS

Diptyajit Banerjee : The kid is like, "What is this? This makes me want to move my entire body, bring out the rebellious side! This is the best! Is this what you call metal?? So this is metal, it's awesome!!!"

Malekath1 : rock on little charlie we love ya!

theunforgiven98 : yes! \m/

Jay Don : lol 1 dislike, let me guess johova

Kalah Fitzpatrick : How old is he?

Matt Hrncar : This baby is awesome!

Lucy G : awww

Daniel Pereira da Silva : I would name him Phillip or Darrell :P \m/  His parents must be proud :P  Rock on kid!!!

Sanquinity : Training your  child's legs, done the right way! :D

Marywhite29 : So cute!!!

congeeks : Kids like "I dont know whats happening...gotta move...gotta move.." lolo

Didi Lubyo : Good PANTERING!

Vicki Thompson : this made me so happy

Amber Sonye : Cute baby. \M/

Alguro HellBlacksmith : charlie metal headbanger from the cradle i love you bealtiful baby and loves metal awesome . my son will be like yours god bless u and your family