Encounter with Lulu the warthog - Zambia, Kafue National Park
OC Accidentally got too close to my downstairs neighbor in Africa

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GoPro Video of the family of warthogs which lived under our deck.


Michael Woodworth : I physically jumped! Holy. Crap.

Sean : Can't people just leave Amy Schumer alone and stop sticking cameras in her face...

Al B : He blessed the rain!

Garnet Nard : That scared the **** out of me

Jeffrey C Drywater : Damn it. Got to change pants.

Curtis Mitchell : Hello, My name is Curtis and I'm a video researcher for Caters News Agency in Birmingham UK. We came across this video and we've never seen anything like this before! I'd like to get in contact with you and perhaps, make an offer. We work with TV shows and publishers all over the world who'd be interested in this video. Please get back to me here on email at curtismitchell@catersnews.com. Thank you. -Curtis

Eric Jakows : Hi! We're interested in featuring this video on our TV show/digital platforms called, "RightThisMinute" with full credit to you and wondered if that's cool with you. Please email me at eric.jakows@rightthisminute.com for more details. Let me know. Thanks so much!

benjax :v : Like si veniste por un poco de todo plech

Adlin Ling : Hakuna matata

funnyistheway : that's nice

crimescene25 : why is that bacon moving?

Kobe Wild : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XEm-anELm10

airlockengage : Me: "Ah cool. Cool video." My Instincts: "BRO! GET BACK FROM THE SCREEN! THAT THINGS CHARGING! RUN! FIGHT OR FLIGHT, BRO! *FIGHT OR FLIGHT!* "

Acting on Morals not Orders : good meat

Abraham Nixon : I've been in this Warthogs position many times before so believe me when I tell you that the worst thing you could do was point a camera in his face. This guy doesn't want to be on camera if he's hiding underneath your porch, *ya understand me Pea Brain?* He's there because he ran away from home and needs a place to rest his head while he figures some stuff out. For the sake of the man's dignity, I don't think we need to be documenting this which is likely one of the worst moments of his life. Give him a break, ya hear me, Pal? Let's be the Change we wanna see in this World, yeah? * Shakes your hand but grips inappropriately hard *. Ciao.