Encounter with Lulu the warthog - Zambia, Kafue National Park

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Al B : He blessed the rain!

Michael Woodworth : I physically jumped! Holy. Crap.

Abraham Nixon : I've been in this Warthogs position many times before so believe me when I tell you that the worst thing you could do was point a camera in his face. This guy doesn't want to be on camera if he's hiding underneath your porch, *ya understand me Pea Brain?* He's there because he ran away from home and needs a place to rest his head while he figures some stuff out. For the sake of the man's dignity, I don't think we need to be documenting this which is likely one of the worst moments of his life. Give him a break, ya hear me, Pal? Let's be the Change we wanna see in this World, yeah? * Shakes your hand but grips inappropriately hard *. Ciao.

Sean : Can't people just leave Amy Schumer alone and stop sticking cameras in her face...

crimescene25 : why is that bacon moving?

airlockengage : Me: "Ah cool. Cool video." My Instincts: "BRO! GET BACK FROM THE SCREEN! THAT THINGS CHARGING! RUN! FIGHT OR FLIGHT, BRO! *FIGHT OR FLIGHT!* "

Jeffrey C Drywater : Damn it. Got to change pants.

Garnet Nard : That scared the **** out of me

funnyistheway : that's nice

Adlin Ling : Hakuna matata

Kobe Wild : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XEm-anELm10

Acting on Morals not Orders : good meat