It's Everybody's Business 1954 US Chamber of Commerce; John Sutherland Animation Macdonald Carey

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Tru metalhead on Maui ey : 5 day 40 hour workweeks, remember those?

Washboard Man : I want a little porcelain Congress building that sends out a dancing Uncle Sam to tip his hat to you every time you put a quarter in it.

EricIrl : Ahh - innocent times. No such thing as Credit Default Swaps or Subprime Mortgages.

Suraht : "In 1900, many men had to work 10 hours a day, six days a week to earn enough money to provide their families with the bare essentials." - Kind of funny that we're pretty much back there, 118 years later.

Zimph : This has been great. Thanks a ton for this upload! My kids have really been enjoying watching this cartoon. My son usually asks about the business cartoon and asks if we can watch it after school, and my daughter asks about the hat cartoon. Now my son keeps telling me he wants to tell his boss he quits and start his own business.

Blue Snail : What a nice animation, maybe the comments section will be equally pleasant. Oh no, no it isn't.

Min Nohara's Channel Of Fun : Dem Waifus...

Coda Scott : This is an excellent video. Thank you!

LiquoriceLover : All I could think about during the first half of the cartoon was the fact that in the 1950s American hat makers were still using organic mercury in the hat making business, so Johnson or whatever his name was would probably develop "hatters tremors" and die early of mercury poisoning.

BVargas78 : And then globalism came along and blew everything out of the ocean.

frankovito : Notice it skipped thru mergers acquisitions when dealing with competition. The reality is that the two refrigerator companies merge and develop a monopoly and charge higher prices for the same or lower quality, and lay off workers that duplicate efforts. The other reality is that the companies form a bloc to lobby (read as bribe) the lawmakers into "tax reform" and take more taxes from consumers to pay out bailouts the companies who are inefficient in production or new R&D. Then the companies find out the war effort makes a higher profit due to the shifted production priorities. This makes the "lobby" effort shift to more defense spending and a perpetual war. Not to mention lawmakers and government owning stock in these said corporations. Also some of these corporate execs and government are one in the same people going thru the revolving door. If only our little mad-hatter just cut a deal with the French hatter to merge and gouge the prices of the hats, then use that extra money to donate to the campaign of the French guy to run for mayor and tax the women buying the hats and give that tax money back to the business, after all they are "job creators", right?

Fred Pilcher : Fantastic ideas! Someone should try them some time.

David Hendrickson : sadly it dont work this way anymore. The politicians line their pockets with our money

Randy Zeitman : So lets get this right ,,, he's the best at what he does but has no idea profits are way down, despite that he's turning out hundreds of hats. So he quits. But apparently he earned so well, ever before he realized his worth, that he saved up enough to start a business .... because he's apparently not married and has no kids ... because he's not smart enough to find a job where he's not working 80 hours? ... who knows. He says "Phooey, I can run this business better myself" ... oh really? ... then why didn't he have ANY idea of the situation? ... why didn't he help save the business in exchange for a piece of it when it was going downhill? ... why didn't he bring in fresh ideas? So he pulls out his nest egg ... puts his entire retirement at risk ... to start a business without any experience whatsoever. All his money goes to the building ... so why not rent? ... why not build the business on the weekend? ... if business is bad where he is and he's not getting a raise and he's the best at what he does then start leaving at 5 pm. Luckily, he could find investors ... why didn't he before jumping ship? Luckily, a man just happened to show up with the raw materials needed. Luckily, he's never made a woman's hat in his life and gets the idea, by luck, from women walking in front of him. What an incredibly lucky guy. I guess they forgot to say he has the right to be lucky. So this seems to be saying the American Dream is literally that ... a dream, like winning the lottery.

xr xr : sadly the USA has transformed itself into an oligarchy.

Kabloona Kelly : And now, I wont have to watch a completely separate video about refrigerators on "How it's made". .....Saved myself 5 mins.... Yay me.

HypnoPants : This video is making me sad, knowing how the standard of living keeps getting worse.

Bill T : Wow. 1954 was awesome if you were a white male.

mxferro : Funny too...they show train with taxes...when feds still had heavy regulation on RRs...While subsidizing airports and highways!!

Trevor Keen : Silly Americans - you think you invented capitalism? People have been starting and running businesses since ancient times.

not mack : Some parts of this are legitimate, such as the point on services, NY is now driving taxpayers away because of excessive social programs

Regina Falangie : Thanks for sharing, it's always educational to see the tools of the think tanks.

mxferro : BS!!!.... during WW2 companies raked in serious money through govt contracts etc.... Why you think Eisenhower talked of military-industrial complex.. Stop starting wars and GIVE THE CITIZENS SINGLE PAY HEALTH CARE and supported education!...jesus is it that hard to understand??!!

SawBlood45 : too bad business is being funneled into monopolies. So many buyouts. And goods are being made by machine and streamlined to the consumer killing alot of jobs in the process. Not to mention most goods are manufactured and imported from foreign countries. Crazy how most of the world's wealth is had by 1% of the population. And as of late their wealth has increased exponentially and most of those profits are simply removed from the economy into their pockets.

david agonburg : Ahh, good ol' government propaganda. Its truly amazing how a 20 minute video manages to whitewash the entirety of American history, ignore certain inconvenient truths (not a single mention/portrayal pf slavery and blafrican americans for one thing), and provide a hilariously naive and idealistic vision of American capitalism that in reality is no more attainable than communist ideals. The assertion that we should only lobby the government for essential services is also adorable. Apparently, there's no need to ensure that people ACTUALLY have the rights the video claims all Americans posess. At this time, property ownership was impossible for millions, most people would be fired if they actually tried to negotiate with their employers, and freedom of religion was only really enjoyed if you were Christian ( in addition to the endless discrimination all non-Christians experienced, atheists were legally barred from being elected officials). Still, the video is so cute tho... In all seriousness, this remarkable piece of propaganda is an excellent reminder of the dangers of viewing one's situation through a veil of ignorance and wishful thinking. Also, it truly is emblematic of a time when, despite our supposed state of "freedom of opportunity" and "democratic ideals", America was as oppressive, bigoted, unequal, corrupted, and (if we are to judge by the constitution) thoroughly "un-American" as ever. P.S. To all the Trump supporters and disgruntled baby videos defending this piece of garbage, please just stop. We will never return to the America of your youth, and all of us should be grateful that we no longer have to live through the quiet atrocities of the 1950's.

PowerTuber 3.0 : Before multi (3rd world) culturalism, feminism, entitlement, victimization and political correctness.

mxferro : when American "good standard"(if called that ) was the peak of most productive and $$...then things went down hill...

SassyHershsey SassyHershey : venture capitalists are not "friends and neighbors" Slaves are not mentioned.

Jiggly McSugertits : a right to own property. What a joke ,more like a right to rent property. don't pay your taxes and see what happens.

tocororo : That cartoon should be mandatory in every school today

Samuel Baugh : But... But... MUH COMMUNISM! -Reddit, Probably

J Ashton : Freedom of worship? I think not..and notice how the slave trade was omitted.

Jermaine Gordon : I seriously cannot believe some of these commenters who are taking this as a SERIOUS educational cartoon for 2018! "The right to own property?" Yeah! For WHITE MEN! Get a grip, people!

Orang Kiyani : There are no words of the holocaust of 90 million of indigenes people of the land that they called it America, no words of slavery and the crimes of corporate colonial capitalist of 1%ers and their endless wars of aggression against other nations.

c boswell : vvvv just look at all the homicidal commies complaining about everything that is better than slavery & tyranny. they want everyone's lives to be as empty & pointless as "modern art".

E-ManAnimates : Has anyone ever considered creating parodies of these sort of videos? It would even give a chance for old animation styles to gain a new lease on life!

Sailor Barsoom : "...and all those who set foot on these shores had the opportunity to build a better life for themselves." Except, you know, slaves, and all the times we kept trying to get as close to slavery as we could without having to call it that, like the Chinese we got to build our railroads for us. But it's so much more fun if we leave out the ugly parts of history. When this was made, wages and productivity tracked closely. If Joe Worker was able to make his bosses twice as much money in a week, he got paid... well probably not twice as much but more than before. Since the 1970s wages have barely kept up with inflation, and have NOT kept up with productivity. Seems Permafreeze has figured out that sex sells. There's some truth to that bit about things being different in time of war, and how we are quick to seed rights when threatened. So if it seems strange that we seem to be in a perpetual state of war... well who gets more powerful when that happens? Sometimes we demand that government do more, but we don't want to pay the taxes for it. This leads to things like rising deficits and asset forfeiture.

CosmoShidan : What a way to glorify the theft of First Nations' property rights.

Penguin2207 : This is so gross...especially in the second half it basically says the people should not demand things from the government, because that will increase taxes. How about cutting the defense budget which was especially too big in the 50s post WWII? It then said due to increased taxes, that may start to crack the rights which civilization is built on. Is that some sort of poorly masked threat? Demand too much and lose rights? Also, nowhere did the video show or mention freedom of speech...which is arguably more fundamental to the US than the right to make a business. This was a good view at the mindset that the US had towards education 70 years ago, but should not be mistaken as a genuine learning aid to be used today...better find something more up to is dangerous to try and apply this basic info today.

soviet9922 : the right to kill all the natives slave them and take their land that a basic principle that they don't mentioned there

F.A. Kefacebook : "Right to own private property?" Considering that the tax boys show up every year to demand "property taxes" or you'll be evicted from your supposed "personal property," it's very apparent we've already become a nation of renters, renting from the local governments. I just wish property ownership was a "right," at least to some reasonable degree, maybe 30 or 40 acres before they can start taxing it.

Patrick I : This is such bs propoganda. There use to be no income tax. Some of those mentioned are not rights. And no you cannot do those things today. Pretty much all of those rights mentioned are violated on the daily. And no government is not allowed to take away peoples rights if there is war. Whats the point of fighting other countries to preserve our rights if we dont have them to begin with? We might as well not fight.

iamthesasi : Lol at butthurt communists in the comments.

Corinna Riebe : Today you need the nest egg for health care. Hahaha privacy...and endless growth

TheAkelei : That's all good and well but I find it absolutely peculiar that they just dropped the fact that the immigrants just destroyed the home of the original nation, the indians, and the indians with them. Typical.

Peter Emmert : These were the historical days of our lives - Even Les Baxter pre-exotica music was included!

ThornBrier : Thanks for these vids. Such a wonderful look into the propaganda that got us where we are today. So many lies even back then.

seattlebeard : This cartoon brought to you by the Koch Brothers.

Noman Jones : "TAXES", don't you mean "EXTORTION"

Razy : It's so cute how nice they used to think everything was. It's like a kids show about some utopian future and everyone is happy and everyone is smiling.