Nardwuar's questions give priceless reactions (part 2)

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bc87 : "definitely got his hair high"

Blackened : Snoop at the end lmao

Juanse Xybeaner : 0:49 tf was that noise

Zyzz : I swear this dude know who killed 2pac

Chuck Beef : Nardwuar has a gang of gangsta rappers who will go to war for him at a moments notice.

Canootle : I genuinely believe desiigner is trying his hardest to communicate with us, but I cant make out half the shit he's saying

treyvorak : he made the migos actually talk

Marc Rover : This is how interviews SHOULD be. Instead of uncomfortable, anxious, and bizarre moments, instead realize the artists ARE people. Fill them with love, nostalgia, memories, and watch them genuinely light-up.

Brad F. : I can't believe how many years Nardwuar's been doing this shit. If you didn't know him before, he was on TV in Canada doing exactly the same shtick for years, before the internet. This man is a legend.

Jack : This is the good part of YouTube

Brandon Cole : Snoop is a savage for that lmao.

Bread Lee : Does this guy interrogate the rappers families until they tell them everything about them?

Yeah Ok : "Gucci mane is this the first brick you sold?"

Jesus Quezada : No matter where he goes, my boy Nard has the most street cred because of these interviews

Puff Sassy : "I used to make jurry"

Kody Jackson : Flocka stopped the whole interview just to dap that man up

MexiMex13 : can we get another kendrick interview

wokeil : Almost shed a tear when machine gun kelly hugged nardwuar

Draco Kurama : " Edward scissor hands "~Quavo

deebo : 'hold on man, you got to drop the mic' lool

SuperDvck : "Yeah i used to make chains, i used to make jury."

Grimm Fandango : Mgk was so grateful for that record that was nice

Tom Flower : That ending was fantastic

XxV3NGEANC3xX : I still don't understand who gives Nardwuar this information about the people who interviews, this isn't normal stuff just anyone would know

CenTz : *you not the only one cursed with knowledge* Nardwuar just know too much

Zimele Vezi : Wow, this guy asks interesting questions that these celebrities get blown away, speechless at times. Just look how happy they are. Priceless...

A Dub : Close ur eyes at 3:21 😂

Dimitris Zer : 1:01 LOOOOOOOL, nardwuar sounds like he is dying

DirtyD 252 : Why'd he interview YesJulz like she's relevant 😂😂

TLL : "Edward sizzle hands" hahahahaha! LOLed

J. Anthony Ashley : I bet you he knows the Krabby Patty secret formula.

Ashley D : I'm convinced nardwuar is a time traveller

Ben Doverson : The first guy is such a dad

van chi : Nard makes people laugh and I love it.

Luke C : Wacka flockas face sums up everyone else’s thoughts

Christian Ramos : 1:48 "shout out history" lol

Teddy Grant : Nardwuar gets a hug!!!!! Finally!

King : This dude knows whether pac is alive or not

Floris Olthoff : That kendrick interview though 😂😂

Tuğba Akı : Naedwuar is the real fbi bruh

Blazed UPP : Omg snoop blowing smoke on him😂😂

RRoJ : "Ba-boom" "Aaahahaahaah" Uzi is crazy

Wayne Kimble : The first time I didn’t have to refer to translator for Desiigner

Jamie B : Nardwuar should have been an investigator.

Vuyo Mareko : if we look closely, squad😂

Owen Kapsis : 2:24 don’t you need a degree in college psych evaluations and law to make jury

merle dixon : Waka flockas reaction when he got the kool g rap puzzle is priceless!

YUNG PELVIN J : 4:27 hahha

Yanky : This guy is so good at his job

Kenya Smith : who the hell is the Sinead O'Connor chick?