How Akon Lit Africa With $1billion (But Nobody Cared)
How Akon Lit Africa With 1billion But Nobody Cared

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KG Productions : *Akon dies* Media: "DiD YoU KnOw AkOn MaDe eLeCtRiCiTy iN AfRiCa R.I.P"

rsiow2 : 3 offenses here 1) He's black 2) He's making western aid agencies look bad 3) The Chinese are doing something positive

Alassane Ndir : "the Elon Musk of hip-hop" I love that!

Cam M : You make it sound like Akon just fizzled out...he stopped making music because he ended up discovering some of the biggest artists in music...just his royalties from Lady Gaga alone gave him enough reason to stop music and instead focus on philanthropy.

weet-bix kid : It's not that I didn't care, I just didn't know

John MURRAY COMPTON : "For profit businesses are evil" Akon: Hold my beer.

Dagovernment : "why doesn't this get more attention?" Because, everything that does get attention, paid for that attention

TealMjM : This is a real man; helps his people instead of just complaining.

jiminy cricket : of course nobody is talking about it.. hes done more with 1 bill then what all the charities have done with 50 bill

Lucky Lex : Will Smith's son brings clean water to Flint, and Akon brings light to Africa. How are the government agencies so far behind jesus.

IBartOnAir : Trap Lore Ross is a pretty lit channel. It ain't Akon though.

Juana p : Akon made a very powerful statement:Have a heart for giving back and you will truly be blessed!! Bless him!!!

3kneeboi : This is what I would call non-exploitive capitalism, or sustainable capitalism.

Jeremy Lucina : No one cares because they say he is "irrelevant" and that's the sad reality.

Trickster : Nobody is talking about this. This shows how crooked the media is. Akon showed that there are ways to help, and spreading news like these can inspire other people to do the same. Awesome job Ross!

Rocky Pingale : Wow! Akon has climbed right up to the top next to Elon Musk in my respect/role model list.

kopolo mak : From Cambodia , Respect your sacrifice for humanity. Thank you.

Liibski90 A : It ain't Akon though😊. Will say that from now bruv👍🏾.

DymondHed : it's "give a man a fish," not "give a man a fishing rod"...

Kristina Simonova : "my bed or my mama" "it ain't Akon though...where's the electricity"? LMAO dead x_x

Cob33ter : Holy shit, did not expect any rapper to do anything like this. I misjudged akon horribly, mad respect

Carlose Jackson : Jamaican here lol dutty wine joke, you my friend are a legend I don't subscribe alot but you sir i take my hat off to you. Akon massive massive respect

Nicolas Carmont : "the man who wanted to smack dat ass all over the floor is now providing electricity to 80M Africans" what a legend 😂

NadeMEGeneration : 7:12 I remember when Mark Rober was interviewing Bill Gates on issues about foreign aid he gave a similar answer. This reinforced idea explains that it is true.

Jørgen B : Tbh, I already knew this as i’m a HUGE Akon fan, but watched this as I love the cause ❤️

Keith Muneti : Wow this is the greatest video i've seen by you. Amazing. I love it! Inspirational! Amaaaaazing! 🔥🔥🔥✊🏽 wow.

FROSTY2K : Its ok that no one knows/ cares now. He's not doing this for himself. History will remember that fact so thats all that matters. What a legend!

eddie prince : Finally somebody covered this subject, much respect

Kawaii_Kassy : I'm not going to lie, I thought everybody knew about this already? I remember when he first started doing it.

quiz1981 : The Elon Musk of Afrika! Loved this Video. Respekt and Love to @Akon

Thewifisdown : "economic benefit for all can usually be accomplished when individuals act in their own self-interest" - Adam Smith

Ginger Chang : Thank you for this video, I had no idea! This is the problem with our media! Thank you Akon, you are an inspiration to the world!

D.F : His continent is no longer dark . God bless you AKON . ⚡️

J_h88 : "DJ impersonator" YASS! :')

Alvin Kong : Those semi-reverse psychology plugs at the end. BUT IT AINT AKON THO

Boob Dylan : Don't forget Ja rule tryin to be the fyre festival mogul

MariahYanez EL : Yea, I've been hearing whispers about the work that Akon is doing in Africa for some years now. I guess his lack of acknowledgement has its advantages and disadvantages. Much love to Akon!

MoistCake : 👏🏽 good work he’s done!!!!!

nita bineta : Akon is doing amazing things. Keep an eye on him. He has great things coming up.

Sangam Rai : "as Donald trump would say, gaina" Lmfao

Niom : So, this is probably old news but wtf is Akon's full name? : "Aliaune Damala Bouga Time Bongo Puru Nacka Lu Lu Lu Badara Akon Thiam" Great video btw

Dominic : Fun fact: Charities can keep 80% of all that they collect as expenses. What are the expenses? Well the CEO needs to get paid 250k a week of course.

Not Santa : I now have to work an extra 4 hours because it's "safer". Means I get paid more, but also get more tired.

bolo yeung : Hip hop hates the good guys.

Sample Text : thanks for producing this vod

kbh ___ : I appreciate this video and all the work behind it. But you ain’t Akon tho

Shayan Perez : I actually really miss Akon, I wish he would make a song one last time. I practically grew up listening to him😩

Dao Yang : Akon: i wanna thank my mom and my brother for supporting me. Random African: we dont have electricity here. Akon: i got you bro

Alex Dankmeme : Akon : this shit is lit Me : you know what aint lit? africa Akon : i got u