Exploring Akihabara, Tokyo's Electronics Markets - w/Only in Japan!

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ONLY in JAPAN : ... Welcome to deep Akihabara! hahaha~ I'm so glad YouTube brought us creators together this fall to make this and looking forward to diving deeper into the tech scene here with you. Congratulations on 1M subscribers! -john

Ozan : Here is a cool idea! Let's swap lightning port of an iPhone 8 with a USB C port! Is it doable? Can't be harder than adding a nonexisted headphone jack port. 🤗

GuelphRacing : Hey random person scrolling down the comments.. Have a pleasant evening :)

baileyboy125 : 7:40 They look like they recognised you guys

Figureight : I actually stumbled into these small alleyways not actively looking for them when I was in Akihabara a few months back. Definitely a treasure trove of strange parts!

alphaod : In Japan you meet and see sellers who are passionate about what they are selling. They often know their stuff and you know the stuff you're getting is the real deal. I used to live in China and really 99% of the time, I have to do my own research on a lot of stuff because often the sellers will only have a basic knowledge of the goods they have and you may not even get a real part. It might be a knock off or worse a a defective part that was suppose to have been destroyed.

dtiydr : 7:40 That guy and girl in the background seemed to wondered who the hell that was.

Daniel Lopez : Ooh i need to visit Akihabara just for the synth chips, in the chance of getting a YM3812 cheap.

Aldo Flores : Scotty and John in one single video? It seems like Christmas arrived earlier this year

Chr1z2 : You should rebuild the polaroid camera as an instant Instagram camera. No retouching, no hashtags, but straight to a predefined account :)

springbay1 : The two most positive Youtubers on the Internets just hanging out chillin looking at techy stuff. Scotty, you should meet up with John frequently!

Martin : The mint in box Famicoms in the background at 16:08... My heart literally stopped.

Chris A : Another Great Video! Try to edit the Polaroid camera to shoot in burst mode, that spits out the pictures at a fast rate.

PJNinja : Damn... I honestly expected more from Japan and Akihabara than this. It really looks like Japan has been superseded by China in consumer tech. It seems like they're revelling in the nostalgia of Japanese past from the 80s. That isn't so bad but it's not great when they don't really seem to have the sort of modern DIY culture that China has. I'm comparing this video to the numerous other Strange Parts videos from China where Scotty was able to get some really amazing work done - like flexible PCBs, laser etched cases, high end work on the screens etc.

King Flippy Nips : 07:40 Hey, it's the iPhone guy!

Jiro : Hey Scotty! If you were to go in Shenzhen, China, could you please go to the market there that sells refurbished/second hand phones for crazy cheap prices? It's located in Huaqiangbei street. Hope you see this!

Chris Meek : I would be in heaven there

J Anything : 7:39 - I think you were recognised.

desaturated : I have been to Akihabara in 2009 and 2018. The time has changed and I feel Akihabara, while it's still great, it somehow lost the charm they had 10 years ago. And as a tech enthusiast, I also feel there is nothing "wow" in their innovation anymore. The slow down in their economy is real. While the Korean and Chinese have already caught up in terms of innovation.

Lars Mathiesen : Turn the Polaroid camera into a camera. IE a digital camera with a printer. Please please ;)

Fally fashion shopping Italiano Vandis : Me love japan so cool

IAmRelapse : Anyone hear the OP song from Hataraku Saibou in 6:00 ?

RodebertX : wow john daub and strange parts guy <3 <3 <3 super combo

Somoko Chou : A Nice video title to lure otakues...

mugsl schlaengli : I'm on holidayfor a week in Tokyo right now, and the other day John Daub bolted past me with his streaming rigg, muttering about how crowded the street was. I just looked up from my corn dog, raised an eye brow and continued eating. I would have loved to greet him, but he was clearly in a hurry. Also there was now way that I would have cought up with him xD

Mario Ramos : John seems like he smoked a pound before filming lol flick flick you know the lighters ..... Long pause whilst Scotty progresses convo....ZIPPOS!!!!

epSos.de : *Many products :-)* Not enough space to fit them all into a flat.

Sithis The Void : How did you get Alvin and the Chipmunks to sing for the music intro?

XeLucidz Gaming : Should make that camera digital so you could link it to a Bluetooth printer so when you snap a pic ypu could send it to the printer. Keeping the aspect of having it print the picture but through a Bluetooth printer. Would be a really cool project. Would love to see it happen. Just a thought. Another idea is to modify it to have a newer iPhone modded into the camera so you have the touch screen on the back and use the flash and camera thats on the phone and many of the other components from the phone. Basically turning the camera into a digital touch screen camera with a good quality camera with the newer iPhones. Loving the videos and I would love to come check out japan and china! Congrats on the 1mil!

Sam Campbell : 5:57 Does anyone else hear the Cells at Work! theme playing?

Lázaro Blanc : 6:46 so that's why Kotaku is named Kotaku?

Pavlos Pavlou : Build a New Smart Phone with Crazy Specs: 40MP Rear and Front Camera. 16GB of RAM. 16 CPU Cores. 10.000 mAh Battery. and other Crazy Stuffs.

shadow_hunter104 : 999K subs. Let's get that to 1M !!! 👍🔥

FRANTIC ™ : At 7:40 I think they recognised you guys! You haven't noticed them.

Francisco Carmo : Wow! That's an amateur radio operator paradise! 👍👍

fralyx : Ahhh. okay, I thought the word otaku are specialized in anime geeks only

Pixelchu : Oooh nice collab! Two of my favorite travel YouTubers in one video! This’ll be very interesting.

Volta : Can you make a time machine out of a microwave?

Padam Eindjee 040 : How fast I click the like button is comparible to the speed of light.

FRANTIC ™ : Strange Parts Only in Japan. Glad to see you both in a video!

Francis Tan : Well done to do it with only in Japan!!!


Gary Walton : So funny seeing Kizuna AI from A.I.Channel on the gachapon machines at 4:34 :)

Cr1mSoN Plays : 5:18 lol There's Kizuna Ai on one of them...

Kirito in Japan : I was waiting for this when I saw video feed from John from Only in Japan.....

KyuketsuNinja : you could make a beamer within the polaroid cam :D also with a rasberry pi... its an portable movie player

Tommy Lee : Tokyo is hot, right?

usethefooorce : If you take apart that camera, beware that camera flash units can deliver a HUGE electric shock if you touch the wrong contacts. (Speaking from multiple experiences...)

zealot zra : you kinda sound like that vsauce guy

John Khiangte : Congrats on your 1 M subscribers..this video is totally interesting..keep posting..