Exploring Akihabara, Tokyo's Electronics Markets - w/Only in Japan!

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ONLY in JAPAN : ... Welcome to deep Akihabara! hahaha~ I'm so glad YouTube brought us creators together this fall to make this and looking forward to diving deeper into the tech scene here with you. Congratulations on 1M subscribers! -john

Ozan : Here is a cool idea! Let's swap lightning port of an iPhone 8 with a USB C port! Is it doable? Can't be harder than adding a nonexisted headphone jack port. 🤗

GuelphRacing : Hey random person scrolling down the comments.. Have a pleasant evening :)

3L Desgins : *2 Things I Like* 1. *Tech* 2. *Anime* So, *Akihabara* is heaven for me

Chr1z2 : You should rebuild the polaroid camera as an instant Instagram camera. No retouching, no hashtags, but straight to a predefined account :)

epSos.de : *Many products :-)* Not enough space to fit them all into a flat.

alphaod : In Japan you meet and see sellers who are passionate about what they are selling. They often know their stuff and you know the stuff you're getting is the real deal. I used to live in China and really 99% of the time, I have to do my own research on a lot of stuff because often the sellers will only have a basic knowledge of the goods they have and you may not even get a real part. It might be a knock off or worse a a defective part that was suppose to have been destroyed.

Daniel Lopez : Ooh i need to visit Akihabara just for the synth chips, in the chance of getting a YM3812 cheap.

Chris A : Another Great Video! Try to edit the Polaroid camera to shoot in burst mode, that spits out the pictures at a fast rate.

Figureight : I actually stumbled into these small alleyways not actively looking for them when I was in Akihabara a few months back. Definitely a treasure trove of strange parts!

Aldo Flores : Scotty and John in one single video? It seems like Christmas arrived earlier this year

The Hopping Fox : I like your style of vlogging. Staying natural and interseting. Great collab with John Daub from Only in Japan. Keep up your style 🤟

Martin : The mint in box Famicoms in the background at 16:08... My heart literally stopped.

Naruto Uzumaki : *Lord 7th is here*

King Flippy Nips : 07:40 Hey, it's the iPhone guy!

springbay1 : The two most positive Youtubers on the Internets just hanging out chillin looking at techy stuff. Scotty, you should meet up with John frequently!

Sithis The Void : How did you get Alvin and the Chipmunks to sing for the music intro?

RodebertX : wow john daub and strange parts guy <3 <3 <3 super combo

Somoko Chou : A Nice video title to lure otakues...

Lars Mathiesen : Turn the Polaroid camera into a camera. IE a digital camera with a printer. Please please ;)

Francisco Carmo : Wow! That's an amateur radio operator paradise! 👍👍

MrRiggyRiggs : Love these videos, very cool. Thanks!

Mario Ramos : John seems like he smoked a pound before filming lol flick flick you know the lighters ..... Long pause whilst Scotty progresses convo....ZIPPOS!!!!

Padam Eindjee 040 : How fast I click the like button is comparible to the speed of light.

Reg3e : 5:19 Ai-CHAAAAN


Banana Ryan : CHINA VS JAPAN

My2ndAngelic : 4:31 Hi domo

Volta : Can you make a time machine out of a microwave?

John Khiangte : Congrats on your 1 M subscribers..this video is totally interesting..keep posting..

John Michael Dulay : I was watching John for a years.. and I'm glad to see you scot last time at his channel. I've been waiting for this video of you.. This is so great.

Dustin Harman : Never seen John but seems like great guy, definitely will check out the channel. Breath of fresh air compared to Linus.. xD

KyuketsuNinja : you could make a beamer within the polaroid cam :D also with a rasberry pi... its an portable movie player

fralyx : Ahhh. okay, I thought the word otaku are specialized in anime geeks only

Soviet Spy : Scranton the electric city they call it that cause of the electricity

Vishal Roy : 🎊🎊🎉🎉 Congratulations for 1 Milllllllion 🎉🎉🎊🎊

S4GE : Hi Scott I'm depressed

shadow_hunter104 : 999K subs. Let's get that to 1M !!! 👍🔥

Pixelchu : Oooh nice collab! Two of my favorite travel YouTubers in one video! This’ll be very interesting.

Isbees B : Congrats on one million

Simon P : Good move Scotty. Love this informative video. Also thanks to John for showing you around.

Kirito in Japan : I was waiting for this when I saw video feed from John from Only in Japan.....

usethefooorce : If you take apart that camera, beware that camera flash units can deliver a HUGE electric shock if you touch the wrong contacts. (Speaking from multiple experiences...)

Yael Manlangit : I did not see this collab coming, but this is easily my favorite collab of 2018 ♥


Sam Campbell : 5:57 Does anyone else hear the Cells at Work! theme playing?

_ネップネップ : 1M subs congrats scoot

Gary Walton : So funny seeing Kizuna AI from A.I.Channel on the gachapon machines at 4:34 :)

IAmRelapse : Anyone hear the OP song from Hataraku Saibou in 6:00 ?

sainath singineedi : 11.50 tear it down