5 Amazing Benefits Of Walking Everyday

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Tim Walters : IN 2011 I suffered conjestive heart failure which almost killed me . I under went open heart surgery and the Dr. installed an LVAD . An LVAD is short for left ventricular assist device it helps the left side of my heart pump blood through my body because the left side of my heart is too weak to pump blood through my body . I had to learn to walk all over again because my legs atrophied . When I got out of the hospital I weighed 139 lbs . when I was admitted I weighed 210 . I lost 71 lbs. in two months . as of now I weigh 211 , I walk 2 hrs a day and work out with weights 2 to 3 hrs a day . I keep myself on a strict diet and I've never felt better even though I take blood thinners every night . My hospital visits have been dropped from 4 times a year to only 2 times a year . I'ts funny I've never felt more fit in my life yet I have a bad heart .Walking has done this for me , now when I go to a store people say , Hey aren't you the guy that's always walking ? I say yeah but when I get ready to get to the subject of how great walking is people seem to want to avoid it . That's o'k. , I know the benefits it's rewards are endless !

Eepy-Cheepy Cheepaford : Can't you use your own humon voice, eep eep.

Solo Demonz : Lol I love going on a walk listening to music everyday I'm 17

Bhivisha gavand : I would suggest not to use digital voice.. The video is really nice to watch. but that tone of voice without any modulation makes it bit boring to listen.

Kristian Bohr : ZZzzzzzz! Don't be lazy, use your voice and talk!

U tube Critic : Yes ... I do walk every morning from my bed to fridge.

Deb wright : Tim Walters, your story is encouraging. Best of luck to you. Think I will dust off the threadmill. Thanks to you.

Flora Guevara : Loved the video thank you

Jacob Edwards : Amazing!I learned so much.

Yazan al-zen : how can we got rid of varicose testicle? please. .

Per Krog Hemmingsen : Why not use your own voice ?

Jishan Siddiqui : good information. ..

Ben TP : had to stop watching because of the stupid robot voice

Ravyn : I cannot handle this fake voice

Sarava Sj : oh super and useful

Artha’s Journey : I walk 9 km per day in my work but m tired too much...! 😔

Bhartendu joshi : https://getwellforever.com/30-minutes-walking-benefits/

Rajesh kumar panda : Nice

Jeff Thornton : Robot voice...close...delete...bye

Mirabella Mcgarry : Walking is the bloody best

SaM SaM : The girls face is creepy, might as use beavis for the character

PhatCrayonz : i quit after that dumb robot voice

jelly puma : *USE YOUR VOICE*

David Platt : I walk 3 hours every when I work. That is good enough?

Dr Eram : Nycc

Adrian Dmello : Nice video



Christofer Serrano : Generic random comment: “Whine, whine, robotic voice bla bla bla “