New Girl Winston Prank Sinatra

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zobothehobo : Look the blueberry prank is hysterical. It is not too small, it's amazing.

alung2k3 : Been looking for this for ages! Thanks for the upload.

Elli loves pizza : he is soooo underrated

urbi@orbi : WINNIE THE BISH!!!!

AROD2287 : where's the ticklefoot clip???????

josue hernandez : Prank Sinatra is the best

Life in the 413 : Love Schmidt's reaction.

Chaitanya Saini : which season which episode is it?

AndreasKvitne : lol

Zoey Tee : In 8th grade my friend showed me this video because she found it funny at first I didn’t get it, then I got and we died laughing for a good 8 days.

TheBombayMasterTony : Funny.