The United States (USA) vs The World - Who Would Win? Military / Army Comparison

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The Infographics Show : As promised for a long time!

Abinash Dehury : What have you smoked before making this video

steez general : I swear Americans think they're invincible

The Fallen : How can 2 million soldiers attack 7 billion people Infographics show: I dunno because America

DADDY .D : Whyy is he acting like the US would defeat the entire world???💀💀😂

Echo Legend : The U.S.- we have the newest war machine and will destroy everyone. The world- call to Vietnam that we need some rice farmers. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

Dirty Bong Water : Why did I scroll down, suddenly everyone is an expert on war and military tactics after playing CoD

CAUSE : Im pretty sure this channel is american

Skyler Rash : Ya, ya, America's cool, but has it ever invaded Russia in the winter?

Ryan B : The USA would be dead in less then a month

Lachlan Lu : are you only saying that the us would win because you are an american?

ETgoHome : The level of ego behind that just shows that you are American, even if I haven't heard your voice! You have a massive ego!

Themba Sithole : Had to immediately unsubscribe after watching this😂😂😂😂

Vaptor : You lost against rice people how you gonna fight powerful army’s

Lachlan Lu : long story short, america would be obliterated

Thor The God of Thunder : If anybody thinks US would win, that person ia far beyond delusional. Let alone Russia and China are enough for US but you put in Germany, Britain, France and every other country the world has to offer. America would be dead in a month.

Mortebianca : >The US: lost against freaking North Vietnam ,with tons of allies with them >Somehow wins against the entire freaking Planet In a matter of weeks the other powers would develop a unified HQ, coordinate their resources (by Land) and Russia could provide Oil and Gas. They would build a Navy, the US is not capable to stop them (they could not stop Navy production in Japan alone, and they had ALLIES). In a matter of months, a giant Navy would invade by both sides.

Victor Ivanov : what was you smoking my dude

Lachlan Lu : what about mexico and canada, doing nothing?

Enforcer Gaming : The level on Ignorance in This Video Blow My Mind.... Dude What are you Smoking😂😂

r r : So all you previous videos for military are making no sens Usa vs china Usa vs russia Usa vs india Beacuse usa can win all the world along

Versaucey : Well in Russia, we use logs as punching bags.

Thomanioso Turci : shut up, we have vietnam on our side

daily dose of week : u didmt mention. 21 trillion dollar debt of us. if they go against world,they would have 0 money to process. war is not even needed. if rest country just stop commutimg us. they will be fineshed with own civil war or something within years

Pratik Damodaran : Russia is enough

jimmy wayne : This is really an American propaganda video. Its all assuming that USA will get away with meeting one nation at a time on the battlefield, and that i can promise would not be the case. Also, somehow in this fantasy senario, America seems to have unlimited manpower to both do land invasion, hold land and replace all their losses.. Fact is however that even a country like Brazil has a population the size of usa. and when it comes to manpower, its not about standing army nor reserves, its about what % of the population are fit for combat in the age range of (often) 16-60 years of age. USA would not win this fantasy senario if it came to real life rules of how wars actually takes place. Its been proven during the past 30 years that… well.. Americas wars dosnt really end.. its like they just keep going.. and if its THAT hard for usa to crush Afghanistan and iraq (syria and whatnot) with allies help, i fail to see how they would fare any better facing the entire world alone.. 300 some million in pop. vs. 6.2 billion in the rest of the world. It really does take an american IQ to get that to be a win for USA. American ignorance wins again :/

Chef Rafi's Awesome World : The cockroaches will win.

alex danko : USA 0% chance

EyFmS : This guy talks like if you couldn't sink a ship or a air carrier.

Natalia Becker : America cant fight them all at once

SHADOWCLAW 4345 : Yh i love my country too but trust me America cant beat the rest of the world

George Asamoah-Awuah : *Says no nuclear weapons at beginning of video* *Proceeds to mention nuclear capabilities* The US would probably be its own worst enemy in a global war. The whole "we've got the biggest military" angle you keep touting would allow for some pretty careless moves

PrOfAnI tY : Vietnam:Hold my beer

soundcloud rapper : Lol. One Swedish submarine literally sunk a whole american fleet.

MJKO Letsplays : This is not a good representation, we all know about vietnamese rice farmers and also kim jon un and trump are very trigger happy

FreeToPlay Dodge : Well if war even does break out we know what video to show to our generals. HoLy CraP ThE AmOuNt Of LiKeS.

Ojoe Max : U forgot to mention ruski soldiers riding through the oceans on super bears and punching submarines out of commission

Pyjamas 987 : You've completely failed to mention the internet security prowess of the Middle East. They would shut down all of America's water and electricity supply within minutes of war breaking out, leaving the US to truck water out to troops, and with severely limited communication abilities. With all countries attacking the US at once, with no water or power they wouldn't stand a chance.

Natalia Becker : This guy must american radical nationalist i mean ...but when he smoke weed it become radical

Fagu Jiang : boi let's see how american ship get pass the dragon's triangle

Lion lion : LOL! you're making the assumption that US will win it's every battle in this video and that's not the case!! Firstly Most of US bases are not in Iraq! officially Iraq has 0 US bases and all the current bases are temporary and will eventually be gone especially after Iraqi parliament voted not to have any foreign bases. Most of US bases are in GULF countries such as Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Oman, Jordan etc.. Also you're ignoring how effective the ground battles will be. As we saw in Vietnam, Iraq and Afghanistan how difficult it is to win a street war type of battles. If a war was to break out most of the current bases in Iraq, Syria and turkey will be attached by Iranian/Russian backed militias. US bases can easily be targeted by short range missiles only!! You're also ignoring the fact most countries have effective defence systems including Syria who purchased the new S300. Israel will also be a target to gorilla/freedom fighters by hizbullah and other Iran backed militias across the Golan heights and Lebanon's border. Russia will be way more effective since they already have high tech systems such as S500 and S600 deployed in the middle east and Ukrainian border. Russia has way fewer bases across the world but in very effective places. Countries such as Iraq, Syria, Turkey, Lebanon Egypt ect will side with the Russians more and they will not have a problem supplying russia with Oil. Any major war for america will finish before it even starts. The dollar is just worthless paper printed as a loan to pay debt while creating more debt, so to star a war USA will need to print more and more money which makes inflation shoot up and eventually the dollar will collapse and america will slowly die as a modern empire.

The Gunman : This is an awesome movie idea. It'd make for a sick Hollywood blockbuster.

Dave initiv : I like to play mindgames like this but honestly youre vastly underestimating the force of ground based aa missiles and combined forces of the rest of the world. Even those that syria fields are easily a threat aggainst even the most modern fighter jets. The f35 is basically a flying brick and the f22 is only capable of thrust vectoring pitch nothing else. India russia and china may field many older gen fighters but combined with the ground based aa it would be next to impossible to engage them without huge losses let alone beeing spotted. With that many radar dishes pointed at you theres no way you could get through the air defenses without beeing noticed. Yes noticing doesnt mean you can lock on but once a plane is spotted aggainst such a superior number of planes and missiles aimed at them its game over. Not every country reacts like iraq. The survival rate of modern fighters decreases really fast with the missiles fired. There are graphs that show that after 4-6 missiles its basically over for any jet. Also su 35 and mig 29 are nothing to be joked about as well as many other jets like the eurofighter saab gripen and others wich are way more agile or have a better energy retention than most jets that the usa can field. The us airforce would get decimated very quickly. They might be able to start a engagement at the beginning but once the air defense is formed it will be over. On ground the us dont stand a chance aggainst china and russia united. their only real helping hand is their superior airforce. Outnumbered like that this single joker would be gone soon. the rest of the world also has a much larger production capability than the us on their ow let alone resources wich the us imports from all over the world. They would starve themselves out very quickly like germany in ww2 with no hope of recovery. Naval warfare is sth else that you didnt really get. Today cruise missiles will do the job most of the time. Yes there are ciws turrets and missiles to shoot some of them down but aggain with the combined power of all nations there would be too much missiles to be shot down and scince the airforce would get obliterated very quick they couldnt defend them via air. Once a few ships are sunk the number of aa fire will decrease making it even more likely to get hit themselves. Once the naval superiority would be gone as well its a game over. As said on the ground the us wont stand a chance even if they only fought russia and china alone. They would most likely be on a retreat very soon surrendering in less than a year or two. Youve got a big bias for the us military and i respect it scince they are well trained men and women but this is too much of a bite to swallow even for them.

DeusEx Machina : Disclaimer: I'm not American. But the video simply states the obvious that many of you can't accept. The US didn't even need to invade any one of the other countries, save the Middle East. It simply blockaded and starved the world into submission. And that is a fact in this modern day and age. You don't actually need attrition anymore. Economic ruin is far more effective. This isn't a war to root out goat herders hiding in caves. It's a war against major world powers and economies. ISIS and the Taliban are irrelevant here.

Master DJ : We don’t need technology to win against the US in Asia. My dude we can destroy the US in combat

Layton : The Americans are so strong that they can fight an invasion extraterrestrial with bare hands

James Gentry : We havn't won the war Afghanistan yet, and its been 17 years.

RPGeek : Anybody that thinks America doing well is crazy and impossible doesnt know how gargantuan Americas military strength is.

curious gnome : No point in trying to create this unrealistic scenario. If there is another World War, it would be a nuclear war. The world would burn. Sadly, I believe that would be the case.

Jack Croft : lets talk about the rules *no nuclear weapons* isnt this usa vs the world i really doubt they are going to say oh can we not use nuclear weapons please