The United States (USA) vs The World - Who Would Win? Military / Army Comparison

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The Infographics Show : As promised for a long time!

Michael Jay - Value Investing : The only winning move is not to play at all.

Dirty Bong Water : Why did I scroll down, suddenly everyone is an expert on war and military tactics after playing CoD

Essex Class : The real question is "How rich would Switzerland be after the war?"

TheHorseFormerlyWithoutAName : Dude it's like you're playing Risk, but only the US gets a turn.

can i get 50 subscriber : *Well north sentinel island's gonna win with their bows and arrows!*

Versaucey : Well in Russia, we use logs as punching bags.

Carbon Wolf : Russia will just have bear army fueled by 100% russian vodka

kobe mallonmarsh : Donald Trump: *Taking Notes*

Thomas James : Before the U.S starts a war I have a tip it should follow 1)press start on your controller and save 2)do what you want to 3) if you fail go back to the saved file and act like nothing happened

asgallant : You've completely ignored cyber warfare. Within hours of the beginning of conflict with China, their cyber warfare teams would be wreaking havoc on US infrastructure, crippling power grids, water distribution systems, public safety systems, military command and control systems, telecoms, etc.

Mortebianca : >The US: lost against freaking North Vietnam ,with tons of allies with them >Somehow wins against the entire freaking Planet In a matter of weeks the other powers would develop a unified HQ, coordinate their resources (by Land) and Russia could provide Oil and Gas. They would build a Navy, the US is not capable to stop them (they could not stop Navy production in Japan alone, and they had ALLIES). In a matter of months, a giant Navy would invade by both sides.

Onyl Myrai : I bet there is a Korean version of this

andrew sutherland : This is stupid, a war against China or Russia alone would be questionable but no matter how strong the US is, we aren't more powerful than the rest of the world combined. Keep in mind we lost a war against a tiny peninsula in Asia, which is still really poor

Andrew Kim : This is all assuming the US forces are going into these scenarios one at a time. Realistically, ground troops would be starved of supplies, the world's forces would all coalesce on the Middle East and prevent the blockade, and the US would be forced to fight a losing battle in the Asian Pacific region after the Middle East attempt had failed. I'm saying this as a US citizen, we would not win against THE ENTIRE FREAKING WORLD. It would be economic and military suicide.

Fidel Oluk : Jesus Christ all americans have their heads far up their own asses....the US cant win against the world hahahahahahahahaha omg is this even a thing lmao bruh

Wolf Edmunds : Hitler thought he could win against all of Europe too. Oops.

Brock Landers : A European army would be incredibly easy to beat. All you'd have to do is blast techno music from airborne loudspeakers and they'd all drop their weapons and start dancing.

ABU AZOOZ : I want what he’s smoking.

Mastered Ultra WrongThink : The salt in the comment section gives me life. I see one counter-argument (admittedly a very good one) and the rest of the 'rebuttal' comments are either ill-informed or just anti-American vitriol. I'm not even saying that the video is correct in its assessment but damn, you people are much funnier to mock. More please.

Abinash Dehury : What have you smoked before making this video

Steven von Hofsten : I would think that taking the East would be quite difficult. You ignored the UAE, they have quite the military capability. *Also you just viewed the American best case scenario. All nations could simply drop the dollar and that would cripple the US instantly.* Lastly the US population is quite divided right now thanks to globalisation and your local politics. You'd have to force your people to go to war: I'm sure most of the open minded population would take the first or last plane out to the EU or any other country, before the real fighting begins.

Joseph Crouse : Thanks for teaching me how to rule the world

Ice : I appreciate your enthusiasm about America's capabilities but you're not taking into account the sheer numbers. You could have 100 guys with machine guns and endless rounds but if you have 10,000 guys coming at em with only knives, the knives will win. Period. There is nowhere near enough of a technological or financial advantage to pull off a win against the world. No nation could do that, not even us. You said no nukes... np. A small weak nation could shut down a much larger much more powerful one with chemical or biological warfare. You should go back to the drawing board on this one.

Clashof Clan : Do u know y america is winning?? Cuz all his battle plan is all about American.... He never talks about the rest of the world armies except maybe a few times... US ain't the only the one with air force or troops... offence lans.... 😂😂😘😘👍👍

Chef Rafi's Awesome World : The cockroaches will win.

The Nature Channel : US: *Loses* *against* *Rice* *Farmers* *with* *almost* *no* *military* *tactics* Also US: *Wins* *against* *Earth*

Inquisitor Of Kek : The fact that they are even asking this question means that it's pointless to consider.

mohamed akkari : Simply put, the us will be politically, industrially, financially... Cut off the world while the rest of the world still has their Ties , without even considering the military aspect the us is already defeated as its economy will be devastated and choas will spread all over the country Anyway,I don't know why you're thinking about this its stupid

Evan Hao : Too naive😂

ETgoHome : The level of ego behind that just shows that you are American, even if I haven't heard your voice! You have a massive ego!

Eric Bergmann : All non-american's are so triggered lmao

Charles Gawain : A stupid and disrespectful theory that will never pan out in this manner. First of all, you are not a military warrior, so you hatched up this illusion that you created. I am a former US Marine for 9 years--and I know War! The US and Russia will not fight, nor China or anybody else. Not out of fear at all, but out of wisdom and conscience that no one wins in The End. All we'll do is decrease human populations----and really--that's what's happening--for Mother Nature inside all of us said, "Balance this small planet by erasing one another." And we will--eventually---but in the end, after we get tired of war--then we'll look around at the ashes and finally figure it out how stupid we are.

TOS Kierondo : This should be titled - US vs The World (From the logic of a Trump supporter) Side note - This is surely strong contender for the most delusional video on YouTube lmao.

Piotr Kukulka : This was the dumbest video I've ever watched

The Gunman : This is an awesome movie idea. It'd make for a sick Hollywood blockbuster.

Pubg Elite : do the world vs thanos

shade231 : lol the united states the worlds sole superpower? Ok that dumbass statement aside. Along with the fact that you could even call south America a legitimate threat. lol as well as any number of countries actually working together. The most stark contrast comes at china and japan. But fine sure. So it will be a naval battle. Planes would be just decimated from ground machines as well as floating versions on carriers. Now while the worlds naval fleets are duking it out throughout like half the pacific ocean as well as planes fuckn everywhere their would be a land battle in the north. The south would be quickly taken both from infighting as well as tanks and troops just slaughtering the coastal states. (I say coastal because their would be no need to even bother with the inner area. Its jungle and drug cartels. Easily pushed aside with money or just threads of decimating literally everything. So the south is done and secure in like a month. North side even though the Canadians would easily broker a deal and we'd both be rich as shit would probably just be a stalemate at the NE line border as well as a side front inside of Canada as the US pushed through the wilderness East. You can take Nukes out of the equation because they would be blasted ridiculously easily over the ocean. So basically The land is secure and out of mind. The real battle is Naval. HOWEVER! The real body count for the rest of the world will not be from us the USA. It won't even be from the opportunity strikes of other countries being greedy and trying to wipe out their neighbors with their military might lessened doing battle in the Atlantic and pacific. No; it will be from famine and disease as it spreads like wildfire. First off their would be no where near enough food to support that many people. It just doesn't exist, unless the world planned well in advance and started preparing fertile crops wherever they could in land that hasn't been outright ruined throughout modernization or poor choices in the easts history. The economy over their is so fucked most of the EU is a welfare state. And it would plummet so damn fast with this kind of undertaking. People by the 10's of thousands would be starving to death. Riots would break out, disease would spread and murder hundreds of thousands especially if something like one of those nasty virus's like ebola remained unchecked in the chaos. You can not even imagine the horrific scenarios of murphys law in the Eastern hemisphere as the war progressed for only a few years time. The death toll would be just sickening to the point of of tainted water sources. We're talking old England bring out your dead scenarios. And this is why the world does not do this. This is why the many super powers of the world don't bother with war. Because its idiotic, costly, and usually leads to extreme poverty.

Choppytehbear1337 : Off to HOI4 I go.

Ateeb Tahir : 2:42. Is the world stupid enough to let their power house unprotected plus they may attack the asian bases of US in iraq Afghanistan etc.

George Asamoah-Awuah : *Says no nuclear weapons at beginning of video* *Proceeds to mention nuclear capabilities* The US would probably be its own worst enemy in a global war. The whole "we've got the biggest military" angle you keep touting would allow for some pretty careless moves

Quintin Ronning : People in this comment section act as though America would have to take everyone over by force. Idk about anyone else, but if there were countries willing to join Hitler's Germany and join in his goal of world domination. I don't see why none would join the U.S. Btw the world isn't just going to unite under a single banner. If such a scenario of this world against the U.S. we're to happen, it would be join Russia and China, or Join the U.S.. Sorry to say it, but Europes already kinda got NATO to protect it from Russian expansion, it would make more sense for Europe to just unite with the U.S. Unless NATO was just pointless and never meant anything But if you just put all that aside and every one just United against America for the heck of it then I'd agree with Americas chances being low, Let me put it this way, the war would be very bloody, long or short and there would be no Good Guys to root for Btw if you actually understand the difference between total war like in WW1-2 and the war of Vietnam, or war on terrorism. Then you'd understand that it lot safer, easier and faster to kill civilians and blow up their towns and cities. Than it is to be selective of not shooting them and simply investigating and capturing the towns and moving forward with the chances of being spied upon or attacked by enemy sympathizers and getting killed by traps in the houses you have to inspect and the villager forgot or was forced not to mention to you. So all those America lost to Vietnam and therefore stand no chance against the world reasonings are simply irrelevant.

Vasu Chauhan : Unrealistic. It's like the world isn't even fighting back and only US gets the chance to fight. And how would US even sustain it's economy when it won't even have trade relations with any country

SirReepicheep Rules : What an ridiculous video, there is no country who can fight EVERYONE and hope to win. America may be the strongest military power on Earth, but the combined might of every other nation is pretty damn immense! Russia alone has advanced anti aircraft missiles that pose a serious threat to our air force and enormous resources with with to supply itself or trade for the things it needs and China has submarines that are diesel run and almost invisible to sonar. China is also the manufacturing center of the world and we all saw how US manufacturing played a role in WW2, the quality might be lower but China would play a similar role in this scenario. These two by themselves are definitely major threats to US forces and that's without nukes! Europe is a sinking ship but is by no means irrelevant, if the deleterious leadership is done kissing everybody's asses they might be able to contribute ships and planes to transport military hardware to South America. I would imagine in this scenario that Mexico and Canada would fall to US forces, there is simply too big a gap in strength between them and the US, the war would then turn southwards into Latin America, the Caribbean islands and central america would fall to the US juggernaut, the US would then invade the area around Maracaibo in Venezuela to secure its oil supply, and continue to invade Venezuela by sea. But the armies of South America would rapidly move north to counter the US and I think some countries like Brazil are stronger than people give them credit for. The combined strength of South America would be able to make a stand and slow down US forces while reinforcements came in from Europe and Asia. With ever increasing amounts of troops and hardware coming in, this is where the US forces would begin to stall. Let's not forget the naval clashes in the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans, US naval power is great, but a massive multinational fleet containing European, Russian, Chinese and other naval forces would definitely compete with it. Another thing this video completely ignores is the economic aspect of war. A war with EVERYONE means no foreign trade and a dramatic almost crippling blow to the US economy, the US gets ALOT of resources from trade and this would get cut off at once. Germany had a similar situation in both world wars and its economy suffered badly because of it. No matter how strong the US military is, it must be able to keep up with losses to stay effective and eventually the shortages would take hold. Another issue is manpower, the US has tens of millions of soldier age men and can field an enormous force if it really went all out. But um... uh... the rest of the world... can field about a BILLION soldier age men... thus the manpower advantage is a foregone conclusion... A war of attrition would certainly work against the US the same as it did against Germany and Japan in WW2, they simply did not have the industry, manpower and resources to fight so many enemies at once and were eventually overwhelmed by them. The same would happen to the US if it went to war with the rest of the world, eventually the air force would run out of pilots, the war machine out of oil, and the military would be beaten back on all fronts until it simply collapsed and the US would be directly invaded. From there, it's just a war of sheer numbers...

Herr Fuchsig : The other countries remain completely passive in this scenario. I don‘t think that’s very likely. Russia, China and Europe could easily deploy large amounts of military assets in the Middle East, or Canada just before the war. And I guess you’re underestimating the worlds naval power by a substantial amount.

Jun Han Tham : Obviously the world will win. What’s the point of this vid lol

Angel Franco : Even with all u.s force that you have you can’t even control Mexican borders :p lol so I guess your plan of defending all u.s land by all your army Is not enough , be realistic even your biggest carrier in the immensity of the ocean looks small. Too much Hollywood in your heads

Steven Galiniak : This comment section is: 1/8 "Lol look at all the Mediterranean sea salt" 1/8 "vietnam" 1/2 "HAHAHA OMG THIS IS A JOKE US WUD GET REKT ROFL RAWR XD" 1/4 "this narrator has to be high af" The ingrediants for the most perfectly salty comment section roast. I'm glad no one has actually tried to bring up any legitimate counter claims to the video, it would ruin the flavor no doubt.

Zachary Bell : What a joke

Martin Absolom : The Royal Navy has a global reach too. Fathead