The United States (USA) vs The World - Who Would Win? Military / Army Comparison

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The Infographics Show : As promised for a long time!

Dirty Bong Water : Why did I scroll down, suddenly everyone is an expert on war and military tactics after playing CoD

Renzo Verhoeve : oh another American ego stroking video

Luis RG : Next on the infographics show - Why the USA would win a war against God

Jason Clay : Just send in Vietnam. They’ll win!

Daily US Military : Nonsense. The population of Asia alone is 4.4 billion and if they only pee, flood will wipe out USA. 😀

Abinash Dehury : What have you smoked before making this video

Dark rider : Shaggy: Hold my beer

Mehdi Dhaou : Stop hating!!! It's not an informational video, it's porn for americans... probably he is ineed of subscribers

Lilac Lizard : Australia would win, they'd trick the US into thinking they don't exist & then pull the plug out of the Antarctic wall to drain the world's oceans & then the lighthorse will ride straight in on the emus & air force fly in on sleighs pulled by 6 white boomers :))

Arak Bituvv : USA: couldnt defeat vietnam this guy: "oh yeah the whole world vs USA? No problem"

Versaucey : Well in Russia, we use logs as punching bags.

Logen M : Against the entire world? I doubt the USA would even survive against Russia and China combined let alone the entire world. The USA vs any single country sure, but against all of them, they will be surrounded on all sides and wiped out.

ronaldo4evernr7 : USA vs China and Russia - China and Russia Win USA. vs The Wolrd.- USA wins. Nice logic man..

Dim : **Laughs at Americans in Vietnamese** This is so hilarious. Alexa play Fortunate son.

World Boss : Everybody would just nuke each other and the world would go extinct.

Chef Rafi's Awesome World : The cockroaches will win.

Lionel Keijzer : Pentagon states a war with russia alone has a high probability of ending in defeat yet this guy honestly comes on youtube telling us the usa can take on the world

Bami Killer : You forgot one major thing, Where does the US navy get their Food and supplies From? Not From europe, africa, or asia Anymore. Which would mean that the US navy would need to go back to usa to resuply, or ships with Food water etc would be needed to suply the carriers. But that would be easy targets for europe, good luck starving

Darth Captor : The US winning is entirely based off the fact that China, Russia, Australia, India, European countries and so on just lay down and let the US take the Middle East, which they won’t.

ComplainerGamer : 10 largest armies below Iran and Egypt could easily fight toff the US in Middle East because the US would only have some forces there whereas Egypt and Iran have their entire armies in the Middle East. China and Indi could probably defend the whole of Asia along with Pakistan, North Korea, South Korea and Vietnam. there is no denying that Russia has a powerful army and they could attack through Alaska with Canada and both Canada and Russia would attack from the north. The Latin American countries would attack from the south and America would pull its forces from Asia and Europe to defend their homeland. the US would be crippled by lack of trade, food and oil, while the rest of the world is well supplied. Asia and Europe would attack from the East and West and America would slowly be taken over by the Worlds armies. America would be very poor and its army would be destroyed. it would go from world superpower to maybe even one of the poorest countries on earth. 1 China 2,183,000 2 India 1,395,100 3 United States 1,347,300 4 North Korea 1,190,000 5 Russia 831,000 6 Pakistan 653,800 7 South Korea 630,000 8 Iran 523,000 9 Vietnam 482,000 10 Egypt 438,500

Ojoe Max : U forgot to mention ruski soldiers riding through the oceans on super bears and punching submarines out of commission

Satwik Mudgal : So you mean to say you are American

German Bias : Ever heard of resistance and sabotage?

Max Hey : Vietnam alone beat America, get off CoD.

Manin Themirror : 😂😂😂 America is going to end up like ww2 Germany you watch the world is turning agaist them when world war 3 comes they will be shocked.

OdysseyTag : *Says no nuclear weapons at beginning of video* *Proceeds to mention nuclear capabilities* The US would probably be its own worst enemy in a global war. The whole "we've got the biggest military" angle you keep touting would allow for some pretty careless moves

Sandip Roy : Wtf! So the rest of the world is just busy on defence? Won't the rest of the world banish all the US military forces in the middle east before they can cause any problems? I don't see much inclusion( or probably none) of Russia. Russia and China alone would be capable of ousting the US forces from middle east. This would make sure oil supplies continue through land. Another point I noticed, the video is totally based on what the US would do in the war while the rest of the world stands still. I am not sure if the rest of the world can invade the US but the way the video shows it seems the US can take over the world anytime they want to. Also I noticed 35k dislikes. Is it the most in this channel ever?

The Mole : See a lot of anti-Americans getting triggered by this video. I must admit as a Brit I think this outcome is likely. The US might be outnumbered in terms of army size, but as the video maker explained without the means to get foreign armies into the US that would mean nothing. And while the US has struggled against insurgent groups like the Viet Cong and the Taliban, when it comes to conventional face-to-face combat they've never lost a war. America would never "win" against the rest of the world, but I think that it could quite easily keep itself from being defeated too.

Palmtreeesss Gaming : All this and the war with Taliban lasted forever

Anupam prime : Soo Small answer : USA will lose And Big Answer : United States of America will lose...

Sammy720X : This is legit what propaganda is. Its ok tho I dont blame them they gotta stroke their egos. VS THE WORLD HEADASS!!!!

Ali Muhammad : Biased. Dumb and most important facts are missed

Abdulla Alsabti : What if the entire world attacked the United States first? Hmm?

Owen Kramer : I know for sure they would lose in a week

Mortebianca : >The US: lost against freaking North Vietnam ,with tons of allies with them >Somehow wins against the entire freaking Planet In a matter of weeks the other powers would develop a unified HQ, coordinate their resources (by Land) and Russia could provide Oil and Gas. They would build a Navy, the US is not capable to stop them (they could not stop Navy production in Japan alone, and they had ALLIES). In a matter of months, a giant Navy would invade by both sides.

Temenos Lykourgos : This video has triggered tens of thousands.

Osama Bin Laden : I’m from the U.S. and I find the Vietnam jokes funny 😂

Evading Grid : The Russians could move into Canada, setup Air Defence. Washington would make irrational demands that the border with Canada has every inch defended... which is militarily insane. Spetznaz & SAS pass at will across an indefensible border, wreck havoc resulting in even more efforts to defend America, oil pipelines and refineries burn...

Karthik Ramesh : 1+ billion Indian and 1+billion Chinese are with guns. So, US don’t have enough ammunition and active military personnel to counter these billion people. Man power is pillar to win the war, not technology and military only going to give upper hand.

James Gentry : We havn't won the war Afghanistan yet, and its been 17 years.

Anime Fan96 : You really think highly of yourself as an American don't you. Omg so many things you got wrong in this video. Your forgetting that your solder had to be re trained by us the British in Iraq and Afghanistan because you had no clue how to fight in those places. Plus the UK has its own oil fields to. Maybe nothing like middle East but its there.

steven Huncho : Imagine how bad an Indian submarine smells lol

Sergio Solórzano : The creator of this video doesnt seem to realize the importance of "The Whole World", there's no need to transport forces, while american forces are away South american and Canadian forces would enter American ground and start laying carnage, so the american armies would have to be called back, then all fleets of the world would arrive annihilating the american navy to the last little boat, then there would be carpet bombings all around america from all kinds of armies around the world, it would be more of a fight to see who can ransack America faster, the one who steals more resources and personnel, like they did with Germany in the past.

Frogre : the American bases wouldn't survive a month is the middle East food, ammunition and communications would be compromised.

The Gunman : This is an awesome movie idea. It'd make for a sick Hollywood blockbuster.

MxrkGamezPr0 : I swear this video was just made to hate on us Americans.

Yoyo Ball : Jesus! we are an empire....

Lukehhh : The US is the sole superpower? This is so insanely biased its unreal. Russia are without a shadow of doubt a stronger nation...

Duong Nguyen Duc : EVERYTHING WRONG WITH THIS VIDEO (probably) Anyone with any idea put it down in the comments below. 1) Attacking and destroying the Middle East oil fields is literally cutting its own arm for America. We saw the potential of what Arab countries could do to the US by cutting oil supplies in 1973 due to US supporting Israel, and hell broke loose back at the States. 2) European oil is dominated by Russia, meaning that Europe can survive for much longer than the video said. 3) Speaking of Russia, the nation actually had more oil than America, and is self-sufficient in that realm. 4) The Arab League could easily be reorganized into a military coalition, and knowing that nearly all Middle Eastern countries is in it, the coordination will be much more organized. 5) Sure, China might not be able to threaten US naval power on the world stage, but combining with an ASEAN and Indian navy, it is more than capable of protecting South China Sea trade routes and perhaps even the Indian Ocean. 6) WHO WAS IN CHARGE OF THE DRAWING??? THAT PERSON DID NOT PAINT THE MEKONG RIVER DELTA UNDER VIETNAMESE CONTROL!!! THIS TREND HAS HAPPENED ACROSS INFOGRAPHICS VIDEOS AGAIN AND AGAIN. AS A VIETNAMESE MYSELF, I AM MAD AT THIS. THIS IS A CLEAR SIGN OF US IMPERIALISM!!!! 7) Russia has enough bombers and missiles to pose a threat, even when not using nukes. 8) This war will be incredibly costly for America, as a lot of products are made in China, especially electronics. In the event of a global war, sanctions from the ENTIRE WORLD will cripple the US capability to wage war as it's industry run out of raw materials. 9) The US foreign bases are small and can be dealt with within a few days. 10) If the US have Ohio subs to bombard foreign coasts and inland with missiles, Russian Oscar and Typhoon subs can also do the missile barrage thing. Not to mention the possibility of recommissioned Akula subs, the biggest in the world and carrying more missiles than the Ohio class.