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Thanks to SegaCEO for the contribution. Best corporate move he's had in years, because Sonic is bad and the Dreamcast was a megafail. You'll find plenty of the most epic gamer jokes and memes, here at MDEneverdies: World's Greatest XKCD Fansite.


Marcus Atius Virilis : I feel like this was ahead of its time

jonnny boy : He was truly before his time

pierde el tiempo : This is so genuine it hurts

Jungy Brungen : Zombies? I dont think so, 2 rounds with a pulse rifle, take em out.

sigmundfreuddoeshisownmother : "Suped"

Schizoid Man : you a gamer dude? me and my girlfriend, we're a gamer couple alright? zombies? i don't think so. 2 rounds with the pulse rifle? take em out. i prefer the shotgun tho. shotgun'll- shotgun'll make it's- it's bad news for any zombie. i'll take on the entire zombie apocalypse, just gimme a shotgun. you ready for the zombie apocalypse? you just get back from vidcon? i-i'm goin to comiccon. did you go to the convention? i'm going to comiccon. and i'm gonna meet all my favourite ironman and all my favourite characters are gonna be there and my favourite comicbook artists. yeah i'm really-i'm really souped for uhhhhhhhhhhhhhh diablo iii. when it comes out in 2014. am i right? epic fail blizzard, epic fail... uuhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh just went to a steampunk convention. flew there in uh a steam powered gyro copter with my musket and my corncob pipe and my monocle. and an ascot and a newsie cap aaand doc martens and suspenders. and my characters name is humperdink. that's my character. humperdink. and i'm 32 years old, so i guess he's level 32. aaand i have a kid with my wife. and my wife i could've gotten, if you were gonna use a rating scale to rate women, which is disgusting, and if you do that you're a disgusting person. but my wife is a six point... eh no my wife's a five. i could've gotten a 6.5 uhhh but i'm a disgusting pig. i'm a slob. i smell. i have bad hygeine. she has the worst hygeine, which is why i'm comfortable with her because that's how i- because that's the way.. i'll make that i'll take that choice. i will make that compromise. that's my uuuh yknow. thats what i'll do. i'll forego a 6.5 in favour of a sloppy, 5. because i'm comfortable with the way i smell around her. because i smell really bad. and we have a kid. we have a little baby.. that we shouldn't of had but we did cus i don't know cus i do wanna.. i do wanna yknow. procreate. i wanna yknow. see my- my offspring in the world. cus that's important to the when uhhh you know... aaaaand i gave him some little f****t name. like arcadian. i named my kid arcadian, so that my kid has to suffer my steampunk... desires. but the good news is he'll proberly-probably grow up to be a loser and he'll like his name. he'll like the name arcadian because he'll be so stupid, cus he come from my genetic stock so he'll yknow he'll be wearing rose tinted vampire glasses. at some point. and corduroys. yknow. so it all works out.

bLacKxxxLoDgE : You just get back from VidCon?

Burden : I love you Arcadian, but no 12 year old boy should be wearing diapers.

Alec Neuschaefer : You look like my Native American step dad

Alex : It hurts to live.

Troy S : Sam you need to do what you did to the students at Rutgers but to gamers at a convention

Filewulf : Okay buzzfeed is this a WIN a CUTE a LOL a OMG or a EPIC FAIL

rick moranis : I LOVE XKCD . So Funny his comics. I'm So Better than the Blind Sheep Stupid people.

quoe1 : really love the moms bathroom vids probably the best youve done

Typical 90s Gamer : 1:01 he predicted 2018

TheSlenderman : i named my kid Arcadian.

BrainSeepsOut : Sam Hyde should do a standup where he's a gamer dude.

podycheck : "We have a little baby, that we shouldn't have had, but we did."

Astro Mastro : "The GOOD NEWS is that he'll grow up to be a loser and will thus like his name." Sam Hyde is an underrated beast.

endy y : this is the best video i have ever seen

xTaNkOuShOkU_OW : *coughs up blood*

Valentin K. : this was 5 years ago but its still great


AutoHead : epic fail blizzard

Sepulchral Miasma : hes right d3 was an epic fail hehehehe

A Happy Travis : Humperdink :)

Tony Gunk : zombies? _i d o n t t h i n k s o_ 2 rounds with a pulse rifle? _t a k e e m o u t_

fuckgoogle+ : Are you on twitch bro?

Frosty : a little kooky

Harry Lime : Sam really disappeared into this character

Chip Douglas : Not scripted but gold

Eckhart Trolle : Me and my gf, we're a gamer couple

P Sher : How was Jacksonville Sam?

Cool Guy : Gamer couples do 2x DPS.

Anglo Siege piller 69 : Gamers Rise Up!!!

Constable : I'm really hyped for Diablo: Immortal 2019, how about you Sam? I can see you do in fact have a phone.

1 2 : Wow, my first Sam Hyde mirror video I ever watched. it's been a hell of a journey boys

【SILLY SHAWN】 : You can really see uglyjewishman's influence from Sam. It's gr8

Woah bro this guys really cool : every self respecting gamer uses ballistic weapons instead of plasma against unshielded targets good on ya sam

莫比 : Relax guys it's just a normie with a wig and glasses on

FBI Webcam Surveillance Manager : Headset: on Knuckles: cracked Missiles: pointed at the illegitimate state of Israel Yep, its gamer time 😎😎

gamer dude : lol

Gunk : Love to game.

Blank Smith : Epic fail, Blizard; epic fail.

Chesty McGee : pathetic

About4Penguins : "epic fail blizzard, epic fail" More like you epic fail

TheQueenIsAWhore : Total biscuit is british.

knifin : shotgun straight up splatters those fucking natty zombs

Mike Cirillo : Humperdink.