Bill Burr - Population Control

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Cheese Burger : I know a guy who's about to have his 4th kid and his name is Paul. This has to be the greatest joke ever to me for that reason

doctordonuthin : This guy hits the nail on the head. Our government 'Teresa May' is now going to build more social housing 1,000,000 houses to house people who need social housing, some of which produce 5 or more kids on benefit, because they can. There are genuine good people out there in all classes, but these ones are outbreeding the intelligent, and when these kids are old enough to vote we'll have our own Trump, because they'll vote for their own selfish reasons and what they think is rightfully theirs. Anyone who wants a taster of tomorrow should watch the film 'Idiocracy', never a truer word said in jest.

O_o : Do you know why New Yorkers don't move the fuck out of the shitty city? Because none of them know how to farm but their leaders do and that's why you can get pastrami on rye @ the delicatessen just 3 doors over.. :) what's the difference between a cow and a tragedy? Mayor Giuliani wouldn't know how to milk a cow! I'm Just Sayin' !

RogueSeraph : "It has a nice spreeeead"

Sum Mors : True, Bill. I'm all for human population control, starting with limiting births.

Semper Fi : Comin out the trees just nibblin

lynne ewing : Damn 62 Pauls disliked this wonderful video

QuantumBraced : "That's not a family photo, that's a environmental disaster" Haaaaaaaahahahahaha

Our Lord and Saviour Nicolas Cage : Video games are the best population control.

lynne ewing : Fucking shoot him in the face 😂😂😂😂😂

sabrija menigaobrija : This guy is genius. Just fucking genius


utubetommy : Burr is a funny guy, but not this time. Those who complain about overpopulation most likely are some of the most egregious consumers of natural resources. Just take a look at Al Gore and Nancy Pelosi. You don't have to look far. And to claim that Pelosi or Gore possess some intellectual superiority over the rest of us is laughable. Being crooked doesn't quality one to qualify for the Nobel Prize. Obama proved that. So mister Burr, stick with subjects that don't turn people against one another... someone funnier than you may well have been aborted by some idiot woman's "choice". And if five people on the so-called "supreme" court can substitute and force their lack of morals on the other three hundred twenty million Americans living in this country with impunity, then we are in a sad state indeed. So it isn't just a matter of numbers. Who goes... who gets to stay, and who decides? Will the Pelosis and Gores of this world be on the committee that decides? Scary indeed, Mr. Burr.

catherine birch : My parents had the right idea, they saw that I wasn`t anything special, so they didn`t have any more!

Anthony Mahr : i want to watch the full act but i dont know how to find it

Eobard Thawne : 0:28 Look at this throat veins :D

angriz1 : "Stop making that fucking guy!"

DWAYNE CURTIS : lmmfao..aight paul Still fucking, lol pure Gold...

Thomas : I'm a third loser kid and this affends me

Theawesome13106 : "fuckin SHOOT EM' IN THE FACE!" lol cracks me up.

StateoftheNihil : Abortion is a good population control.

tylerdurden3891 : Been stuck in traffic for 3 hours for a ride that should take half that. Bill's words here are therapy for me.

RYG : perfect way to help control population, and it's such an easy solution... ban every one from having children for the next 30 years. anyone gets pregnant within that time, abort it. think about how much the population would go down. as bill says, more lane on the freeway, shorter lines at the bank, store, grocery store, where ever

Peter8aus8Berlin : Type in "Why Do I do This 2008". From minute 15:20 on is the whole bit including the part:"For every person who dies 3 new ones get born..... Everytime someone dies (and not beeing replaced) a LANE ON THE HIGHWAY OPENS UP".

TheReferee : Funny thing is just how very necessary especially in places with no natural predators (like UK) to control the population.

God Arik : Yo Shut The fuck up you are so dume like this shit was in 2010 who gives a shit any more.

Hayden D : 49 people want to keep having children :p

Hazem Haidar : I was that dude who took 15 min on the bread once...

Blackbird2937 : We really do have a population problem Hitler Stalin and Mao should have done a better job

Stefan Kalik : Does anyone else come just for the JEEST NIIIBLLIN?

ChipArgyle : Why did the word 'Duggar' just pop into my mind?

haitianxu : Pound for pound greatest human who have ever lived according to Bill Burr: 1. Genghis Khan 2. Mao Ze Dong 3. Adolf Hitler 4. Joseph Stalin 5. Whomever rapes and murders Bill Burrs worthless environmental disaster of a family

klompsauce : "That's not a family photo, that's an environmental disaster, and you framed it" I think his is my favorite joke he does

Count Wolfula : 0:45 "Alright Paul is still F***ing ! So tomorrah, if yuh gotta gun, f***in shoot him in the face !" LOL! That's so crazy !

BRBallin1 : Sad truth. A dude could be paralyzed or mentally retarded and useless to society and people will still want him to live by all means necessary

jungle heart : MY FAVORITE <3 haahah

MrMac5150 : It is so sad, but true, we are so over populated.

Gammareign : Actually, in the eastern United States, deer are overpopulated due to a lack of apex predators. Deer will strip the understory of forests bare and make it harder for trees to reproduce.

Jessus Christ : killing as usual... what a surprise.

Count Wolfula : "The Deer are eating up all the grass ! JUSS NIBBLIN' !!"

nelson santiago : "Just nibbling"

cantstanja : Petri dish-grown meat is now a thing thanks to overpopulation.

SWulf2817 : We should take all the people who callously don't give fuck about others, put them on an island, and let them gut each other for sweeps week.

Gary Box : hes got a point

gingersleep : His redneck and girlfriend impressions are the best.

Forrest Trump : 0:27 Just nibblin'!

Covfefe : Deers didn't put a hole in the ozone layer, however, they can put a hole through the front windshield of your car. Still great standup, though.

cantstanja : +Dan Ahlm Bill Burr's approach is to make it come across as comedy while there still being some truth to it.

Michael Cope : JUST A NIBBLIN'!!

No Theory : Bill Burr is one of the best