American Samoa vs Australia 0-31
Plenty of goals

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American Samoa gets owned by Australia 0-31. Archie Thompson scores 13 goals in that game and gets left out of the next game.


TheFlyingPenguin : "They must have realized now that their 22-0 win vs Tonga was no fluke." LMAO

Daoibhéar : "With no away goal, American Samoa are going to find the next leg rather difficult." You don't say.

Sebastian Wesołowski : Drinking game: everytime Australia scores take a shot

Redas The Menace : Here in the United States this is considered bullying.

Dog : *Loris Karius before they were famous*

ALLAH GOBI : Arsenal defending

Stepupin : Australia scores the 32nd goal and the goalkeeper is absolutely heartbroken. Like he lost the world cup final xD

Nam Ngô : this is why Australia quitted the Oceania football confederation and joined Asia

Alex S. : This is why Australia moved to the Asian region.

Luka : Russia: we beat Saudi Arabia 5-0 Germany- we beat Brazil 7-1 Croatia- we beat San Marino 10-0 Australia- hold my beer

SDrew : 1:48 WOW! Look at that amazing LG lcd screen!

Mr. Snrub : 0:33 "Now, here's a lucky fellow" Lol, I laughed so hard with that hahahahaha

Adi Kurbegović : I liked the part when Australia scored.

D Sauce : I wonder what Australia's goalkeeper must be doing the rest of the game. Lad must be making a hammock out of their goal's net and took a nap for most of the game lmao

Adi Kurbegović : Martin Tyler: "This is such a one sided afair"

Ikhwan Ariff : wow, this video was posted 11 years ago. How come it appears in my feed. lol

shub verse : *It's nOt aBoUt wiNnIng* *_it's aBoUt tAkiNg part_*

rubysauce : no away goal. The return leg could be difficult indeed.

Suomi-Finland Memes : Developers need to reprogram the game, Australia is too OP.

Akmovies21 : Samoa: please have mercy it’s twenty nine nil Australian 9 year old girl fans: wooooo yeahhhhhh celebrate another goal!!! We don’t shut up even when we are winning 30-0

Adi Kurbegović : 1:08 So you're telling me Quaresma's goal against Morocco is a famous goal while no one talking about this one...???

Static Shock : *Friend :* "How many goals were scored ??" *Me :* "Ask how many hattricks were scored"

Youssef Abdelhamid : Why is the commentator such a savage lol

MD Marley : PSG without Nasser Al-Khelaifi

Rodger Koller : *Who else is here from 2021?*

Big Stani : No one: YouTube: Let’s put this video from 12 years ago in everyone’s recommended!

JPaul C : "It's not about winning - it's about taking part!"

Andy murday : England would find a way to lose to American Samoa!!

Unathi Mngqibisa : "now here's a lucky fellow getting stretched off with a really bad injury" hahahahaha I'm dead. Legend says American Samoa won 32-0 on the second leg

D Sauce : I bet just as Australia scored their 10th score, the American Samoa team coach gave up and shook hands with the other team's coach...

xd Mud : Feel bad for the Samoa keeper he made some decent saves

Lone Star : EA All Stars vs Qatar. Old school gamers will know what I mean.

fivealive2 : The scorer lost count LOL

Mansoor Hilal : Nobody. YouTube algorithm :put this in their feed

Soulless : "With no away goal, American Samoa were going to find the 2nd leg very difficult." LOL

Emilio Gomez : Man I feel bad for Samoa, especially the goalkeeper

victor anaya : Plot twist: America Samoa scored 32 goals in the second leg.

Lubin Sierra : Australian goalie must be bored.

Darth Vader : I can’t even win a fifa match 31-0 on professional difficulty

Manny Cervantes : And at the end, Australia didn't make it to the World Cup.

CosmoSpace Empire : Germany: I beat Brazil 7-1 Australia Hold my BEER

TLC : I can randomly walk in my city (Turin, Italy) and pick up 11 guys to play with and beat these guys

bgtkv4 : the australian goalkeeper could've watched a movie during the game

Diet Bleach : No Mercy Rule.

Chozen : 2018 Anyone?

Leonil Pena : Plot twist: everybody on that pitch was a paid actor

Zyodimin : *You want a fight? Say brazil 7 x 1 germany*

Oriz Khalas : This is why australia got kicked out of oceania football confederation and they're in AFC now.

kahaniyon ki brewery : Samoa Americans: Australians only play cricket. Australians: hold my kangaroo.