American Samoa vs Australia 0-31

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Crack The Puzzle : I can't ever score that much even in fifa easy difficulty...

Kakarot : Can you believe that this national team is still around? After this i would have thought they would have given up on football lol. But they have kind of learnt from this, ever since this match in 2001 this has been their biggest defeat and they haven't topped this, they have actually gone on to win a few matches and took more batterings but that's to be expected.

ECS Harnaik : Arsenal defending

Evan Huang : Russia: I beat Saudi Arabia 5-0 Germany: I beat Brazil 7-1 Australia: step aside boys

Rodger Koller : *Who else is here from 2021?*

Owen Simpson : Can you imagine how BORED the Australian goal keeper was

D Sauce : I wonder what Australia's goalkeeper must be doing the rest of the game. Lad must be making a hammock out of their goal's net and took a nap for most of the game lmao

Stepupin : Australia scores the 32nd goal and the goalkeeper is absolutely heartbroken. Like he lost the world cup final xD

TheFlyingPenguin : "They must have realized now that their 22-0 win vs Tonga was no fluke." LMAO

SDrew : 1:48 WOW! Look at that amazing LG lcd screen!

Ikhwan Ariff : wow, this video was posted 11 years ago. How come it appears in my feed. lol

Kenneth Pettersen : When you girlfriend says she will give you a BJ if you win this game and ur teammates are supportive so they don't stop until it's 31-0 because they ain't taking any chances.

TheWidow : My institute equip would win to American Samoa.

Dog : *Loris Karius before they were famous*

Sebastian Wesolowski : Drinking game: everytime Australia scores take a shot

Max P. Orta : Like si vienes por CRACKS

Bobby : Thatt Goalkeeper needs some milk.

Adam : If Chelsea played American Samoa, they would go up 2-0 and then hold the ball for the other 87 minutes.

Akmovies21 : Samoa: please have mercy it’s twenty nine nil Australian 9 year old girl fans: wooooo yeahhhhhh celebrate another goal!!! We don’t shut up even when we are winning 30-0

Theuniverse Isaniceplace : R.I.P goalkeeper. Executed in prison after this match. 1978-2001

The Gaming Channel : We need Ozzyman reviewing this.

D Sauce : I bet just as Australia scored their 10th score, the American Samoa team coach gave up and shook hands with the other team's coach...

The Command Freak : FIFA difficulty: Beginner.

AcTive : This happend once in my school where were wining 21-1. My and my freinds were kicked from the team because the other teams parents were complaining that we were too old 😂.

Nirad802 : The Australian national team was later charged with gang rape

Suomi-Finland Memes : Developers need to reprogram the game, Australia is too OP.

Mr. Snrub : 0:33 "Now, here's a lucky fellow" Lol, I laughed so hard with that hahahahaha

Chozen : 2018 Anyone?

Andrea Chianese : Chi è qui dopo il video di QDSS?

Lubin Sierra : Australian goalie must be bored.

Diet Bleach : No Mercy Rule.

Sorcio 1994 : solo synergo puo conoscere ste partite

1ʋaʟɛռ7 : Vengo por nero angelo

Ib7 h : Whos watchimg after 2018 world cup ended?

Zero Sum : Lol Australia can only celebrate and drill on this forever because they knew they can never be a threat on the real competitive stage. Gg.

Wasabi Boy : *another one and another one*

Kawaii Mango : I tried to upload this on Pornhub but they didn't accept rape...

Darth Vader : I can’t even win a fifa match 31-0 on professional difficulty

mörkö fantti : Why was archie thompson dropped from their next match

Retro Revisited : There's a great documentary called 'Next Goal Wins' on how this American Samoan team set out to get back some respect after this thumping - I would recommend you watch it, even if you're not a football fan.

Illuminati Ads. : Oops thought this was basketball...

Kevin : Wanne kutkeeper hebbe wij joh

Cirocracia do rivotril : Category:RAPE

NoobieEmpire Arima : 1:48 32-0?

Leotrim Hamiti : I tried to upload in PornHub but they didn't accept rape

bgtkv4 : Imagine playing the Australian goalkeeper in this match

Matt Lamb : This video got uploaded before I was born

NTV TV : San Marino🇸🇲vsAmerican Samoa. 2-0

Ayush Saha : Any one from 2020

Domagoj Mišić : Karius v2.0