American Samoa vs Australia 0-31

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Crack The Puzzle : I can't ever score that much even in fifa easy difficulty...

ECS Harnaik : Arsenal defending

Corrosive : I just realized that this video was posted a decade ago. 0.0

Youssef Abdelhamid : Why is the commentator such a savage lol

Crazy Koller : *Who else is here from 2021?*

Evan Devin : Russia: I beat Saudi Arabia 5-0 Germany: I beat Brazil 7-1 Australia: step aside boys

dukyd122 : It is when I am playing FIfa with Amateur difficulty :D

Joker.XXL : Ant v American samoa 1-0

Retro Revisited : There's a great documentary called 'Next Goal Wins' on how this American Samoan team set out to get back some respect after this thumping - I would recommend you watch it, even if you're not a football fan.

Dale Callan : No wonder Australia left to play in the Asian qualifying zone.

Dejde hiuhnkl : Australia scores the 32nd goal and the goalkeeper is absolutely heartbroken. Like he lost the world cup final xD

Kakarot : Can you believe that this national team is still around? After this i would have thought they would have given up on football lol. But they have kind of learnt from this, ever since this match in 2001 this has been their biggest defeat and they haven't topped this, they have actually gone on to win a few matches and took more batterings but that's to be expected.

Ryan Sample : So who exactly won? It was so close.

TheWidow : My institute equip would win to American Samoa.

Deason Xu : one Manuel Neuer vs American Samoa 3-0

AHR SoccerPerformance : Felt bad for the goalkeeper wasn't his fault

Andy murday : England would find a way to lose to American Samoa!!

Diet Bleach : No Mercy Rule.

fivealive2 : The scorer lost count LOL

Ibn Jazli : actually , american samoa should tackle every aussie player and get enough red card to concede the match . 3-0 way more better dan 0 - 31 .

White Sardines : I wonder what Australia's goalkeeper must be doing the rest of the game. Lad must be making a hammock out of their goal's net and took a nap for most of the game lmao

Owen Simpson : Can you imagine how BORED the Australian goal keeper was

Juan Jurado : Germany would win 125-0 vs. American Samoa.

rubysauce : no away goal. The return leg could be difficult indeed.

Kenneth Pettersen : When you girlfriend says she will give you a BJ if you win this game and ur teammates are supportive so they don't stop until it's 31-0 because they ain't taking any chances.

R5150i : Did American Samoa turn the game around ??? So eager to know

White Sardines : I bet just as Australia scored their 10th score, the American Samoa team coach gave up and shook hands with the other team's coach...

Thug Bros : Maldives 21-0 American samoa

Alex S. : This is why Australia moved to the Asian region.

Twistor TV : 12 years old 0_0

your highness : I even find it hard to win beginner level 20-0 on FIFA when playing 30 mins. Just watching this makes me think there must be a level below beginner! :D

Bobby : Thatt Goalkeeper needs some milk.

Europe Skyline : Even if it is football with Australia and samoa it is always a rugby score ^^

Ikhwan Ariff : wow, this video was posted 11 years ago. How come it appears in my feed. lol

LordMangudai : 1:08 and 1:17 are actually pretty nice goals ^^

phayke : One o the earliest videos ever uploaded to youtube!!!!!!

MuhammadNazhrin MuhammadNazhrin : when u play solo and 1 afk

Nik - Fortnite Gameplay : Hate to be the goalie.

SDrew : 1:48 WOW! Look at that amazing LG lcd screen!

Dc Garg : I think it is a fixed match

Chozen : 2018 Anyone?

Luis Miguel Martínez : 1:17 "By now, American Samoa must have realized that Australia's 22-0 win over Tonga two days earlier was no fluke" So epic

mrxtremeboyful : Barcelona would defeat them like 100-0 lol ?!

Republic of Finland Mapper : Developers need to reprogram the game, Australia is too OP.

Wasabi Boy : *another one and another one*

Akmovies21 : Samoa: please have mercy it’s twenty nine nil Australian 9 year old girl fans: wooooo yeahhhhhh celebrate another goal!!! We don’t shut up even when we are winning 30-0

TLC : I can randomly walk in my city (Turin, Italy) and pick up 11 guys to play with and beat these guys

The Hash Smoking Stoner : They're playing against bots.

MrRodzilla : australia were justified to run up the score because fiji in the same group had +18 goal difference only slightly behind australia +22 with a few games to go taking it up to +53 meant that they would own the tiebreaker if they only drew with fiji (they ended up winning 2-0 against fiji)

The Gaming Channel : We need Ozzyman reviewing this.