Macho Man & Mean Gene - The Cream Rises to the Top

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Macho Man & Mean Gene discuss Macho Man losing the title, but Macho Man reassures everyone that the cream (non dairy creamer in hand) rises to the top!


Neville133 : Can we all take a moment to recognize the truly awe inspiring poker face that Mean Gene had to have during the 80's and 90's? The man had a will of iron not to crack up when these guys were talking.

Nathaniel Strangman : RIP Macho Man and Mean Gene

Joey Smith : Kids today will never know the glory of watching this all unfold live. RIP Mean Gene and Macho Man...

mindlessgonzo : Meanwhile an IHOP is wondering why one table is missing a lot of coffee creamers...

Kalani Germono : That man is definitely skiing those goggles aren't for show

Gary H : Mean Gene never broke character. How he kept a straight face while all these creamers kept appearing. I have no idea

KamikazeButterfly : On balance Off balance IT DOESN'T MATTER

xpandergt : One of the most iconic voices in Wrestling is gone. RIP Mean Gene!!

phuturephunk : LOOK at that sleight of hand with the creamer! MAGIC!

Nate Dog : This man fought the 4 horsemen barehanded to save us from Judgement Day. Oh Yeah. Egoraptor said so.

The Cheeseburger_666 : somewhere in Heaven, Mean Gene and The Macho Man are doing this exact same interview/promo right now

blackcrimson1986 : Rest In Peace to two amazing legends!!

Cactus Jack : the creams risen to heaven today rip mean gene

Ryan Swiney : Two legends. RIP Macho and Mean Gene


voodoopoodle : I paused Game Grumps to immediately go to this video. OH YEAH!

Phil Hayes : Randy Savage standing there with all those McDonald's creamers. I remember watching this video when it aired and 30 years later, here it is! Thanks for posting!

Enigma FGC : on balance off balance doesn't matter I'm better than you are Yeah!

Scott Blaze : Rip Mean Gene and Macho Man Randy :(

devon bynoe : love the way macho man used to talk

Mark Jackson : Imagine that, can just tell; one good Laxative and there would be No Macho Man. Thx for the Memories "Mean Gene"!!! RIP

JM F : His reaction when macho dropped the creamer is priceless!!lol

Joshua Martin : Cocaine

Coreo : Two legends who were a huge part of my childhood. Thanks for the memories fellas. RIP

nebulous one : Two legends, being legendary. RIP Mean Gene & Randy.

Helper Car : I just like how he pulls little packets out of nowhere.

Mark Rodriguez : This interview had came out on my 18th birthday and RIP Mean Gene.

Notchinham : Mean Gene was perfection. He conplemented the intensity of wrestlers of that era with his calm demeanor.

derek221122 : sad that now both of these legends are gone. rest in peace, randy. rest in peace, mean gene.

king Cap : Rest in peace mean gene, such a monster on the mic, Best to ever do it, take notes

Metal Boss : Mean Gene is now "Unjustifiable in a position He'd rather not be in!!!"

Jerry Morales : Something tells me this interview is going on right now in Heaven......2 of the Greats.....RIP Mr ,Okerlund.....👍

nsxdarin : I'd be fired from this job right away. would've totally broke down after he pulled out that cream packet.

SkyNet : Oooooooooh........... Yeeeeeaaaaaaahhh ! I hear Hulk Hogan will pay tribute this coming Monday to Mean Gene Okerlund.

tartredarrow : It took me a minute to realize he's doing magic tricks with the cream lol

magicvoice31 : Now they can cut promos forever. R.I.P. Mean Gene

Sean DeMarco : RIP Mean Gene! We loved you. If there is a heaven and I hope there is say hi to my brother at ring side watching the Macho Man rising to the top of the HWF (Heaven Wresting Federation).

Bob Outdoorz : Rest in peace the both of you

Theophilous Kojack : On balance off balance... I'm better!!! 😂😂😂

Carlo Santin : RIP Mean Gene. My childhood thanks you my friend.

tradrum : RIP To Them Both ! Two of The Best at Their Respective Professions.

Jim Kirk : Stephanie McMahon no stranger to Macho Man's Cream Rising to the Top! FREAK OUT FREAK OUT! DIG IT! AH HA! ENTERING STEPHANIE'S "DANGER ZONE"!! WHILE SNAPPING INTO MACHO'S "SLIM JIM"!! OOOOH YEAH!!!

Xavier Vazquez : i used to sniff coke in highschool and walk around pretending to be mach man

Lawrence Sherrod : RIP Mean Gene 😢

El Rey Rosales : These two are having the greatest interview in heaven...R.I.P

xcwarrior : My gosh that was amazing. The current WWE roster needs to watch these interviews and take some pointers. Forget cow bell, we need more coffee creamers in our promos!

Rogelio Vela "Roger" : RIP Mean Gene (Gene Okerlund ) both idols in heaven :(

Sam Vimes : Well his rap album is definitely the cream of the crop (srsly, Macho Man made a rap album)

John Rainey : The Macho Magician Randy Savage, ladies and gentlemen!