Macho Man & Mean Gene - The Cream Rises to the Top

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Neville133 : Can we all take a moment to recognize the truly awe inspiring poker face that Mean Gene had to have during the 80's and 90's? The man had a will of iron not to crack up when these guys were talking.

Kalani Germono : That man is definitely skiing those goggles aren't for show

phuturephunk : LOOK at that sleight of hand with the creamer! MAGIC!

Nate Dog : This man fought the 4 horsemen barehanded to save us from Judgement Day. Oh Yeah. Egoraptor said so.

Seventeen : On balance Off balance IT DOESN'T MATTER

Joshua Martin : Cocaine

voodoopoodle : I paused Game Grumps to immediately go to this video. OH YEAH!

Xavier Vazquez : i used to sniff coke in highschool and walk around pretending to be mach man

mindlessgonzo : Meanwhile an IHOP is wondering why one table is missing a lot of coffee creamers...


Phil Hayes : Randy Savage standing there with all those McDonald's creamers. I remember watching this video when it aired and 30 years later, here it is! Thanks for posting!

Justifyed Mattitude : Game grumps! Ohh yaaaa!

MK LIZACK : on balance off balance doesn't matter I'm better than you are Yeah!

Thomas Tuerff : Game grumps are right that he's pulling them out of nowhere!

eNaRDe : Fun fact they use to bet who can come up with the craziest things to say using props from the set. This was cream taken from the lunch room and hes just winging it. Notice how hes trying not to laugh especially when he looks away and sees the people behind the camera cause they were all probably back there cracking up. This was a time when they had the freedom to be their own character.

Sam Vimes : Well his rap album is definitely the cream of the crop (srsly, Macho Man made a rap album)

B. M. : So much macho, his enemies sweats Slim Jim's.

Jim Kirk : Stephanie McMahon no stranger to Macho Man's Cream Rising to the Top! FREAK OUT FREAK OUT! DIG IT! AH HA! ENTERING STEPHANIE'S "DANGER ZONE"!! WHILE SNAPPING INTO MACHO'S "SLIM JIM"!! OOOOH YEAH!!!

John Rainey : The Macho Magician Randy Savage, ladies and gentlemen!

Old school WWF : This was Randy at his best. When he started wearing the cowboy hat in the late 80's, that's when he went downhill. That cowboy hat and cowboy boots looked ridiculous

eerereps : Cocaine is one hell of a drug...

Chris Davies : RIP Macho Man and Miss Elizabeth.

Helper Car : I just like how he pulls little packets out of nowhere.

jack napier : My hero.

elway0798 : Congrats on the Hall of fame Macho LONG overdue!! RIP

AKarnold#9 : Cocaine is a hell of a drug. No disrespect, I loved this man. Pure comedy and entertainment. RIP macho man


scottsrush : Miss you macho! Back in the era of great characters and steroids and coke. Not sure how mean gean keeps such a straight face!

Arod : Best superstar in the 80s

Abdullah Alumar : Goopy Gramps But seriously, this video is gold.

Trajan Augustus : Saw Mean Gene lose composure one time only. Look up: Paul Orndorff interview, mean gene cracks up


erik bundersen : "I am living in a nightmare. And i am the cream"

blueluny : I mean, he's definitely on drugs right?

NOMADdaf : Sad that anyone ever found this entertaining.

edfreak9001 : "How much coffee creamer did he bring"

Inebriatd : WWF wrestlers make cocaine seem fun.

A Wanderer of the Internet : [Mean Gene Okerlund] ...Wrestlemania III at the Silverdome Pontiac, Michigan, it's a day that I'm certain my guest at this time will not forget, I'm talking about the former Intercontinental Champion of the World, Macho Man Randy Sav...' [Randy Savage] Nothing means nothing! [Mean Gene Okerlund] Noth...? [Randy Savage] Nothing mean nothing, man. [Mean Gene Okerlund] Nothing means nothing? What do you mean by that? [Randy Savage] I'm talking about all the way to the top, yeah. I'm justifiably in a position that I'd rather not be in. But the cream will rise to the top, ooh yeah. Macho Madness, yeah has got more to offer than President Jack Tunney thinks that I got yeah and let me tell you something right now, cards stacked against the Macho Man Randy Savage and Wrestlemania III let me say it yeah, let me say it out loud and let me point to the President of the World Wrestling Federation, The Macho Man Randy Savage is not happy with your decision, yeah. I am the cream in the World Wrestling Federation and there is no doubt about it, yeah, you Mean Gene Okerlund you know that I'm the cream of the crop! [Mean Gene Okerlund] Wait a minute though Randy, I've got to ask you very seriously, do you blame Mr. Jack Tunney, the distinguished President of The World Wrestling Federation, for Ricky Steamboat being the Intercontinental Champion today? [Randy Savage] Yeah, I do, yeah. Outside interference, yeah. In my moment of glory! Yeah. And now I'm living in a nightmare. And I am the cream. And now, not only the Intercontinental Heavyweight belt must fall but, The World Heavyweight Championship belt! Because Hulk Hogan yeah, I am the cream, yeah, the cream of the crop. And there is no-one that does it better than the Macho Man Randy Savage! On balance, off balance, doesn't matter. I'm better than you are, yeah and I'm talking everyone in the World Wrestling Federation. And I'm even talking to President Jack Tunney, yeah. I'm on my way and nothing is gonna stop me. Nothing's gonna stop me. [Mean Gene Okerlund] You know, just out of curiosity, Randy, and I certainly don't want to diminish your tremendous God given talents, but I'm very curious. I haven't seen Elizabeth lately. [Randy Savage] Yeah. She's on the outside of the ring, does she interfere in matches? Yeah? Nothing, zero, pure athlete yeah and I've been uh yeah, maligned from the top to the bottom and because they can't handle the Macho Man Randy Savage, the cream of the crop. Nobody does it better!

The Occasional HaHa : Such a silly man

Jahmakey : Lol I cant stop laugh lol the queen of the crop 💪😂

A.C. Meyer : He put it on his head

Bvlvi Woodson : I agree with you macho man 1,000,000% R.I.P.

Bruce Ellenburg : I miss the Macho Man, RIP Randy Savage

Daniel Brookshire : Some crazy drugs

Christian Sigala : Bone saw!

Joshua Malnar : Pure cocaine

Marinda Johnson : Cocaine is a hell of a drug

mike C : Macho man could have totally been the guy who talks in a horror movie film trailer.

M H : cocaine?

Black Majic : Lol