L.A. Noire Gag Reel

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Bite Me : Cole: LAPD... *Coughs in receptionist's face and walks out* Nailed it.

Jesse Brown : Gotta love the technology they used for the game. Unlike some games like Skyrim it made the characters feel so alive and organic and not some dull lifeless robots. I hope they do another game with this technology in mind. LA Noire 2 perhaps? Or another city maybe? New York? Chicago? This kind of game isn't for everyone but I certainly enjoyed it.

Les Critiques du MaSQuE : This is actually muuuch than the finished game. Weird.

Diandra : loooooove bekowsky

Lord Shaxx : 1:07 This guy can toss my salad anytime

Chantal Jalbert : 1:46 actually made me laugh out loud, partly because of the voice crack but mostly because of the horse-like sounds he made afterward lol

Mono Chaos : The beauty of facial scanning, ladies and gentlemen. It's the future of gaming.

Varis Thunderheart : It looks really weird when they stick their tongue out.  XD

parasite159 : they should have kept some of the sneezes in the game

hveiti : Which mission is that "Some kind of spy" girl at 4:22 from?

Andrei Mikoyan : *SURRENDER NOW!*

Totema1 : "You're firing on it-"

steamedrice97 : That is a rough voice crack at the end.

Pikosauce : the ones where Aaron sneezed were the best LAPD ACHOO!

Smashdamn The Demonic : Its a video game. This gag reel was done with the facial capture tech and rendered in-game

Francoberry : husband kills his wife and sells her....to.....foreign people....

Firepants20 : Oh my god, I laughed my head off. >.<

Firepants20 : Especially the sneezing.. That would seem more real and would be hilariously unexpected in the game.. Haha

Menega007 : Holy shit!

weitulong : Hilarious!

Duckkis : I'm thirty seconds in, and I know this is going to be good..

EduardoTheSamuraiToaster : 1:08

Yakko Warner : Technology fucking rules.

Potato Battery : It was an amazing game, IMO. It played more as a kind of puzzle/adventure game with a few action segments, which I loved.

GWRed : this make the Sony exclusives look like garbage 

Jonathan : should have ahd these in the game

Andy Azael : This make the game and the characters feel that much more real.

Felipe Fritsch : A realistic sneeze in a video game. Oh, how far has mankind come!

MrTriplegulp : Enter detectives. LAPD. *awkward silence* *sneeze* Exeunt detectives.


RocketsNBA : Lol it's like watching bloopers to an actual movie

Saerphantos : 1.56-2.02 is amazing!

DaveGamesYT : i think they did the actors face mo cap first, and then the actors themselves acted out the parts by the looks of it :-)

Ethan Perry : love how the motion capture shows their fuck ups in the game, like in 1:05

hey that's pretty good : Stefan's fucking eyebrow thing tho.

Why Do You Care : Sneezing parts cracks me up so bad xD

Kryzstoffe : The tech they used in this game is phenomenal. After watching this, I really get the feeling that this is a playable movie/TV show.

Jim Cricket : Well... That was surreal...

bazu : "You keep lying to me and I'll send you and you're baby to jail" BAHAHAHAHA

butt stallion : 3:34 I CAN'T

Allan Petrie : Wow, watching the actor's reactions to their mistakes really shows how good the motion capture really was in this game.

ToxiDJ : It's amazing how good it looks

miamimoon82 : Lol the sneeze in the car!

Anastacia Shep : Wow)) What a great stuff to find) The game is awesome!!

TheEdgeKnife : 1:25 Somebody laughing :D I hope I'm not "high" you know.

KSArgentum : I never realised how realistic motionscan captured facial expressions until they stopped acting and started sneezing.

StargateFan2389 : To be fair I am one of the guys who did expect a GTA like game but I still bought this and enjoy it still to this very day. It helped introduce me to noir, I knew what noir was before this game though mind you but this has really made me enjoy it more. One of my favorite games of all times! Always will be!

TheGoodGuy3003 : Wich case is it at 4.13 - 4.39

Greatnocturn357 : I'd want to see how many takes it took for them to get the "you fuck young boys?" line down so well.

banj0 : That's fucking insane. . . This technology really needs to be used in more games. . . it's amazing