L.A. Noire Gag Reel

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Bite Me : Cole: LAPD... *Coughs in receptionist's face and walks out* Nailed it.

Michael Samaras : That's fucking insane. . . This technology really needs to be used in more games. . . it's amazing

Totema1 : "You're firing on it-"

Jesse Brown : Gotta love the technology they used for the game. Unlike some games like Skyrim it made the characters feel so alive and organic and not some dull lifeless robots. I hope they do another game with this technology in mind. LA Noire 2 perhaps? Or another city maybe? New York? Chicago? This kind of game isn't for everyone but I certainly enjoyed it.

Lord Shaxx : 1:07 This guy can toss my salad anytime

Varis Thunderheart : It looks really weird when they stick their tongue out.  XD

Scruffy Canadian : 1:46 actually made me laugh out loud, partly because of the voice crack but mostly because of the horse-like sounds he made afterward lol

Diandra : loooooove bekowsky

Mono Chaos : The beauty of facial scanning, ladies and gentlemen. It's the future of gaming.

GameDrive : За это - я и люблю Rockstar

🇺🇸CANNED BREAD FOR PRESIDENT 2020🇺🇸 : This looks like if L.A. Noire was a Film and The Characters were Actors.

Renzy Wenzy : bloopers in a video game? hallelujah this is epic =))))

Serasia : They're....they're....gaining sentience in the PS3. What do we do? We didn't pay them! They'll be mad and will take over the world! And when the robots take over the world they'll join forces with all the platforms!

SR Brant : Nowhere near long enough.

Duckkis : I'm thirty seconds in, and I know this is going to be good..

Jonathan : should have ahd these in the game

LepuooL Nydazx : 3:27 - what mission is this from?

steamedrice97 : That is a rough voice crack at the end.

Andrei Mikoyan : *SURRENDER NOW!*

EXcentriX : Compare the faces here to newer games (Until Dawn, Detroit: Become Human) ... It has been a long way.

YodaDidntDie : This is the best thing Ive ever seen

Анастасия Пахомова : Классная игра :) Как раз прохожу ее сейчас

sevimsizpanda : hahaha funny..

Historical Videos : Wait... What?

Kilissa Cissoko : ahhh brought here by dan

thisisfrenchtouch : so coool

Andrew Barton : Failed takes in a game. Sheeeet. This is not a film. this is a game, why the hell they can't make it without shooting and cameras((

Xboxshqip : this make the Sony exclusives look like garbage 

Fer Eze : used translate

Fer Eze : WTF?

butt stallion : 3:34 I CAN'T

Synthiotics : I don't. I used Google translate.

Fer Eze : Es bueno saber que alguinen que habla en castellano

saska : This is brilliant.

Roy Earle : YOU AGAIN!

Chickenberrd : It didn't even come out yet jerk

Jack Kelso : Yes you did, roy.

KSArgentum : I never realised how realistic motionscan captured facial expressions until they stopped acting and started sneezing.

Francoberry : husband kills his wife and sells her....to.....foreign people....

Derpasaurus Derp : White knife

Felipe Fritsch : A realistic sneeze in a video game. Oh, how far has mankind come!

athroughz0t9 : I like how it shoes the game characters, not the real actors.

DaveGamesYT : i think they did the actors face mo cap first, and then the actors themselves acted out the parts by the looks of it :-)

Shaps : Wait, didn't they do the mocap in two parts, bodies first then faces later? How did they get them to match up?

idontexist01 : seriously bummed to hear about their next project getting shut down or halted or whatever happened to it. loved this game. loved this vid

TheGoodGuy3003 : Wich case is it at 4.13 - 4.39

Ethan Perry : love how the motion capture shows their fuck ups in the game, like in 1:05

JoshRand2006 : Some were funny. some were okay and some were just sad. but in all. It was a great blooper reel and I had a good laugh over some of them.

hveiti : Which mission is that "Some kind of spy" girl at 4:22 from?

SladeForelly : 2:54 ops, i'm forgot i'm black hahahahaha