Robin Williams Singing Fire by Bruce Springsteen As Elmer Fudd

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Robin Williams Singing Fire by Bruce Springsteen As Elmer Fudd

Comments from Youtube

Dominic : To this day whenever I hear this song I hear Robin Williams.

82sweetheart : Shazbot!!  I can't believe it!!  Such a tragic loss!!  His comedic genius will be missed!!

Lucy Knox : OMG - I didn't realize how totally SEXY Elmer Fudd is!!!

John Randall Banks : I am in tears I'm laughing so hard. R.I.P

Matt R : America needs this right now!!!!!!

Nikki Roessler : Shhhh! Be vewy, vewy quiet! I'm hunting wobins tonight! Huhuhuhuhuhu! XD R.I.P. Robin Williams

Allison Burke : Oh my Lord this is absolutely hilarious, lol. But can anyone please tell me what year this was filmed please thanks? RIP Mr Robin Williams it's only been 9 days since you sadly took your life but we fans will always love an miss you for being you.

joe topilko : gone too soon

The Good Lord Above : Robin Williams can make Elmer Fudd make women wet.

Sara Rose : Robin Williams… Rest In Peace… You were considered my ALL-TIME favorite actors… Goodbye. :’(

Donna Lawton : We are lucky to be able to c this comic guru, who I consider the best...ever. No one could make me laugh like Robin. We all miss him, & his laughter.

Jeanie Willard : I have watched this video many times over the years. He was a great comedian. A wonderful human being. I hope he realized that he was loved by many.,

Vivian Spencer : I hope he felt at least some of this love during his lifetime.

MsMarioluigi123 : More like Brwce Spwingsteen!

Gloria Mays : We miss him! God bless and keep you, Robin....we'll see you again One day!

Sara Peluso : miss him so

Andrew Scharff : rip robin

BrightEyes1916 : I hope you found your peace and are able to rest in it.

Jeanne Griffin : One of my fave clips...RIP Robin. You will be missed. 💔

Kyle Adcox : Too Bad He Didn't do this with Bruce Springsteen! R.I.P. Robin Williams!

RareEnigma™ : One of the reasons why I enjoyed him, because I and my siblings did the same with other songs. :)

pk1225 : I'm going to miss him so much, he was the real deal. *RIP*

Liane Cornils : And they bristled onto their office, and began plotting the next move, or just keeping, the old. 🤣🤣🤣🤣😘

Steven Zimmerman : Always giving, even when he may have been in need. RIP Robin Williams :(

Motormouthmachine : Hilarious! This man was one of a kind and there will never be another like him. Thank you for being a part of my childhood and may you rest in peace!

Andrew Kieswetter : RIP Robin Williams. So sad to hear he's gone.

Barclay Benjamin : My hero, Robin Williams!

Thomas Chavarria : I LAUGHED 😂😂😂 & TEARED UP 😭😭😭 😂😂😂 WATCHING THIS TOO 😭😭😭

DeadRaymanWalking : RIP Robin Williams.

Shutterbug Thomas : Good Night Robin

Amy Marshall : RIP Robin! I feel like I am losing a best friend. You comedy and laughter will be missed!!

Carmine Branco : You shall be deeply missed!

Ray Bunch : Love You, R.I.P Robin!


Dieter Wehmann : 😢😢😢😢😢 R I P Großartig der Mann. ...

Dieter Wehmann : 😢😢😢😢😢 R I P Großartig der Mann. ...

Corey Taylor : As much as I miss him and as much as he made me laugh (btw good morning Vietnam was an amazing movie) He was a notorious joke thief when it came to his stand up. At least he unlike Carlos men-steal-ya (mencia) acknowledged it and apologized and it didn't ruin his career or take away from how amazing he was

JC50 As : With the passing of each talented comedian, musician or actor over the last few years the world has slowly become a dull and sad place...

AlinaAceves : Oh my god this is soo good XD

代力 : today im gonna hunt a wobin,hehehehe

softball3332 : This. Is. Awesome. #RIPRobinWilliams   #NanuNanu  

tojiroh : John Cadogan's Car Fire video brought me here. "When we kiss, HOLY SHIT THE CAR'S ON FIRE"

pumpkinpie902 : Listen to the ladies in the audience scream!! Robin is HOT!!

Helen Byrne : Just the most amazing man.... He can make you laugh and cry all at the same time...

eaglegrad 16 : To this day I can't watch this classic bit without seeing Robin Williams

Neo-Xgray87 : Love this guy!!

sdschlegs : Always a great performance. For us.

James Anthis : Man was A Genius!!!

orangehornet57 : I remember seeing this bit on Nickeledeon's Turkey Television.  RIP Robin.  If only you know how we all appreciated you.