How to Make a Guy CRY
How to make a guy cry

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How to make a guy cry with a bass guitar? Let's find out... Let me know in the comments if you cried too. And the first one who guesses all the songs is EPIC. Leave a comment! TABS and Backing Tracks: Subscribe for more videos: – Facebook: _ My Signature Bass: – Twitter: – Instagram: – My NEW ALBUM! Spotify: iTunes: Don't forget to leave a comment to let me know if you enjoyed this video, it's important for me! :) If you want to be always updated about my channel, SUBSCRIBE! and JOIN THE FUNK! :D Hope you'll like it! See you soon and Stay Funky! :) bass cover stan lee spiderman theme


Bobathon Robert : See You Again Let Her Go Sound of Silence Mad World For The Damaged Coda Fix You Gymnopedie Moonlight Sonata Sad Romance Spiderman 2002 Main Title

C00L_D0g3 dUD3 : How to make Davie504 cry: Me: Hey Davie, Davie504:What Me:You have a very nice *Guitar* Davie504: *cries in a corner* Also I subscribed :)

Kenia Ramirez : Very impressive but, can you make the bass cry?

ARKtik : Before this video I accidently played Minecraft theme and I started crying do damn hard...

Matias Merlo : *Spider-man's theme song starts playing * Me: *Chills down my spine *

Merge Artic : Your girlfriend should have played the Minecraft song

Vandana Robert : How to make Davie cry: wow, that's a very big guitar How to make Rudy ayoub depressed: why is your bass so small

Anilcan K : I can make you cry instantly I've got a guitar add on the beginning of your video


Neku900 : Damn what a cutie the girl's aight too I guess

Xd Sandzy : Mr Stark, I Don’t Feel So Good.

Official Mr. E : We all know how to make Davie cry, Just call his bass a guitar.

AxiomNachtFox : This.... *THIS* Or Terminator 2's Theme will do

Xx HARS xX : How to make Davie cry Break one of his bass

Kevin Hansen : At 1:42 it says "not sad enough sry" if you wanted to know. Rest In Peace Stan Lee 😫

woolen spy : This video came under “GUITARS topic”

Hey You : thought it was gonna be Gary Cone Home, but that makes more sense. R.I.P. Stan Lee.

Clear Adventure : You ready to tune her low E when she wasn't playing the low E at all was priceless!! Actually, you respecting Stan Lee, was priceless. R.I.P. indeed. 🦸🤘😥

André Frazão : I think at the very moment that you had a girlfriend that plays bass is enough to make any guy cry of happiness xD

Sad Boyz w/ Anxious Hearts : omfg i really cried 😭 rest in peace Stan Lee 😭❤

jossip PW : Avatar The Last Airbender - Peace is the only song that could make me cry, but then again maybe It just turns me into a water bender

Hicktown Boii : Why u crying?? Sad music? What music? Spider-Man music!(it’s a vine)

Darragh Sherlock : We miss you Stan ✌️

RaRa Ryan : This video is not clickbait. Only a few ears will truly undersrand, Davie, that was powerful, that was deep, i felt that deep down, and i cannot explain it, thank you for bringing that feeling back to me!

Mr Kahoobadoo : Tell him you subscribed to t series

MathSTF : Ok, Gymnopédie got me, this was the song we played at my dog's funeral when I was a child, I can't listen to it without crying.

FBI International : Is she 18 already??? I need it for research purposes

Tash Farrell : I cried knowing im 17 so i cant watch your side channel ;(

satish yadav : Legend says that ur goosebumps never went😂

blazinq : Me: davie Davie: what Me: that’s a big ukelele Davie: **cries in the corner**

DerSibbe : Rest in peace Stan Lee We will never forget you

Mi Bekish : Дэви всегда выглядит так, как будто щас зарыдает

Oh Yeah yeah : I cried at the last part :( RIP STAN LEE

Cool Longear : Were those T O A S E D R I T Z?

Eliuth Lopez Nicolas : 1:02 I love it how they stare at each other.

MAUL PRINGGO : Very Impresive But Can You Play November Rain in November Rain

Nils Pesche : Not sad enough? It took 2 minutes for reading this sentence😂

Franek Sufczyński : 1:43 "not sad enough sry" :)

JAMCastillo1 : Lol, i was like nothing to rick and morty, then i was like but coldplay. Then the ending all made sense. Too much sense

meme supporter : I just started playing G U I T A R but I subscribed this man is just amazing

ŦŘĄP BØÝ : Me be like Not sad enough sry {^_^} 2 min later 😭😭😭

Efrain Velez : Lmao the Spider-man one always hits me in the feels too Davie 😭😭

Gus Morrus Morris : Stan Lee may you rest in piece

Abhishek Nath : Very impressive guitar man

Yunus Emre Hacioglu : Very impressive... But can you play 2 minutes to midnight in 2 minutes to midnight?

Mcgruff K : My Stan rip will never forget my inspiration

Simon Schwarzenegger : "Starts playing shooting stars" Why are you crying??

Ethan Le : Me: I’m gonna make you cry. Bassist: Bet. Me: Starting off with a compliment. That’s a nice *guitar* you got there! Bassist: 🥺😩

Shay. W. : I was already crying when I clicked on this vid