How to Make a Guy CRY

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Davie504 : Let me know if you cried... and at which song 😢 Also a challenge for you: can you guess which songs did we play?

DerSibbe : Rest in peace Stan Lee We will never forget you

Aretz KoFertz : Se supone que Davie debia llorar, no todos :'v

Neku900 : Damn what a cutie the girl's aight too I guess

SVEDÄN : Very impressive but can you play Wanted man by Ratt, While being a wanted man?

Jay Are : Dude, where did you find a girl who will harmonize basses with you? 😭 Every girl I’ve ever dated quits five minutes into me trying to teach them how to play guitar.

Taco cat : Impressive but can you play the Italian anthem, left handed, with a pick?

Caiser Torres : Can someone list all the songs in this video please with time stamps

Elizeu Azevedo : E fácil fazer um homem chorar E só quebrar o seu instrumento

Guliberson Studios : If you want to make a man cry just delete his Fortnite account lol...

Maurice Seidel : *RIP Stan (THE MAN) Lee...You Will Be Missed...*

Happenderhai : 1:43 Not sad enough lol :))

Innocentious 15 : I see you have the 399 chair..nice nice now you can do this ____

Poulpie : Very impressive but can you play with your feet


F.B.I. : *_E X C E L S I O R_*

Javi el pro : Pégale en los huevos y van a ver qué va a llorar 100% garantizado

BiRDiE : It is pretty sad that Stan Lee died. R.I.P 1922-2018

emerson Sena : 0:55 song name please

No U : What song was attempt 7

Karl Golden : Easy kick him in the giblets!! 😂 On a serious note RIP Stan Lee 💔

Ily Samu : 1:21 Sono l'unica sconvolta per la patatina silenziosa?Sul serio.. come puoi mangare una patatina in silenzio?? (trad: Am I the only one upset for the silent chip? Seriously .. how can you eat a potato in silence?)

danyyell games : Cade os BR punheteiros?kkkkk

Eduardo Honorio Coelho : David você é do Brasil

Catub’s TV : Yes! Spider-Man! The nostalgia!

Maurice Seidel : *Get this man 2M subs already!*

camilo cotal : Canción en el attempt 8?

beatlesloversprims : Genuinely cried

luan lyma : Wow portuguese title l am brasilian kkkk awesome

Aaron P : I thought it was the pizza time theme

Justin Summer : Just bash that GUITAR on the ground this always works for Davie

Video Clone : How to make a bass guitar cry ?

Calin Moglan : The song at attempt 7

Aji 245 : What Song? 0:41

I want to be a New PZ : Last part is Stan Lee RIP STAN LEE😢

Slava Rubalchenko : This is really sad.... Alexa play the Spider-Man theme

Hugo Ruiz : How your gf can play the piano?

Ruby Minecart : Rip wiz Khalifa

bottledcaninacan game's : Attept 5 is that song a meme?

Andrej XD : Rest in piece Stan Lee yoh never be forgoten , Legends never die you live in our heart

olly_upfield : Just call his bass a guitar that’ll make him cry

GuruBacoT GT : What name song in 0:14

Black Raptor : Attempt 5 is my favorite

Mykyta Kudin : I loved the bass rendition of Erik Satie Gymnopédies! 1:15

xXPOW3RXx : Congratulation for 2Mln!!! Why do you not draw my life for special???

Spectrum SSS : How to make Davie cry: Ask him why does his guitar only have 4 strings

CIA : I dont understand your comedy

Ron Swanson : Excelsior

Υεαl lεgεͷδ : Take their virginity

steven _austin : 😔😔😔😔😔