How to Make a Guy CRY

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Davie504 : Let me know if you cried... and at which song 😢 Also a challenge for you: can you guess which songs did we play?

DerSibbe : Rest in peace Stan Lee We will never forget you

Bobathon Robert : See You Again Let Her Go Sound of Silence Mad World For The Damaged Coda Fix You Gymnopedie Moonlight Sonata Sad Romance Spiderman 2002 Main Title

JohnnyGamerGR : R.I.P. Stan Lee, The REAL Spiderman...

Michael Nwazue : Listening this this makes me realize how many sad songs the internet has essentially “meme-ified”

Marin Kwabbels : The pewdiepie chair though

Bernie Atacador II : Is that your girlfriend?? New to your channel

Kevin Hansen : At 1:42 it says "not sad enough sry" if you wanted to know. Rest In Peace Stan Lee 😫

John Marcus Roces : Is your girlfriend single?

Breno Rosa : Ahhh velho, homem aranha, viajei no passado 😊

F.B.I. : *_E X C E L S I O R_*

Odd en' Mics : What's her name? She is very impressive

Ily Samu : 1:21 Sono l'unica sconvolta per la patatina silenziosa?Sul serio.. come puoi mangare una patatina in silenzio?? (trad: Am I the only one upset for the silent chip? Seriously .. how can you eat a potato in silence?)

jossip PW : Avatar The Last Airbender - Peace is the only song that could make me cry, but then again maybe It just turns me into a water bender

Xeign GT : *Davie with the guitar does fingering together, isnt she mad*

Slava Rubalchenko : This is really sad.... Alexa play the Spider-Man theme

Caiser Torres : Can someone list all the songs in this video please with time stamps


Mr Kahoobadoo : Tell him you subscribed to t series

Stre LOCK : Hey, guy! Hey, guys Don't cry! У меня всё nice.

Maurice Seidel : *RIP Stan (THE MAN) Lee...You Will Be Missed...*

Tocando para cristo : Alguém brasileiro

toztadita cosmica : Tanto desearíamos verte Stan Lee descansa en paz 😔😖 se u again Stan Lee rest un pease 😭😞

beatlesloversprims : Genuinely cried

danyyell games : Cade os BR punheteiros?kkkkk

Maurice Seidel : *Get this man 2M subs already!*

Space Cat : She's HOT broo

Daniel Du Toit : What is that classical piece playing at 1.16?

Elma Rrano : Tmr llore con la de Spider Man cmsr más aún q murió Stan Lee mrd joder :"""v 😢😢😢😭😭

Spooky scary Omlets : But can you do this? _| _/ __

Aretz KoFertz : Se supone que Davie debia llorar, no todos :'v

xX—KISS-My-SNIP3R - : Me acabo de dar cuenta que el título lo puso en español :0

Eduardo Honorio Coelho : David você é do Brasil

Dankin Curious : I know all of us car guys out there cried at the first song... 😭😭

lyrics 1508 : Esqueceu de deixar os creditos do lordvinheteiro

Karl Golden : Easy kick him in the giblets!! 😂 On a serious note RIP Stan Lee 💔


Shawn Mirko Poblador : What song is at attempt 10 though.I really want to know please

roblox chanel : Its been a long time..... that you never talk

af Lans : ohh they're asians?

Shaggy Rogers : Just bash that GUITAR on the ground this always works for Davie

Артур Исмагилов : I thought, that she will bite the strings

abil wahyu : Songs make me cry is gary come home

Давидзе : 2:28 i had tingles❤️❤️❤️

Colnel : I cried at attempt 2

olly_upfield : Just call his bass a guitar that’ll make him cry

Eduardo Gamer : Attempt 3 por favor nome da música ?

Victor S : Isoooolaaaadooooos

matteo caporello : Ma sei italiano?

mere baap : Girl you are sexy