What About a Man?
What About a Man

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Six people and a dog share ideas and prejudice. 4th year film of Florian Walraven (RumbleRaven) made at the HKU school of arts. Music: Prelude and Action - Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com) I Knew a Guy - Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com) KLIK!: http://www.klikamsterdam.nl/ Subscribe: http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCY7p_KVoBpn6YEiVUnvF_lQ?sub_confirmation=1 Twitter: https://twitter.com/Pegbarians Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Pegbarians/157639724387778?ref=ts&fref=ts Tumblr: http://pegbarians.tumblr.com/ Pegbarians are: Florian Walraven Thijs Koole Martijn Calkhoven


Hector Lugo : "Hey! That no bad idea!" "..Really?" "But actually, *IS* bad idea!"

The Derp Chaos : 2:42 Awwww... wait a minute.

Jeremy Boateng : #JusticeForDog

Fox Draws : Every single conversation I’ve ever had in a nutshell

I’m not Here right now : This is why YouTube was created, to bully a dog

Nikola Nikolesic : 0:55 *is this how mafia works?*

Vaniillabean : 1 like = one compliment for the doggo's ideas

A Spoopy Scaley Scary Man : We've all been that dog at some point in our lives.

Chris Felouzis : I think I just had a 186 second stroke.

Arpit Jha : I saw bobbies I clicked

Under Light : I have 3000 IQ now

George Manjgaladze : 1:53 the guy looks like walt disney

Mr. Murica : You know, I am glad this video randomly showed up in my suggested videos

Que Sera : “But actually am PRESIDENT “

Skyrimfan Heavypyro36 : I'm still confused af even after watching it 2 times

Bort Sampson : What happened to the real papa and mama that got stabbed

Zombathin Lost Leg/Hacker Cat : I've already seen this, i just needed a some what refresher.. And apparently i watched this 7 months ago, cause of my last comment saying 2:45.......

ruls : This video was awful...but actually is good video.

Kevin Chu : What? What is this? I am I here? Who made this? Why is this made? What the hell is it talking about? What time is it? Where am I? Who am I? Whsifnebs?

Rod G : 2:07 "But he said, but actually i'm FBAHHH, it was all TEEHST" "And she said, but actually i'm President i just to want to test the FBAHHH"

mutatedskyline : "That not bad idea! But actually IS bad idea!"

Solo TM : 2:30 *My brain trying to make the right decision*

Azrael : The ending left me speechless.

[Defunct Spunk] : 10/10 top quality script, would compare to X:RA again.

MasterDoge17 : Who else randomly got this in their recommendation for no reason

gama tastica : At first I thought this was gonna be one of those feminist tumors on youtube.

PB Noodlepop : but *actually*

Quintinity : but actually, I'm president I just want to test the FBI then they laugh, and kiss

Dr. Nostalgia : In my country dog is delicacy

Christopher Miller : "but actually I'm myama" (foreign accent)

Cipher Marcus : The end gets me every time

Chris P Bacon : What did I just stumble upon? Is this gold?

Thimo Haime : We're crime, and crime, doesn't pay.

Myosotis : Only realized the grandpa was asian when he said *that line*

7oxic : i always come to this video if i feel sad. makes me happy all the time

the gaming pizaa : Did I just watch a video without understanding anything?

Piper Mccabe : I reference this far too much in my everyday life.

Nevercake : I wish _my_ brainstorming sessions would go this well.

THEND MEN2 : Why were they thinking that? Some kind of plan?!????????

Please don't waste food! : Oh man what a journey.

Magnetio Lemon : 2:08 illusion 100

tell my wifi love her : i feel like i gained infinite knowledge then lost it all after 3:08 minutes after the video started

The Iaro Show : 2:17 the best series of plottwists in cinema history The story of a man whose family was killed by a burglar who turned out to be his father and the man was the mother and they never had a kid and they were secretly the FBI and the president!Genius

David Harrington : Best anime since dragon Ball and Naruto combined every spin-off special saga and movie

I Like This Picture : 1 like= 1 good idea for doggo

James : I have used so many quotes from this animation, truly an instant classic

Dionicio Aguirre : Is this an analysis on film industry?

Alibey Bal : That dog accent was terrible, disliked. 👎

Joseph flores : Tho voices are the best of the video XD