What About a Man?

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Nevercake : I wish _my_ brainstorming sessions would go this well.

Quintinity : but actually, I'm president I just want to test the FBI then they laugh, and kiss

-Luis - : I love this video too much

W ••Roger : The poor doggo

derp media : Never seen something this good😬😳😄👌👌

Jeremy Boateng : #JusticeForDog

Yair Sasson Art : Brilliant.

Fool -_- : I love how that guy just crawls through the window and already knows what their talking about and tells his own story and nobody questions it

Lee The Loser : The voice acting is perfect 😂

Blue Dragon : I thought this was going to be about lesbian boxers but this is okay too I guess

Sweeneytv : That's not bad idea..... BUT ACTUALLY

Purple Potato : "And in my country, dog is delicacy"

KnoryKnor : "But actually i'm a dog" *GOLD*

NewestGuy448 : Lol poor dog

Mike Clalverl : Had a nice nut

Jay King148 : Leave it to a dog to find something good in everything

Solveig Bolliger : DON'T BE MEAN TO THE DOG I *SWEAR TO GO-*

Magicalcndy 39O1 : This video is dumb. But accualy it is good.

Thimo Haime : We're crime, and crime, doesn't pay.

The Derp Chaos : 2:42 Awwww... wait a minute.

Andon Amparano : Funny how when the guy comes through the window and he says bad man it sounds like he says Batman

Garga : So chronologically, the animation takes place before homosexual marriage was legalized, so the President and the Eff'beh'ai disguise themselves as Myema and Pyepa. Still, they suffer through a childless marriage, so to experience what it's like to be in a happy wholesome family, the President, currently disguised as Myema, further disguises himself as Steven Seagal and installs himself as the son of the REAL Myema and Pyepa. The Eff'beh'ai, currently disguised as Pyepa, becomes jealous and tests the President's faithfulness by further disguising himself as Batman and kills the REAL Myema and Pyepa! Makes perfect sense to me! And I'm actually a dog! ... ...Right. I'll see myself to the nearest Tobias Funke lookalike and plant myself in his lap. *whimper*

Rosetheyoutuber mlp fan : poor puppy

qWeRtY C A N : 2:40 Suicidal dog

Anthony Arias : 1:50 that was the saddest part ever I feel bad for the dog but actually he had a horrible idea bad dog

Violet YaBoi : Dog:Yeaaa- Old man: just kidding D: *sob*

The Austin : Its game grumps with the different accent.

Bluejack : 2:46 my favourite part

Radicrash : "dog is delicacy" uhhhhh yeah.

Madion Lol : I like you dog

NecroticSage [NS] : All I gotta say is where the prejudice

Shigloo : Hey Pegbarians, how do you do the line texture for the story part? Is it a brush or a drawing technique?

RMC Entertainment : Haha this was hilariously animated! WHY have I not seen this channel earlier?!

Sebastian Estenssoro : wow, so much talent wasted

Fuckable Pancakes : #dogopinionsmatter

Doopadoo Man : And then he’s like, *no!*

Soapy Foshizzle : That dog is the best thing to have slithered out of the unholy internet. 😭

Blondie Ballin : the title and thumbnail had me thinking this was feminist propaganda but now I realize it's actually something good lol

Kafféelicious Productions : wait if the FBI was "Bad guy" then who were the PAPA and MAMA he killed...?

mutatedskyline : "That not bad idea! But actually IS bad idea!"

Black Hatred : Is the only black guy the one with thick as all hell or is that another black guy.

Hide yo Jimmies : I really really like this

Chloe Fayard : H M M M M M

Fuckable Pancakes : Those voices are fucking awesome!

Demogorgon White : I like the animation style. Everything else though... WTF I just watched?

Hacker Cat : 2:45

Arpit Jha : I saw bobbies I clicked

Bort Sampson : What happened to the real papa and mama that got stabbed

heyimnight : *hEy leMmE finish the stORy*

J-Static : I came here for the tumbnail