What About a Man?

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Nevercake : I wish _my_ brainstorming sessions would go this well.

Quintinity : but actually, I'm president I just want to test the FBI then they laugh, and kiss

The Derp Chaos : 2:42 Awwww... wait a minute.

Jeremy Boateng : #JusticeForDog

Roger W• : The poor doggo

derp media : Never seen something this good😬😳😄👌👌

Blue Dragon : I thought this was going to be about lesbian boxers but this is okay too I guess

Sweeneytv : That's not bad idea..... BUT ACTUALLY

Purple Potato : "And in my country, dog is delicacy"

-Luis - : I love this video too much

KnoryKnor : "But actually i'm a dog" *GOLD*

Jeebie Slasher : I feel like some people clicked on this and just immediately disliked it, thinking it was some feminist shit.

Andon Amparano : Funny how when the guy comes through the window and he says bad man it sounds like he says Batman

Jeebie Slasher : "Hey! That no bad idea!" "..Really?" "But actually, *IS* bad idea!"

Thimo Haime : We're crime, and crime, doesn't pay.

StraightPixel : *but actually I'm myama*

Solveig Bolliger : DON'T BE MEAN TO THE DOG I *SWEAR TO GO-*

Jay King148 : Leave it to a dog to find something good in everything

Genny Bobenny : Dog:Yeaaa- Old man: just kidding D: *sob*

NewestGuy448 : Lol poor dog

The Austin : Its game grumps with the different accent.

Dean Natuno : *The Title doesn't make sense*

Big Brother : 10/10 top quality script, would compare to X:RA again.

Mike Clalverl : Had a nice nut

Dabrien Williams/Hacker Cat : I've already seen this, i just needed a some what refresher.. And apparently i watched this 7 months ago, cause of my last comment saying 2:45.......

Dragon Draws : Every single conversation I’ve ever had in a nutshell

qWeRtY C A N : 2:40 Suicidal dog

Vaniillabean : 1 like = one compliment for the doggo's ideas

Radicrash : "dog is delicacy" uhhhhh yeah.

Kafféelicious Productions : wait if the FBI was "Bad guy" then who were the PAPA and MAMA he killed...?

Arpit Jha : I saw bobbies I clicked

Bluejack : 2:46 my favourite part

A Spoopy Scaley Scary Man : We've all been that dog at some point in our lives.

mutatedskyline : "That not bad idea! But actually IS bad idea!"

Fuckable Pancakes : #dogopinionsmatter

Doopadoo Man : And then he’s like, *no!*

NecroticSage [NS] : All I gotta say is where the prejudice

Mr. Murica : You know, I am glad this video randomly showed up in my suggested videos

RMC Entertainment : Haha this was hilariously animated! WHY have I not seen this channel earlier?!

τοχιc : i always come to this video if i feel sad. makes me happy all the time

Skyrimfan Heavypyro36 : I'm still confused af even after watching it 2 times

The clown fish : What did I just stumble upon? Is this gold?

ruls : This video was awful...but actually is good video.

MasterDoge17 : Who else randomly got this in their recommendation for no reason

Pinkbunnyslipper 360 : I like you dog

Korben Crosby : I've watched this too many times

Soapy Foshizzle : That dog is the best thing to have slithered out of the unholy internet. 😭

Fool -_- : I love how that guy just crawls through the window and already knows what their talking about and tells his own story and nobody questions it

Deity Saturn : I am so confused

Letta Jean : The dog is me when I want to participate in group projects with people I don't know.