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Captain Disillusion CD Resolution

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Jason Rasmussen : Please do a CD / Audio. You would do a great job explaining decibels, gain, signal to noise, clipping, bitrates, sampling, etc.

Garrett Thacher : What is this man's name? What are his powers?! These are the things I NEED to know

M8 U good : Can you fix pewdiepie's camera quality

Erdnalexa : Watching 4K YouTube videos on 1080p screens makes sense if you consider bitrate. Compression artifacts are just the worst.

Nate and Noah Try Life : Never knew pixels was “picture elements” One of many things I learned from this video

z beeblebrox : 1:07 I think this is the first time anyone's ever legitimately compared Sound of Music with Texas Chainsaw Massacre

Bo : CD: "guy with powers" Hollywood: "i'm listening..."


Jason Allcreator : The powers are actually just basic editing techniques.

QuanticChaos1000 : Captain Disillusion, the movie! Starring Mark Ruffalo as Captain Disillusion.

Andrew Grace : 3:14 I like how subtle he showed the samsung exploding and iphone shuttering...

0MindSwept0 : Definitely love these video tech videos, but I hope to see another debunking video soon, those are always good 👍

Campbell McTernan : When he coughed at the start but the resolution barely changes 😣 Rip 144p

Matthew VandenBerg : Yesterday, I got a new laptop with a 1080p screen, ousting my old one which was 720p. Then you go upload this video. _Captain, get out my mind!_

William Shreckengost : The real benefit of rapidly-increasing pixel density: Screens can get way bigger before the "screen door" effect manifests, because the physical pixels are so crammed together. A 50" 1920x1080 screen will make you *want* to sit 6-10' away by showing you all the space between the pixels that you don't want to know exists, much like how large CRTs would shamelessly show off all their subpixels like a repeating series of JIF peanut butter jars. A 50" 3820x2160 screen invites you to come slide that couch in close to enjoy a wider field of view and really take in the scene in front of you, even on 1080p. In the case of phones and laptops (roughly 4" to 17"), you can more comfortably massage your eyes with the screen as you sit hunched forward in some spine-defying posture that you're _totally_ going to regret when you ding 30 or 40. But you do you. I'm not you're mom or anything.

Cypherous : Its ok CD, your content is already on the big screens that matter, ours :)

Eric Schmerbach : the fact that pixels means picture elements makes me rethink my whole life

NATURAL GAMER : what to say where is the content we have TVs with mininmum HD channels available 80% of channels are in SD

The Boom : The only time 8k could be useful is on VR and that is with 2 4k panels in the pimax and that is because you are inches away from the screen.

William Hut : Why is the title Resolution (pixel density in dpi) when you only speak about Definition (number of pixels in height/width)? Nice vid' nonetheless, as always!

3DSage : So perfectly and simply said. That takes a real talent.

RefleX Clan : i wonder if you ever were gonna make a movie, i think it would be perfect

WindowsXp16 : My internet is too slow for 4k. -Australian here

joseanrodm9519 : Great series! Maybe some explanation in containers and codecs might be nice! Thanks!

thromboid : Ah, marketers...they call it "High Definition" but it says nothing about the pixel density. And don't get me started on "Full HD"!

Colbrook Anderson : Loving this format. Especially the outro!

STICH666 : I'd rather YouTube fix their overaggressive compression algorithm so I don't have to pick 4k to watch a video in 1080p......

Stylish Buffalo : Debunk the moon landing footage

as seen on : CD: The screen arnt geting any biger Me: *gets BIGER phone*

Tens : Great ending ;) hope it's to be continued!

kanishq upadhyay : people who were watching this video in 144p XDXD

Thanos Nikopoulos : Great work. Distilled meaningful information. A hundred videos in one. Zero time wasted. Thank you Cap EDIT: Delivered in the most entertaining way.

Daif preshini : The video and the digital presentation was amazing, really thank you. And please I wanna hear the rest of the story 😁

The Director * : are you calling us Resolve users amaturs ? 😅😅

RadioactivePretzels : The reason professionals want to shoot in 8K isn't for the image resolution for display, it's to give the ability to pan, zoom, crop, resize, rotate, and stabilize the video in post production before outputting a (usually 4K) downsampled final image.

Dominic Kent : Make Next vid “Is the mous phone case real?”

Salatiel : Now I'm curious about the idea of ​​the guy with powers

ye3tmister : hey, you know what u should debunk? shiftwear.

Bonnie 12 Y12 : can we make September 17th national Captain Disillusion Day?

YVZ STUDIOS : I love that you included film (negative, etc.) in your video to explain resolution! 👍✨ A Video more in-depth about "Film Vs. Digital" would be the best thing I can imagine 🤩

Captain Peroxide : Yeah, Seinfeld got the HD remastering it deserves, but Buffy the vampire slayer got botched.

KarlBunker : "more realistic than in real world." 🤣🤣 You gotta love marketing people. (And in this case, marketing people whose first language apparently isn't English.)

FlameAura : as long as i can see wtf is going on in the video, it's good enough for me.

MysticBlast3r26 : do u face art everytime u make a video? or is that a skin u wear or is that a mask or something? or is that an after effects

Roger R : You should collab with Electroboom

Chessversarius : 2:07 Wait, I l've heard that sound before... I REMEMBER, THAT'S FROM SONIC! Nice, Captain ^^..

Popsucker : Hi Captain, please do a video on the guy fixing things with ramen

James M : Please god dissect the beaver utah UFO footage.

SecretSauce : Your motion graphics in this video were some of the best I've seen!