[Jack Black X MUDO] After Listening, Jack Black Expresses 'Red Velvet's Red Flavor' 20170812

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Minkowski : Jack Black really well fits in Korean variety shows. I hope to see him on many different style of the other Korean shows in the future

S. Moore : His interpretation of Wanna One was perfect hahahaha

Sabrina Pi : That's literally me trying to sing Nayana

DramAddict : Wow he really get old

The Velvets : Lol red velvet red flavor get prong the promo

favins : literally international fans trying to sing korean songs

Steph : Lmao he's back!

Sanemi : Me when i sing kpop songs 😂

Karen Yoo : omg wow again?!?! he is seriously such a good sport! omg i died at the "eh be be" part for red velvet 😂😂😂

Hes 1004 : he is so fit to the show i remember his first episode here!!!

JustTakeItInStride : I love this! They have good chemistry despite the language barrier <3 XD

leyla Polat : Damnnn he aged a lot since last time

fauzi yacob : and his parents are rocket scientists..hahaha

Arj : BlackVelvet is real!

Littleliar89 : Jack Black should just join the cast already lol

snsdlove sone : 😂😂😂😂 They dance red flavor 😅


Peaches & Cream : 2:09 that's me and my bestfriend when a kpop song suddenly played while we were hanging out at the mall.

Yul Yulk : That's nothing new that's literally most non Korean speaking intl fans 😭

Kookie Jeon : Jack Black is such a beautiful soul

Amal : Omg haha 1:45 I thought I was the only one who copied that part hahhahaha

sri sulastini : Red Velvet Red Flavor Joayooo 😍😍😍😍😍😍

M Irfan Firmansyah : wtf are you doing po? go back to the village! hahahah *just kidding* ahjussi 🐼

Dennisse Napuli : Me trying to sing any kpop song

Fatimah Azmi : Here i am again; i see P101, i click.

리아나 : Omg Jack Black came back 😂😍 Infinite Challenge is definitely #1 and I don't even watch it 😂

n : this is the best thing i have EVER seen i am dyING

Tasha Mok : OMG jack!! U r more funnier than other comedians there!!

LONG ASS RIDE : 1:44 i cant stop laughing why

GRAFS_REVELUV : Yoo Jaesuk knows the choreo to Red Flavor.

Flatlander : This is me in my car 🤣

Otoka gi : Who's Wanna One I only know Jack One

minah_2000 A. : I can't. he just sounds like po. I love him

JeehoonOh : Musical Genius

Mary Christine Caborubias : I'm dead. Infinite Challenge and Jack Black is just the best :)

Jerrica Lai : 1:42 is so funny😂😂😂

YeRene VKook : I cracked up at Red flavor!

yul mor : Red flavor

naycruzz : Jack Black is on the show to promote what movie??

RUN AYIE : I think I replay part at 1:44 more than 10 times...hahahaha..he really made that sound ! !

Minezone 2025 : Wtf.... Jack black is awesome

DASfVLOGS Ktbspa : Ommg they're alll wearing my fav. Tee brand! Did they get sponsered by Mountain Tee?

Boulder Bash : Jack black is working hard

Digtalfear117 : Man I wish there was more in this video xD

Erixaaa : This is amazing

RainyWolf : He is the best! Funny as hell! I like his face expression and gestures. It's a work of art:)

lesdry yurainy galvis meneses : JACK THE BEST


Donna Kirton : This is so funny,,,

Lexie Lyn : Wish I could find where to watch all the older seasons. All the links I've followed are dead. I really like this show and wanna watch the older ones :'(