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Kurosai : Made a new Twitter if you didn't know: Pop in the Discord if you haven't: I'm looking for 3 more digital artist (drawing on a tablet) to join my main team for channel related projects, email me if interested:

swiss : beans > weed any day

Depression Session : In a span of less than 7 days we have 3 uploads from Kurosai. I was born in the right generation.

Interested Batman : This nibba eatin beans

тσкуσ が : Caught Kurosai eating beans in a cinema watching Cars 3 once.

The Internet Troll The Trash Roaster : *_OMG THIS NIBBA EATING BEANS WHILE WATCHING CARS 2_*

Jada Love : If anyone wants to know what he’s actually sniffing and drooling over it’s a LITTLE GIRL who’s about 5-6 lol 😂

LiGhtSpeed _TV : I prefer my beans like I do my women. Brown and *T H I C C*

Aira 4.0 : Why did that scream sound like something from a pterodactyl

Morgan Lemons : I'm gonna become a bean dealer now

Malcolm Fitzpatrick : Baked beans over weed any day. However when you have *both* ......


weeb cunt : *when they eat your beans*

SantoStar Gamer : Whats wrong, are you scared of BEEEEEAAAANNS?

Kagehi Pinette : that was one spooky jumpscare

Physical Manifestation of Cancer : Somebody get this guy a cough drop!

Kalhiki : Top-tier quality content.

zedze. : *insert adventure time joke here.*

Rooseman Fussell : Someone laced his shit for real 😳😬

Alejandro Chan : Pass those beans mah *N I B B A*

Delyc Heruta : She just got beaned *(DEAD MEME)*

thgritic102 : That scream at the end! 😆

You Tube : I was hoping for some BUNS but im not dissapointed

Beelzebubby The Lord : Too scury for me >w<

SakuraBipolar : * Teleports behind you * _Completely personal, kid_

Isaiahlj : Every time i go back to the reefa... that shit be gone?!?

Krptic Unknown : *I wanna link with kurosai* . is it possible O_o


- _jadenz_ : *REEFA*

silveruke88 : HE DON'T EVER HAVE NONE :(

Rιи-кυи : 0:28 LMAOOOO XDDDD

Uganda Knuckles : Coming soon...

*_ASCENDED_* *_BAPE_* : You did a good job voice acting

The True Sage King : I just love how you're Cranking out video after video on a regular upload schedule, man you're moving fast

Hype MyNizzle : This man roared like he Godzilla.

Rachel hayes : SHIO~CHANNNNNNNNNNN!!!!!! But really its a f u c k e d up anime

Isaiah rooks : Cool beans Kurosai!!!!

A sack of depression : Lmao he sounds like a pterodactyl *0:30*

Yuiplex : Donut touch nigga beans

My AshyKneeCaps : My friend is an uncultured swine he said i be watchin some weird s*** Me:😑

Hex Hub Music : You've been eating my beans!? No, Papa...

Big Nigga : What are you, _scared of beeeaaaanns?!_

『CookiesXCream』 : I wanna laugh so hard but my parents are sleeping XDDD my tummy hurts omg

GRAVY TRAIN 999 : Happy Bean Life

10,000 subscribers without videos? : LMAO something good to watch after coming from school

pity pirate : isnt that scream from that one video of the abused dog feeling love for the very first time

Elo : High quality beans, yandere's favourite food....or drugs ?


kai-kun nightstep : Dem beans

doommeter : Beans to keep them japanese demons away.