Anne-Marie - 2002 [Official Lyric Video]

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Anne-Marie : How many old school tunes can you hear in this?

Jena W : That moment when you feel a little old because everyone in the comments is talking about being born in 2002 and you were born in a completely different millennium.

Mash YT : Who else WASN’T born in 2002? 😂

Pink Slime : My favorite song!😍❤

Panda : Everyone born in 2002 but I was born in 2001.😭

Cat : Who else thought this was gonna be a cover of "oops I did it again" by Britney Spears 😂

junghye pi : Who is born in 2002?? Well not me

Haziq Darwish : Dancing in the hood In the middle of the wood Of an old mustang Where we sang. Is the best part

Its real life Sighs : She should do a song with Shawn Mendes

i think i'm a meanie : When you're not born in 2002 but enjoys this song anyway.

Maria Prenga : 2002 is the year that I was born ❤

Jasmine Sisperez -Games and Others : 1:42 i thought its “whos that girl .... probably singing bababa”😂

Minecraft Maniac 11 : Why am I addicted to hearing this?

Mari : wait whenever she says "fast forward to 18" does she mean 2018 or 18 years old?

His' Gucci : I love this song! after "friends" ft. marshmello💖 this song doesn't have vulgar words and she compiled some songs from 2002 and that's witty...LOVE U ANNE MARIE😘😘💜

Pure Music : R.I.P Avicii <3 May you rest in peace!

sultana Jahida : If you keep listening to a song, you'll get bored, but apparently not this song!!!

XD XD : 0:00 thank me later

Lovable Kermit : Did anyone peep that the cartoon resembles the Lizzie McGuire one

Kelsey Z7 : I read a lot of comments like: "we love you Anne Marie" I suddenly hear their voices screaming "WE LOVE YOU ANNE MARIIIE!!" iluvhertooyaknow!

Aditya Gidh : *Marshmello cries in the corner*

Arpita Roy : It's addictive more than chocolate! 😋

Bunnylover playz : Me: Uhh.. wait... i wasnt born in 2002--- Song: keeps singing Me: *.-. Okay..*

Necesito una vida :v : Marshmello must hates this song xD (And you know why)

Andi’s Sc3n3 : *So cute! The animation’s adorable! I like it. <3*

M /Best Video : Anne Marie we love you 💝💙🖤💝💙💝💙💝💙💝💛👊💛💝💛💙💝🖤💙💝💛💙💝💙💝💙💝💙💝💙💝💙💝💙💝💛💝💛👊💛👊💛💝💛💙💝💙💛💙💝💙💛💙💝💛💝💛💝💙💝💗💝💗💝💗💝💗💝💗💝💗💝💗💝💗💙💙💙💙💗💗💙💗💙💗💙💗💙💗

you need sum jisoos : *-why am i actually crying like what-*

BreatheMusicOfficial : 🔥🔥[NEW MASHUP] Marshmello & Anne Marie - FRIENDS VS. Carly Simon - WHY🔥🔥 on my page :)

BRIAN 1 : Shouldn't it be 1991 because the song said that they were eleven in 2002, not born in 2002

Byron Vasquez Jr. : I graduated high school in June of 2002... that summer and following year was the happiest year of my life. Every time I hear music from that era I get very happy feelings surging back.

Adi : i’m sure 50% of the comments are about people born in 2002 lol edit: sheesh people yes i know you all are born in 2002, now please stop replying to this comment. i dont really care edit 2: the reason why i asked yall to stop commenting is bc i get too many notifications about this and its annoying edit 3: ok just do whatever you do

Marcela robles : Ed sheeran 🙊

sree kumar : When I was 10 I saw friends And now I am 11 and I saw this song ! Lol

elle world : Me Im watching 2018

Redvelvet Yt : Darn I was born in 2000

Talha Iqbal : I was born in 2002.

Sarah Queena : 2018 everyone? (Need likes)

Josie Norman : I think she like an off brand version of Bebe Rexha

Sabrina Ly : I like this song!!! It’s so Romantic!

Silver and Savannah the Gachatuber! x2 : Annie Marie Someone Is Gonna Married And And I Am Singing This The Marage

fun with cool girl : Who are listening the song and also reading the comment

DerpyTacoWolf 123 : I didn’t even exist in 2002 so I can’t relate 😂

s_o _f_i : Ooh i jst realized that i was born in dat year 2002😍 nd u had a kiss wow😛

Ernesto Hernandez : The music video is so cool 😋

XxLunar YTxX : I am too addicted to this song. ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

Kamila Alvarado : I listen to this to much I think I'm addicted

Sheryl Samson : Anne and ed sheeran both writted this song

Yana Shah : Born in 2002 and I feel old

Liya Murshed : Who ships Ed Sheeran and Anne Marie? Who WISTH ME *GANG* who here in 1st August 2018? Or in August?

pigywoo 12 : Who's here before 2 mil views and loves this song?