Today Now!:Finding Masculine Halloween Costumes For Your Effeminate Son

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Xycron : The Onion is perfection

Al Peacemakerq8 : "Faggy acting little boys" XD I'M DYING

Jacob A : Say hello, Travis. "Helloo, Traviss" XD SO GOOD!

Quisquellano26 : (Queeny voice)-"I'ma big ol' bear!"

Lord Sandwich : Those kids are such good actors! :)

spaceye : "hello travis"

VivianSpawn : This is a real issue in Mom groups i belong to, it's terrible.

ᴛʜᴇ Qᴜᴇꜱᴛɪᴏɴ : The kid who said "I'm a big ol' bear!" really knocked it out of the goddamn park here

recalcitrist1 : Lololool.....she called the kid a 'ladyboy.'

M.O. : The bear costume still makes him look like a furry. Straight - okay Gay - okay Furries - bro get away from my dog

Steven Anacker : I'm surprised how many people don't realize the onion is satire.

Michael Shannon : The casual insertion of faggy was the best part.

Jeff Kloster : Just watched this again for the first time in years and just noticed the "tips" along the bottom... "keep your sons hands occupied so he can't clap and squeal".... "give him a firm 'No' to any costume idea he saw on Bravo"....  I fell out of my chair laughing all over again.

Bruce Banner : Damn, this just gave me flashbacks of every single Halloween as a child; my mom was quite creative trying to cover up her son's adorable -fagginess.-

Derrick Snelling : faggy-acting, lol

Certified : An effeminate child being in an animal costume is never a good idea. I found that out the hard way

snapura : I'M A BIG OLE BEAR!

Nacho Is the 1 : The onion predicted the future

wanderlustwarrior : I wonder if they knew ahead of time how well the "faggy acting little boys" line would be delivered.

King Wewuz of the Dindu Tribe : Imagine if tumblr saw this!

bravetherainbow : Ben is adorable lol "I guess so..."

Melanye Rodriguez : The onion finds the best child actors omfg

Todd Boden : I think this could actually be an episode on the 700 Club.

I Love Speed Tests : This is just the best. I wish my parents would have seen this :-/ Stupid Madonna costume got all my candy stolen FML

Ricky Duff : Hello Travis.

Katie Banning : Travis is a true icon

JimmyG : faggy acting little boys LOL

Tangential_Tangine : Some people are so messed up they won't take this as satire but as sound advice

Lux Chevis : No way. The Onion does videos! I can't believe I only discovered this now.

dvdjkaufmn : "Otherwise he'll just wind up looking like a stripper"... roflroflrofl

Obscure Fragments : The 1rst kid's voice and makeup is perfect

bravetherainbow : "acting giggly" lolll

aleksandar maksic : This is so prophetic from the 2018 perspective, exept the tables have turned, now parents dress their normal kids like fagoty quens.

Our Lord and Saviour Nicolas Cage : 1:25 That is AWESOM-O!

Hermes The sarcastic motorrad : Travis looks like young elijah wood

djamotube : Hello, Travis.

Garrett Shmerett : "I'm a big ole bear!" One slipped through guys.

David J : This is so damn hilarious but the world would loose their Sh#t if this would have came out today.

Turtleproof : Tumblr is going to get the vapors when they see this one.

wheendar : man... people from other countries might have a hard time differentiating this from real american news.

Places Unseen : i just had some of the best ice cream ive ever had

iver : This is oddly relevant nowadays

Trimmien : Dressing them in a fursuit is huge mistake

Red Lime : omg, this is gold xD

Meat Scepter : Considering what's going on now....

Thixc _nut : The onion was ahead of its time

Jeremy Fritz : I watch this every year.

phuturephunk : I'm a big ole bear! ...Gets me every time. EVERY DAMN TIME!

WickedDealer : When Satire becomes real life.

CrazyAlaskanCoDShot : Sigh I love satire 😂