Ann-Margret BYE BYE BIRDIE title song

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Overactivedreamer : I actually like the first part better.

J : Lol when Sal re-enacted this for his wife she was like "OMG my husband is gay" xD

Kendra Marybeth Davenport : Doesn't this song make you want to have a nice, refreshing, yet low-calorie, can of Patio?

Useless2112 : BYE BYE BUR HEE

pazuzu002 : The song fits to the Mad Men Scene when Betty Draper shot a pigeon....

Not Carlie : "Bir-hee"

Chad Furlong : Don Draper you are a brilliant ad man. Getting me to this vid 50 years later....

XieYali : I agree with Peggy.

sixtyeight Whiskey : I'm guessing Madmen is responsible for about 95% of the hits this video has recieved. :)

Bebo18 : The way she sings the second Caaareeee is amazing!! At 1:09!!!!

lilskylie123 : who came mad men?

John Haring : This song is the soundtrack to Sal Romano's life

Kevin Asir : "It makes your heart hurt." -Don Draper

Trevor : How many people came here cuz they saw it on Mad Men? Lol

L G : Mad Men still brings me here.

Bryan Southard : one moment youre on top of the world, the next, a secretary is running you over with a lawn mower

xxNikkeh : Like if Mad Men brought you here.

IndisputableAttitude : I just found out this was done on a special-made treadmill.  It was in an interview with her for the Oscars.

Chris Larimore : Good Lord she is so so gorgeous

Cassius Allen : Burrhee

Lucas Capitolo : bye bye birdHE

Jenna Ramos : 1:30 I have no idea whats she doing with her arms...

Ronald Scott : That was quite the shimmy!

ultraroadmap : I guess people don't get that Ann was singing as a naive teen during the first half...the second half she is singing as a woman......and sexy as hell!!

San Francisco Professor : When Mad Men shows that whole hard-nosed ad group sitting there staring at the screen, half-stunned, watching her sing this, that's exactly how it was. Matthew Weiner, the show's creator, remembers correctly the impact this clip had. As the Coke jingle said, "It's the Real Thing./ In the back of your mind/ What you were hoping to find/ It's the Real Thing." The American Dream included this perfect American teenage girl, as part of it. And-- here she was, in the flesh. 

Dookie Butt : This shit is oddly addictive.

uhhsam : The blue background is the main star of this song. Who can think about this without thinking 'blue background'?

Jeffrey Lyons : This video shows why Ann-Margret was hot in the 1960's.

Dam son : God she's beautiful.

Brad Hardy : And with this opening, a star was born! Just like Garland's "Over the Rainbow...same deal

AwesomeNightman : I can't belive how much charisma she has.

Venus : Lol the reason why she sings like this in the first half is because it symbolizes that her character in the movie (Kim McAfee) was immature. Because throughout the movie as a fifteen year old, she blows off her boyfriend Hugo for Conrad Birdie's attention, and looses her mind whenever he's around, fan girling over him. Picture a five year old fussing because she doesn't get a doll that she wants. Ann Margret is a fifteen year old crying over the man she wants and can't have, who by the way, has been drafted into the army. Her voice sounds a bit more mature in the second part because she has realized that Birdie isn't all that, and Hugo matters more. She has matured, and therefore is kindly yet sadly wishing him farewell, no longer "boo-hooing" over him.

Pururu : Her voice is unusual. It may sound irritating, but somewhat it keeps you listening to it.

ghost face : Can't belive i'm watching this in 2014! Damn we miss ladys like this!

DonDraperism : Mad Men.

The Famous Redpunk : Funny how people come here and talk crap about her voice. Maybe if you saw the movie you would get the point of it sounding like that.

KE7SFR : I'm happy with the video playing muted

Michael Keupp : When Ann Margaret sang the intro every high school guy in the audience fell in love with her. Over 50 years later I am still in love. Perfect!

Maria Maria : I'm here because I just started watching Mad Men on Netflix.


Sam Ryden Music : I love how everyone is talking Mad Men in the comment section. I came her because of it too. :D when I watched the episode her voice seemed shrill and annoying and now it's kinda catchy haha!

Luis Zenteno : She was insanely fine! wow!

Brian O'Reilly : She is gorgeous. I've watched this a half dozen times. Don Draper brought me here.

Hash Tag : Her face expressions are priceless

MattiOG : bye bye birdhee

MermaidChick19 : growing up i would stand up and mimic this

Jacob Thompson : The second part when she's more "mature" is so much hotter than the first part and that was even attractive.... Could she be anymore attractive?!

CaptainBardiel : Mary Jane Watson.

Kori Howard : Is anyone here just because of the movie? I mean the movie is amazing and the songs are fantastic to listen to. I'm kind of upset that people are here because of a stupid show or here to comment how annoying her singing is. Like you obviously haven't watch the movie plus her voice is amazing! Please for my sake watch the movie before watching/ commenting on clips of bye bye birdie.