The Greater Good - Mind Field S2 (Ep 1)

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Volkan Taştan : Make a video about the 7 hand types. Or shall I say *8* ?

xWood4000 : We need more subjects. This study has to be done thoroughly after this pilot study.

ItsJustinTime : the "End of Test, Everyone is safe" part is scarier than anything in this video.

QSalt : Micheal: But don’t worry this is a self driving car *Runs over guy riding bike*

The Theorizer : Mind is a state of Vsauce

Justin Lai : Roses are red Violets are blue Michael come back Why are you stuck behind a damn pay wall

Joe C : Man I want YouTube Red to be available in Germany immediately. So much wasted potential...

CamShaftAboriginal : The Standford prison experiment is a great example of psychological harm in the name of science

Anton Amudsen : I have been treating Michael as a meme, but his videos are really fucking cool.

Luis Cortez : I'm convinced that Michael will somehow be responsible for the world ending up like Black Mirror

alexdrapeau : we are *CONDUCTING* an experiment.. ha.. you're funny.


Clingfilm Productions : Lack of action is itself an action, a lot of people don't understand that.

Benjike : Hi! *(howtobasic)*

Bumper210 : Mind Field is the only Youtube Red series worth paying

Lucariův Skromný kanál : It's free real estate

BrytaPlanka : I know what I would do. I would try to hold the switch between the two options/tracks to derail the train or force some kind of system shut down/emergency brake failsafe on the train that I would have guessed existed in case of a system error. I would also have pressed all of the other buttons we can see, at the same time.

Geert Visser : Am i the only one who would switch the rail at the wrong moment so the train will go offtrial ? And there would be a change no-one died

Gud Name : No one really know the true Michael he’s a genius and make masterpieces but everyone think he’s HowToBasic he’s not but they never watch the full video

WHY SO SERIOUS : Probably the only show on YouTube Red that is actually good.

741mo0r_g4m1ng : Female ejaculation Pussy juice Cunt yogurt VSAUCE

Crangeboi 3981 : I have depression because this is a YouTube Red series.

T_Traanmer : I think they are actors because the say “I didn’t want to choose between 5 and 1” of I was in this situation I wouldn’t count them up so therefore I call it fake

GSX : please go back to making normal content please

Lumario : YAY SEASON TWO!!!

koldasquare : 27:23 - proof that the test is fake. Or it's just some editor mistake? The train is switched on the track 1, but in this few seconds it's on the track 2. Hups.

Kai Hei Cheung : I would probably press every button there frantically

NarneX : My heart shattered when coreys voice broke.

Tonay : I really love this series, but I cannot pay for YouTube Red. Is there any chance you will be able to have this content on Netflix?

Nathanimations : YEAH BABY ITS FREE!

Juniper P1X3L : I also think how everyone was rewarded by switching the track the first time may have influenced the initial reaction? Just a thought

Jared White : The first girl elsa almost switched it back

pro : To get youtube red for free just delete 'you' on and type red

Mike LIU : all you need to do to avoid ptsd for participants just yell: yo its a prank its a prank!

Liam Foskett : Who else got actually nervous during the later half of the video.

Ray 350 Schulz : You are how to basic

HMS-Captain Lurmey : I imagine if I were put in that position I'd switch the tracks back and forth in an attempt to warn the workers, even though now thinking about it in hindsight, they're wearing ear protection and looking away so they wouldn't be able to hear the train, let alone the tracks changing. I'd definitely leave it on track 2 in the end, since not doing anything doesn't void my responsibility. The subject was told that they're a "switchman" now, giving them the responsibility of changing the tracks. Neglecting to do so puts the lives of those five workers on their hands, so it's better to switch to track 2. I feel like I'm an outlier in these kinds of studies. I don't freeze up in danger, I jump into action because I want to help people. I want to be the person to make that decision so that others who may freeze or make a quick (and bad) decision don't have to.

Rebeca TJ : My heart was racing so fast

Aditya Singhal : I'm not sure about everyone else, but Cory is most definitely an actor. Everything he did from start to finish was way too dramatic to pass off as real. The least they could have done was hire a better actor.

Péter Sági : To do a youtube video that will be surely referenced in actual academic papers is pretty much the peak of this career.

Wexuzz Channel : *Throw me egg senpai*

Kai AQW : The real question is why would people be on the tracks at the first place

Johnny dick : Omg this is so good

Johnny dick : Damn this series is pretty good.

Drugged Froggy : How to basic?!

S F : Idk why but this made me think about the movie Hot Fuzz

ChoiKirby Animations : I wonder why none of the subjects thought about the fact that the workers are 1. not seeing the train 2. don't hear the train even though a normal person would obviously hear or see the train.

Shekh Ashruf : Really scary experiment... I always thought its easy to kill one vs five but didn't think about what could be the impact. May God never put anyone in such dilemma .

Utsav Bhattarai : Man of the year, Cory.