The Greater Good - Mind Field S2 (Ep 1)

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Lumario : YAY SEASON TWO!!!

Beary Boy : Aww Cory is so wholesome

Momonja : *its just prank bro*

A Ghost. : " *Hey, Vsauce. Satan here* "

RedFireRex RFR : Just pull the brake on the train lmfao

Bumper210 : Mind Field is the only Youtube Red series worth paying

Alex Alexandrov : All I want to know is why Michael opted for the creepy "Everyone is safe" message that sounds like Rick's death machine car instead of just showing the rest of the footage with the workers noticing the train and getting off the tracks in time. Wouldn't that be less traumatic, less confusing and more dramatic to boot? I'd actually really like an answer to this, if somebody would like to pitch in.

shandshy : I like how this entire video was based around Michael’s sneeze

Jason Gooden : I wouldn't pull the switch , not because I'm scared, but because if I don't pull it I'm not legally responsible seeing as I could argue I wasn't trained for the job. besides out of 6 construction workers one must notice the train is coming. That horn is kind of loud.

Junny Balloony : Was it just me or my heart was beating hard when I was watching the subjects cause I was just imagining me in that situation

Nathanimations : YEAH BABY ITS FREE!

Pizza : The test subjects better not have been actors.

The Toxic Avenger : The last guy being an actor really ruins the credibility of this show.

Hagelslag : THAT LAST GUY IS AN ACTOR! Look at Nathan for you season 4 episode 2 around the 20 minute mark. wtf Michael???

Clip Burpton : I feel like a mom who's sending their kid off to college. I miss you, but I'm proud of what you're doing and what you've accomplished.

Volkan Taştan : Make a video about the 7 hand types. Or shall I say *8* ?

BriefTv : But what if that 1 person was your mother? 🤔🤔🤔🤔


Edward Driver : Think Cory's response might be fake. If you look at the lever at 27:23 and 27:26 it is clearly turned to track 2, before he has made any decision - but we see the lever turned to track 1 at 27:30, again before he has made his decision. Looks a bit fishy to me - unless they switched up the order of the footage in the edit. Bit disappointed to be honest, if mostly for the lack of attention to detail in the production dept

Junny Balloony : This series could be a pretty cool idea for a mental horror movie like saw

WHY SO SERIOUS : Probably the only show on YouTube Red that is actually good.

Oja Mačuda : Hey Micheal, I am here. Where are your videos? I mean videos videos, not Mind Field videos, but even they are gone. I really miss them, so what is the reason of not doing videos so suddenly? And as always, thanks for reading.

corisco tupi : This reminds me of a related problem, of those two well-known politicians both drowning at the beach. You see them both, knowing that both can't be saved, so here is the dilemma: Do you shoot the scene with a EF70-200mm f/2.8L USM or with a EF300mm f/2.8L IS USM lens?

Jason Gooden : This study has been going on for years. It's Project C.O.D. (Call of Duty).

Apple Bee : Didn't answer the A.I. question. Unless it was _"Yes, avoid the many people for the single one"_ . If so, then this show was 20 minutes of filler and no different to the generic stuff shown on Discovery Channel.


Mason Scott : I would just kill the 5 people, no reason to kill a person who would otherwise have not been involved.

Chipperonio : I felt so nerve-racking watching this. I seriously regret my decision.

Dan B : What if it were 5 adults on one track and a baby on the other ? .... How do you tell a machine, what would be the greater good according to human standards?. Wouldn't that give the machine a sound reasoning to kill?

THE LUCKY TITAN : This is Bill Nye but present day

The Theorizer : Mind is a state of Vsauce

Iggy : Corey is a sweetheart!!

Simone Daishi : I think Michael might be slightly sociopathic...

BenOver : R.I.P Vsauce

Kaizen : Who here remembered Jason Silva's Brain Games?

ColdBeerHD : I can't watch this (I mean series) in my European Union country. I would be happy to do so, but youtube says "no, we do not need your money". Why? I will download it from somewhere anyway and watch it 4free, just weird that I can't pay even if I want to.

Can Kandemir : I would pull the lever just after the train's locomotive passed. I am going to call it ''There is always an another way problem'' Because you can kill them all or save them all.

Chuck's Anime Shrine : Michael: We need people for this study Psychologist: Best we find people who are best suited against emotional trauma and don't easily get PTSD Michael: Great, so where are we getting our candidates from? Psychologist: California Michael: ...

NoOnesFault : The thing is that if someone puled the lever, he made and act and is responsible, as he believes, for the death of that person, but if he had no contact with any of that instead of watching it, he wold feel more relief for an technology killing 5 people instead of him deciding of killing 1 person (even tho it was technology fault).

Abdulmajeed AL-Hussain : The experiment design is lacking, for two reasons on the top of my head: a) Screening out people who are not resilient subsidize a fight vs flight important variable and consequently large population = bad sampling, b) The subject being not a real operator lightens the responsibility off their shoulders; simply put, I have more legal consequences as an officially employed operator vs a temporary one, and having that legal weight off, means that the fake operator will have less of a reason to act on the lever.

Utsav Bhattarai : Man of the year, Cory.

Digusting Weeb : Captain America: We don't trade lives

Nicci BigBird : Poor Corry! Oh my god....bless his heart!

Alexander D : I understand minimizing the risk of psychological damage is obviously important, but when you filter individuals you get a less rounded picture of the human race. Maybe the people that were more stable and were selected, were more stable because they lacked that sense of accountability that can cause stress and causes action. Maybe the more sensitive people would’ve behaved differently. But I can’t think of any other ethical way to do it. Awesome video.

Red -X- : Pubg voice chat 0:46 Michael version

gator tho : I'm convinced that Michael will somehow be responsible for the world ending up like Black Mirror

Max Loh : 25:12 mind=blown. He figured out a "bug" in the experiment that we didn't think of, which works against the actual Trolley Problem. Maybe these experiments need to undergo some vetting and QA before being done on the public.

Miguel Fernández : Cory and Elsa had the courage to take the responsability of their actions to save more lives. Impressive.

Thadiun Okona : 7:08 Of course the women want it to pass, all they ever do is play mind games...

Victor Reyes : seems fake