The Greater Good - Mind Field S2 (Ep 1)

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Dolan Dark : I think this is one of the only good Youtube Red shows. Thank you lord Michael

jon bang : Them: omg I just killed someone aaaggghhhh. Michael: chill, it’s just a prank bro. EDIT: ohmygosh thanks for sooo many likes!

Clear Lens Cap : Imagine one of the test subjects just crossing their arms and smiling, doing absolutely nothing and showing no concern

Atharv Karbhari : If they had tested this on some person with superpowers then he would have accidentally revealed himself which would have proven more usefull for science.

808123 sd : The last guy "Cory" had the truest form of empathy

Onkgopotse Sibanyoni : Ethics board: "What are the benefits this experiment?" Michael: "Dem Views"

RedoranGuard's-SkyrimBattles : Plot twist: The Train splits in two and kills them all! :)

EvaanArkansas : No more free memes you gotta pay now

Jasmin Grossen : RIP last Vsauce video I can afford 😓

Blodhthringa : What if they were all actors and the experiment isn't reactions to the trolley problem, but instead, the experiment is how people would react to seeing people being subjected to the trolley problem. The experiment is to see if the general public thinks this kind of psychological experiment is generally accepted as "for the greater good" for the purpose of conducting future experiments. What better place to conduct that experiment than YouTube?

xSplayd : wow an actual good youtube red show. well done

Oreo Likes to Draw : "Would you like to help me conduct the experiment?" Heh, conduct. Trains. Get it?

Three Dots : I would pull the lever halfway so the train would derail and hopefully go without hitting anyone! : Vsauce: The Greater Good Other channels would have named it: the trolley problem (social experiment)

Vladimir Lenin : This is the only true pranking channel on YouTube.

Liam Foskett : Who else got actually nervous during the later half of the video.

Skittles - : Elsa - “That was kind of scary like ah I have to turn it!” Michael- J U S T Y O U W A I T

Caleb Custom Bricks : I feel bad especially for Cory, hope he's okay :(

Rolando Aguilar : What if that one person was a family member

Riley Butcher : choosing to test the trolley problem is ANOTHER trolley problem

Bogmire777 : The Vsauce Michael problem: You pull a lever, and it saves 5 people's lives, but you don't get any YouTube revenue

Dorito Pine Tree : Poor Cory he is Cry :c

ShadowsCrescent : I think you scarred Cory just a *teeny* bit

Matthew Swanson : Better to hit two people in the road (who should not be there) than one on the sidewalk, who has every right to be there.

ShreddingBlood : Imagine if when one of the subjects turned the switch they said calmly without hesitation "I SENTENCE YOU TO DIE"

Kriilo : wouldn't call it a "greater good" -type situation. more like "lesser evil"

Aisen Mikhailov : "We don't trade lives" - Steve Rogers

Etc : I've read to much Harry/Hermione fanfiction to ever hear "The Greater Good" Without throwing up

Nilanjana Deb : Yo why isn't vsauce uploading free videos anymore?

Pretzel Boy : My BPM were going 120 the whole video. My normal is 63....

Uriah Siner : Btw, Im still not getting Youtube Red.

beytrod : I guess Michael's not here anymore lol

khayyam Al : Im still waiting for a video that starts like this: hey Michael VSAUCE is here Or like this: Hey vsauce Michael is here... But why vsauce...

F L : Come back to normale youtube i miss your videos

raphael caloz : The screening process makes the study biased.

2AM SOUL : I wish vsauce was my science teacher

MGlBlaze : This was rather fascinating; and Cory in particular strikes me as being especially compassionate, given how strong his reaction was. The debriefing where they meet all the actors was a great idea. It also gives some insight into the idea of diffusion of responsibility from the people who chose not to act, citing various reasons why others would also be in place to prevent disaster.

Gnats50 : Utilitarianism/consequentialism is wrong. The best choice is to do nothing, otherwise you are actively willing the death of one just to save more quantity.

mrawesomexyz : It's tough to conclude anything based on such a small sample size, but it seemed like all wanted to pull the lever, but the younger ones did not make the move and the two more mature ones did. Again, it may be coincidence, but this could be a factor. Another factor would be that the younger people had more faith in technology in that there would be something in place to prevent such an accident. The choices fall into two different lines of moral thinking. The dilemma is that most people are somewhere in the middle, and this experiment forces them to choose an absolute. The first line of ethical reasoning is to choose the option that results in the least damage. This is a utilitarian way of thinking, defended by John Stuart Mill. It simply states that the moral choice is the one that results in the least damage. The second is Emmanuel Kant's ethical theory of rights. It states that people have rights, and that it is unethical to take one person's rights away even if it saves more. This theory supports not pulling the lever because doing so would violate the rights of the one on the other track. Anyway, very interesting experiment and great to see it done in the real world. I hope best for the test subjects, especially the last guy, who was very emotional about it.

Stiderspace : @Vsauce why do i get the feeling that last guy ( Cory )was an actor. i mean look at the switch it flips position from shot to shot at 27:21 its switched at track 1 at 27:24 its suddenly already switched to track 2?? and at 27:30 its suddenly back to stack 1 this is definitely done in multiple shots and multiple times and they probably didn't notice it in the edit. so i think its staged it doesn't make sense that its suddenly switched.

Péter Sági : To do a youtube video that will be surely referenced in actual academic papers is pretty much the peak of this career.

Ryugo7 7 : I swear to god I would have flipped a coin.

Martin : Technically the probability of that one of the group workers noticing the vibrations of the ground and warn others is far more likely than the single worker which's outside of range of the group for direct physical contact to warn him.

666POD666 : This brought me to tears, which has never happened from watching a pop-science show. That tells a lot :'(

CrazyMrDudeGuy : Why did he stop uploading videos? Can anyone help me sorry if I'm dumb I'm so curious and I really don't know I miss his vids so much

ElectroBOOM : Trying to choose test candidates that won't have mental issues after test would filter test subjects and the outcome of the test would only be based on using more mentally suitable people. Would that make the test invalid? I should probably watch it till the end first!

Jeremey Bafico : Anybody else miss the normal Vsauce before they went to YouTube premium

grungeblight : This must be made with actors and or heavily edited. definitely not seeing a real representation of occurred events. Im sorry to say but my bullshitto meter is going of the charts. Specially with that crocodile tear guy. Thats some fake american "reality tv" crap.

WolfBoy : Fake. Some of these conversations are very suspiciously unnatural, especially when the "subjects" just talk so casually about their feelings right after supposedly experiencing being responsible to someone's death. Hell, even the psychologists and everyone else sound fake when talking. Dammit, and i was even thinking of getting youtube red to watch this series.

Magnify Martinsen : 12:17 The name isn't properly censored..