The Greater Good - Mind Field S2 (Ep 1)

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The Ace Of Spades : Knowing me, I'd find a way to fuck up and kill everyone including a dog somehow

Bogmire777 : The Vsauce Michael problem: You pull a lever, and it saves 5 people's lives, but you don't get any YouTube revenue

Nathanimations : YEAH BABY ITS FREE!

Péter Sági : To do a youtube video that will be surely referenced in actual academic papers is pretty much the peak of this career.

Chilli Lucas 智利仔 - The Cantonese Guy : Am I the only one who would have started looking for an Emergency Stop Button???

Onkgopotse Sibanyoni : Ethics board: "What are the benefits this experiment?" Michael: "Dem Views"

DanZmeN : i liked it and i was actually intrigued up until 15:44 where the 'subject' is holding her tea cup from the top (horrible way to hold a cup, especially a plastic one with a lid) with the label clearly facing toward the camera. The fact that this is staged really breaks my heart...

ShamanEntertainment : To make matters worse... what if the one person instead of the 5, was someone the decision maker knew. Their son, mother, daughter... etc. I think that is just as important of a study.

Александр ForestLamp : Great job !

Bunnyboy Carrot : I was just expecting for someone to maniacally laugh while they saw everything going down.

xSplayd : wow an actual good youtube red show. well done

Monkey D. Luffy : *OH ! A FREE VIDEO !* Quick take a picture !


GeorgeRen : Jr looks like an older Donald glover

Shawn Productions : R E A L F A K E

Vozilex : ITS JUST A PRANK BROOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!

MentalMonkey2525 : I like the opening theme, sounds like something you'd hear from Stranger Things

Taran Ainsley : 22:06 did he just slap her arse?

Sam Britton : I want to see what they would do if the person on track 2 is a child

Liam Foskett : Who else got actually nervous during the later half of the video.

Liam Faresich : I felt sick the whole time watching this. The experiment proves nothing and leaves people with potentially severe emotional trauma. Manipulating subjects and using your power for "the greater good". You did not get consent from them to do such things that can leave them with lasting scars, all for a stupid entertainment program. The damm conclusion was "oh well yea diff ppl do diff things". This "experiment" was for entertainment purposes and is not even a big enough pool to come to any significant conclusion. I dont think Michael was trying to be a bad person, but i think he is too "rational" for his own good. Thinking of stupid numbers. Theres so many other factors in these situations. There will never be a right or wrong decision. But he put people through potentially lifelong trauma and PTSD for his silly "science" show. I lost a lot of respect for Michael on this one. Maybe hes never faced severe trauma and doesnt know what hes doing. But these are peoples lives that he's messing with. Using his power and resources to manipulate and traumatize subjects without consent. I felt disgusted the whole episode. Its really unfortunate because I think Michael is an incredibly smart dude. He needs to developed some more emotional intelligence though. This experiment does more harm than good, showing an impressionable audience that's its ok to use other humans like lab rats without their consent and without thinking long and hard about potential reprocutions it can have on an indivuals life and everyone around them and the world at large.

Partimegamers : You know all this stuff about this being fake I really hope this isn’t fake cause it’s one of the most interesting things I’ve seen

Rayvn7 : As with nearly LITERALLY EVERY PSYCHOLOGICAL STUDY EVER, this study is HIGHLY FLAWED, though I congratulate them on using the fake switching station. The "results", as usual, will be incorrect, because of 1) the most obvious and most likely result, that they won't see and won't notice the people, 2) the people are workers, so they are the ones in intros, they know what they're doing, no need to interfere, 3) they do not know whether the switching will crash into 1 human or 1,000 humans, since they have no idea what els is on that track and how many trains will crash into each other if switched without authority, and 4) They may think they are not allowed to pull the switch.

Adraria8 : How bout making the train run over expensive computers instead of people

2AM SOUL : I wish vsauce was my science teacher

Chambo : I am officially woke now

AnttixA : did you know that finland turned 100 years old when this video was released

Your Math Tutor : I'd pay for this if I could. this is so damn interesting.

Daniel Bornstein : They should've had Ashton Kutcher host this episode.

tonyb24242424 : I was like holy shit, shes gonna switch the track again when the train in on the switcher and try to derail it.

SagaHub : Worrying about psychological damage? Mate, have you seen one of those scare pranks on youtube! And those are just for money. My god, never though of it like that.

T WIZ : saving 5 dumb asses playing around on the train tracks is not for the greater good.

bullitt foruu : The more we increase our TECHNOLOGY the more we decrease our for me...I would not get into a self-driving automobile in the first place...but you are asking questions greater than option would have been to repeatedly switch the tracks over and over as the train crossed hoping it would derail and perhaps hit none of the "men on the track"...the train was not traveling at a high speed...and the derailment may have been minor....but at least it would leave the effect up to chance and not up to me.

Ecks DEEE : Another free Mind Field? Fuck yeah dude

Pyrus : The greater good is coming to you from my Bolter Vsauce!

PotatoSmasher : Yo Michael, too bad youtube RED isn't available in my country. It's funny how the greed for money that forces the people willing to watch these vids to pay can backfire. Cuz when i can't pay, i'll just get to another video platform, that has your videos for free. Wanted money? Could've gotten them from ads on normal Youtube. This way you get shit. :) Cya. With regards, average youtuber that doesn't live in USA

Vexzare Regilux : No disrespect but.. damn Judy can be my Ho..

Cypher : This is so amazing. I've always wondered what would happen when people say they would do something, compared to the actual action when it comes to life or death situations. I guess it's true, talk is cheap. You can talk the talk, but can you walk the walk?

x HnTr VDH x : I feel like I also wouldn't pull the lever on account that I don't know where the train was going, on the off chance that someone noticed the train if I changed the track I would also be held responsible for a train being sent the wrong way

XxdarkanimevampirexX : Goddammit Michael making me wanna pay for youtube red

Frank Grimes : I wouldn't even touch the track switch. I'm not going to get involved in sacrificing someone when 5 other people thought it was a good idea to play on train tracks too. It's none of my business

Snow : Русские субтитры,пожалуйста

Parzival : YAY SEASON TWO!!!

King : JR is the most punchable fucking human in the planet

Gamerz4Lyfe GAMERZ : Do an experiment on rage in getting over it with Bennett Foddy XD


Brennen Baier : feel like nobody would get ptsd if you end the test as quick as you did

Munjee Syedd : 9:12 be careful with those words might activate the winter soldier's kill mode

Jeremiah : Things I’m not gonna do: 1. Stick my head in an oven. 2. Pay for YouTube red.

Robin Šimek : could we put light trough something and slow it down so much we could see it going through it?