The Greater Good - Mind Field S2 (Ep 1)

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Dolan Dark : I think this is one of the only good Youtube Red shows. Thank you lord Michael

Reilly McDowell : Imagine thinking that you just killed somebody with a train and then michael stevens runs through the door and tells you not to freak out.

jon bang : Them: omg I just killed someone aaaggghhhh. Michael: chill, it’s just a prank bro. EDIT: ohmygosh thanks for sooo many likes!

Clear Lens Cap : Imagine one of the test subjects just crossing their arms and smiling, doing absolutely nothing and showing no concern

Atharv Karbhari : If they had tested this on some person with superpowers then he would have accidentally revealed himself which would have proven more usefull for science.

Onkgopotse Sibanyoni : Ethics board: "What are the benefits this experiment?" Michael: "Dem Views"

xRECONCILEDX : plot twist: the subjects are actors too :>

Three Dots : I would pull the lever halfway so the train would derail and hopefully go without hitting anyone!

L'onde d'Argenteuil : “How many test subjects would you think is adequate to extract some general conclusions about extremely complicated psychological processes in a semi-controlled environment? -I don’t know, 7 or 8?”

Jasmin Grossen : RIP last Vsauce video I can afford 😓

xSplayd : wow an actual good youtube red show. well done

Blodhthringa : What if they were all actors and the experiment isn't reactions to the trolley problem, but instead, the experiment is how people would react to seeing people being subjected to the trolley problem. The experiment is to see if the general public thinks this kind of psychological experiment is generally accepted as "for the greater good" for the purpose of conducting future experiments. What better place to conduct that experiment than YouTube?

RedoranGuard's-SkyrimBattles : Plot twist: The Train splits in two and kills them all! :)

EvaanArkansas : No more free memes you gotta pay now

Andre Kelly : What if the single person on the track was a teenager or child? Not to say a child would be on a train track just hypothetically.

Kriloqueen : wouldn't call it a "greater good" -type situation. more like "lesser evil"

Nilanjana Deb : Yo why isn't vsauce uploading free videos anymore?

TG373 -M85 : Also on the episodes where you say "studies show x" can you put a link to the study?

Jemar De Jesus : 1971 we will have flying cars in the future........ 2018 we have this guy

youtoober2013 : 0:48 Better question: What should the car do if it has to make a decision between running over children or putting you into a wall to save them?

Uriah Siner : Btw, Im still not getting Youtube Red.

raphael caloz : The screening process makes the study biased.

TQuaden Quaden : I would take the 5 people. We are too many ;) : Vsauce: The Greater Good Other channels would have named it: the trolley problem (social experiment)

Rolando Aguilar : What if that one person was a family member

Bogmire777 : The Vsauce Michael problem: You pull a lever, and it saves 5 people's lives, but you don't get any YouTube revenue

Joel P : 27:23 Lever is on track 2. Then at 27:30 the lever is back to track 1.

beytrod : I guess Michael's not here anymore lol

Henry Zhang : Why did this make me so tense

666POD666 : This brought me to tears, which has never happened from watching a pop-science show. That tells a lot :'(

2AM SOUL : I wish vsauce was my science teacher

senningiri71 : Or a different solution is to try to turn switch right at the moment it approaches the railroad junction, so that the train possibly derails.

ShreddingBlood : Imagine if when one of the subjects turned the switch they said calmly without hesitation "I SENTENCE YOU TO DIE"

grungeblight : This must be made with actors and or heavily edited. definitely not seeing a real representation of occurred events. Im sorry to say but my bullshitto meter is going of the charts. Specially with that crocodile tear guy. Thats some fake american "reality tv" crap.

Friendly Neighborhood Doggo : If I pull the lever it would be murder! Because I’m actively killing him! If the five die it would be an accident but pulling it would be killing the person willingly and it would be your fault. But if the train hit the 5 people well it was a tragic train accident and nothing could be done (well you could pull the switch) and it might just feel better mentaly because you are not actively kill the person!

Liam Foskett : Who else got actually nervous during the later half of the video.

rageof souls : the HEY VSAUCE Michale meme ara is ending

Hippieparty : It really seems to be fake :( not only that the switch swaps in the last moments before the desicion of the last guy, the last guy also is an actor :( I am very disappointed michael :(

khayyam Al : Im still waiting for a video that starts like this: hey Michael VSAUCE is here Or like this: Hey vsauce Michael is here... But why vsauce...


Péter Sági : To do a youtube video that will be surely referenced in actual academic papers is pretty much the peak of this career.

DeathStroke : That's elsa from frozen. appreciate the pun please

WolfBoy : Fake. Some of these conversations are very suspiciously unnatural, especially when the "subjects" just talk so casually about their feelings right after supposedly experiencing being responsible to someone's death. Hell, even the psychologists and everyone else sound fake when talking. Dammit, and i was even thinking of getting youtube red to watch this series.

Gnats50 : Utilitarianism/consequentialism is wrong. The best choice is to do nothing, otherwise you are actively willing the death of one just to save more quantity.

TakeFrame : I would stop the train lol

WHY SO SERIOUS : Probably the only show on YouTube Red that is actually good.

Zosia Bielecka : I feel terrified for this people like I would faint

Dorito Pine Tree : Poor Cory he is Cry :c

Let's be Curios : This is the best content I have seen on youtube today. Thanks for this Michael, its just making me feel so wholesome.

Oreo Likes to Draw : "Would you like to help me conduct the experiment?" Heh, conduct. Trains. Get it?