The Greater Good - Mind Field S2 (Ep 1)

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WHY SO SERIOUS : Damn give Cory a fucking medal

Sam : *"The trains probably had sensors"* Yes, its called the eyes of the conductor

Sam : *Ok, gonna buy YouTube Red just for this series*

Ana Jurado : The only reason why I want youtube red now

WiP FPV : *about to witness someones death* "HEY Vsuace, Micheal here!"

WHY SO SERIOUS : Probably the only show on YouTube Red that is actually good.

Gencay Deniz : The King in the NERD!

Silly Gily : I once shot a guy on fortnite at close range with a pump action shotgun and it only did 7 damage. Can you explain that vsause

Eugene Sagan : Is it a teleological normative dilemma or is utilitarianism the best ethic?¿

Rudolf Hitler : Goddammit this was hard to watch.

The Theorizer : Mind is a state of Vsauce

Rick Morty : You better be getting paid way more than everybody else on Youtube Red, because you're the only one propping it up.

EagleHD : Pretty sure the reason I love this show, is because I believe its very similar to ”Mythbusters”.

quattro espada : Lmao Elsa: im scared just by doing this Michael: well just u wait.. Fukin savage

Simon Peters : I think in real life, God would just make the train stop, because God loves all people, except immigrants.

Nathanimations : YEAH BABY ITS FREE!

Dillon Qaphsiel : Love this but don't want to support YouTube

DarkAngleXD : This might be staged cause at 27:23 the switch was already at track 2 but then at 27:29 the switch is back to track 1 :/ .. It's very disappointing.

Jack Stuchbery : Vsauce may be the next Jigsaw.

Boo The kid : Best prank video


The Hyper Cube : clearly you need to find out the fastest way to kill all 6 people at once

Zoronii : So is this show basically morally questionable psychology but without the constraints of an ethics board? Because I kinda love and hate that concept at the same time.

Tm m : He was an actor. At 27:24 the switch had already been flipped, suggesting retakes.

jmhm17 : I was thinking Greg was a smoke and mirrors Psychologist, but when Corey was opening up, and Michael cut him off almost in a way to deflect but unaware Corey was still trying to let his feelings out Greg imediatley stopped Michael. That was some good stuff. Had Michael continued and Corey could not release, that right there could of caused damage. Good job Greg for catching that. I think that was huge! 28:45

Luis Cortez : I'm convinced that Michael will somehow be responsible for the world ending up like Black Mirror

Dreadnaught2517 : Man if all the shows on Red are this good, I would definitely subscribe.

Niston Cloud : Doesn't the preselection of test subjects sort of skew the results?

TheTayz : The 5 peoples' deaths would be fate as it were, but the death of one would be directly by your hand. I wonder if letting things run their course is perhaps more ethical than taking it upon yourself to be an arbiter of death. Not because you froze, but because you considered yourself no one worthy to decide the value of strangers' lives.

Tractor Wrangler : Being a very brutaly logical person I see the error in this test. No one was actually wrong however one person I see as more correct then the rest. The first white male made the most logical choice. 5 workers familiar with their enviroment 10 sets of eyes and 10 sets of ears. All 5 have the ability to feel the vibrations of the train approaching and their experience will make at least 1 of them look back. He was correct. Additionally what no one seamed to think about was that the switch itself probably makes noise. The act of cycling the track switch might have gotten them to look back. Taking no action in that case was the most logical avenue. Switching the track over and over again would have gotten a railroad workers attention in my opinion because that would have been obviously an out of the ordnary occourance.

Péter Sági : To do a youtube video that will be surely referenced in actual academic papers is pretty much the peak of this career.

Defcamp & Melderon TV : Wow this was awesome!!

IAN PA : Greg: "Elsa." Michael: *Hey Vsauce Michael Here!*

Nick Watson : What would you do? Vsauce style

TheRepty818 : The thought that comes to mind for me is trying to explain to the families. If I didn't hit the switch I could see myself telling the family that I couldn't do it because there were people on the other track too. If I did hit the switch I don't think I could explain that I sent the train to kill their spouse to save someone else.

Liam Foskett : Who else got actually nervous during the later half of the video.

Interminables PuntosSuspensivos : I hate that everyone just assumes that the right answer is pulling the lever so that the train only kills 1 person but honestly I think the 5 people being in that rail have their destiny already written. If in both scenarios people will die no matter what you do, I think the best answer is to just let things happen normally and don't interfere. So to me, the five people should die in that situation, sadly.

Skywardocarina1 : The trolly problem is really easy for me. do nothing because if you switch the track you are responsible for killing a person whereas if you do nothing you are not responsible for those five people.

Ricardo Gobin : We are the only species that can study and make detailed decisions. Surely this means something. Did we really just evolve from nothing? If a house needs a designer and builder to be built, how much more necessary is a designer and builder needed to create a human body which is far more complex. A cell has the ability to reproduce itself. A brick does not.

Stanislav Avramov : what if all the people are actors

Parzival : YAY SEASON TWO!!!

Kid Pariah : horibble... 1. The train wasn't going fast enough and 2. I would of thought they would of seen the train and done nothing assuming they knew the train was coming... 3. They were "construction" workers you would figure they knew what they were doing... You can tell in their face they were more confused then worried because the test was more confusing as to why isn't any doing something or getting off the track. You need to make the experiment better maybe upfront tell them sometimes u have to switch from tack a to track b if someone is on track (Make up a story about saving someone ones life from doing it).

sourabh Tripathi 09 : This should be on t.v

MySheroniak : I haven't watched the vid but I think it's obvious that people wouldn't do anything. I know I wouldn't. Touch the lever, you become a murderer, don't touch it and your golden. Seems like a simple choice to me.

Joshua Slade : I would not hit the switch. Because weather or not I was at the switch, the 5 people would die by the train. If you redirect the train you are committing murder. The end of saving 5 people does not justifies the mean of killing 1

Banana Berry : so good but when is YouTube red is gonna be available for the rest of the world goddammit

The Squirrel : There appears to be some confusion on the state of the switch between 27:14 and 27:24.

GameGeeks : You're cutting yourself short with Youtube Red, this would be high quality TV!

Soulless Ginger : 27:24 the switch is already flipped. Come on Michael.

MrYigger : the greater good of this experiment is that sweet sweet youtube ad-revenue lmao!