The Greater Good - Mind Field S2 (Ep 1)

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xSplayd : wow an actual good youtube red show. well done

Uriah Siner : Btw, Im still not getting Youtube Red.

Trevor Estrada : Open the door and yell “HEY SOME SHIT IS ABOUT TO GO DOWN”, pull the lever, then sip on your tea. You’re doing fine sweetie

Chilli Lucas 智利仔 - The Cantonese Guy : Am I the only one who would have started looking for an Emergency Stop Button???

Александр ForestLamp : Great job !

Nathanimations : YEAH BABY ITS FREE!

Bunnyboy Carrot : I was just expecting for someone to maniacally laugh while they saw everything going down.

Dale Veitch : Ironically, Elsa was the one that didn’t freeze. BuDumTsss


sevrock101 : I would have liked to see what would happen if there were multiple people in the room.

lol : finally some real quality content on youtube. love you Michael no homo <3

Vozilex : ITS JUST A PRANK BROOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!

MentalMonkey2525 : I like the opening theme, sounds like something you'd hear from Stranger Things

Sam Britton : I want to see what they would do if the person on track 2 is a child

Adraria8 : How bout making the train run over expensive computers instead of people

Cypher : This is so amazing. I've always wondered what would happen when people say they would do something, compared to the actual action when it comes to life or death situations. I guess it's true, talk is cheap. You can talk the talk, but can you walk the walk?

Paul Bebnowski : Love this! ...but I'm not paying for it

Ecks DEEE : Another free Mind Field? Fuck yeah dude

rain dog206 : I thought this video was somewhat entertaining but there were a few too many influencing factors involved including how the subjects were shown the working of the switch and the video simulation that made this experiment ecologically less valid or not much more useful than current studies on the trolley problem have been in revealing truth about human nature. Much of Michael's commentary very speculative and I thought a bit too biased so there wasn't a definitive evidence based conclusion reached in the video either. If anything imo, the one guy who gave the justification that out of the five workers, one would have noticed and alerted the others got too quickly dismissed as attribution and the presence of emotion through crying that the psychologist noted in Corey got too quickly overlooked by Michael wanting to comfort Corey and attribute his emotion to bravery. Further research into this type of logical reasoning and this type of emotional reaction would be genuinely useful if people honestly want to answer questions about human nature and how to approach ethical programming of cars. :) Keep considering


Parzival : YAY SEASON TWO!!!

Snow : Русские субтитры,пожалуйста

Partimegamers : You know all this stuff about this being fake I really hope this isn’t fake cause it’s one of the most interesting things I’ve seen

x HnTr VDH x : I feel like I also wouldn't pull the lever on account that I don't know where the train was going, on the off chance that someone noticed the train if I changed the track I would also be held responsible for a train being sent the wrong way

King : JR is the most punchable fucking human in the planet

Hiukas : That's so interesting :D!!!!!!!

XxdarkanimevampirexX : Goddammit Michael making me wanna pay for youtube red

AVeryFestiveMedic : Love everything about this show. *But I don't wanna pay for it.*

Fernando Trebien : So at 27:22 the switch has switched itself, and then at 27:30 again?

Gabriel Bernal : I wouldn't have pulled the lever because I know I don't have the legal right to pull it. If I leave it alone, it would be the old man's fault legally. If I pull it, I would have one person's death on my hands legally.

that bitch : This reminds me so much of brain games

dustinATwcs : Last thing I watch before this internet is dead.

PotatoSmasher : Yo Michael, too bad youtube RED isn't available in my country. It's funny how the greed for money that forces the people willing to watch these vids to pay can backfire. Cuz when i can't pay, i'll just get to another video platform, that has your videos for free. Wanted money? Could've gotten them from ads on normal Youtube. This way you get shit. :) Cya. With regards, average youtuber that doesn't live in USA

ΛᄃΣMΣMΣ : Elsa didn't freeze cause The cold never bothered her anyway...

Vexzare Regilux : No disrespect but.. damn Judy can be my Ho..


Pyrus : The greater good is coming to you from my Bolter Vsauce!

rain dog206 : Its a little ironic because the researchers, in the same way that they claim the subjects did, tell themselves stories to justify their choice in experimenting: "each person learned something about human behavior" "Elsa learned what inner strength she had" "every single one of our participants feel they contributed to something and they feel the value of the study, its not just us." 30:00-31:30 I think Michael hit the nail on the head initially when he said the experiment revealed more about the individuals.

SMLein : He did it for real. The absolute goddamn madman

Suicide isn't an option it's a solution : Imangine of someone started masturbating

Kasper Stenbom : A Season 2?! I had no idea this was coming! *:D*

bullitt foruu : The more we increase our TECHNOLOGY the more we decrease our for me...I would not get into a self-driving automobile in the first place...but you are asking questions greater than option would have been to repeatedly switch the tracks over and over as the train crossed hoping it would derail and perhaps hit none of the "men on the track"...the train was not traveling at a high speed...and the derailment may have been minor....but at least it would leave the effect up to chance and not up to me.

Monkey D. Luffy : *OH ! A FREE VIDEO !* Quick take a picture !

Stijn : Are the questions between the seitching attandees difrent from the ones that didn’t?

Audry Mendoza : This is why there are no more v sauce videos. He is on YouTube red...

Whoandwhy : Not really liking the way Vsauce is going. I'd pay to see braincandy live, but I won't pay to see a discovery channel show that teaches me nothing and uses major dramatizations.

Cur tis : i wonder what the outcome would be if they accidentally hired someone who's a murderer or something. Watching him switch it to 5 people would be great footage.

Keerthi Vasan : I would not have pulled the lever just because there is more probability for 5 people to get attention when it gets nearer.

Crystal Whovian : I was literally in tears watching this!!

Thinking? : This is way to good for YouTube red.......