The Greater Good - Mind Field S2 (Ep 1)

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ColdBeerHD : I can't watch this (I mean series) in my European Union country. I would be happy to do so, but youtube says "no, we do not need your money". Why? I will download it from somewhere anyway and watch it 4free, just weird that I can't pay even if I want to.

Let’s Get Building! : I knew that you are *HowToBasic*

Jordan Beach : 6:35 *OOOF*

NarneX : My heart shattered when coreys voice broke.

The Theorizer : Mind is a state of Vsauce

Braukers : Making the cars swerve to kill one person on the sidewalk instead of multiple on the road, would be unethical and would make it impossible for pedestrians to rely on the safety of the sidewalk as they might end up involved in an accident they otherwise had nothing to do with. Allow those who make a mistake to accept responsibility for it.

maome kat : Double H this video is indeed amazing and vsauace certainly has worked very very hard but I feel if you think I already didn't think that then you must have missed the point of my comment. An actor or show or piece of art and in this world even scientific theorems are measured on their own merit & the peer public perception. Before we had YouTube vsauce. We watched his videos, liked them,shared with our friends at work, interacted with comments. .. he was the performer, we the audience but look now... you would be a silly bigot to not see that vsauce now is far away from us. Due to a pay to view choice for money on YouTube a free ad platform. We no longer like his videos or share with friends at work as we don't get to see them outsid usa. Soon vsauace will be forgotten and like =3 the channel with ray William Johnson will be swallowed by corporate greed. Thankfully YouTube still has amazing and other genuine channels that will replace (already have) such as cody lab and asap science and just simple engineering. (despite this video having some flaws from technical & production standpoint compared to orignal old vsauce content such as lenght of video, less direct vsauce, lack of first ep hook,this can be attributed to less control from vsauace and more power given to production company who want a more discovery science TV show vibe) .

Rick Reed : I would have switched it back and forth quickly so that everyone had a fair chance.

beefcake : Shouldn't be called "The Greated Good", but instead "The Lesser Bad". Neither of those train choices are good.

gator tho : I'm convinced that Michael will somehow be responsible for the world ending up like Black Mirror

Soulses : Me personally wouldn't touch the switch, I'd be afraid i'd be liable for manslaughter by doing that

Logan Bills : Vsause: is it wrong to freeze? Black Panther: I never freeze

Recovering_Californian : Wait a minute ... 27:18 and 27:21 the switch is on Track 1 but a few seconds later at 27:23 the switch is all ready on Track 2. Editing mistake I suppose.

HMS-Captain Lurmey : I imagine if I were put in that position I'd switch the tracks back and forth in an attempt to warn the workers, even though now thinking about it in hindsight, they're wearing ear protection and looking away so they wouldn't be able to hear the train, let alone the tracks changing. I'd definitely leave it on track 2 in the end, since not doing anything doesn't void my responsibility. The subject was told that they're a "switchman" now, giving them the responsibility of changing the tracks. Neglecting to do so puts the lives of those five workers on their hands, so it's better to switch to track 2. I feel like I'm an outlier in these kinds of studies. I don't freeze up in danger, I jump into action because I want to help people. I want to be the person to make that decision so that others who may freeze or make a quick (and bad) decision don't have to.

Lumario : YAY SEASON TWO!!!

Alexander grozz : I would just like to mention he said the words "we hired a freight train".

Comrade Tobias : Me:WHAT IS THIS? Vsause: It's just a prank bro.

Hagelslag : THAT LAST GUY IS AN ACTOR! Look at Nathan for you season 4 episode 2 around the 20 minute mark. wtf Michael???

Rod Burke : It tells us a little about human nature, but not much. 1st- test subjects were not selected randomly, they were given a psychological screening. If test subjects are selected randomly without screening you'd get a better cross section of human behavior. Who knows, maybe they inadvertently selected people who are more or less likely to flip the switch. 2nd- This experiment seemed to contain a small sample size. You'd need to perform the test on a few thousand people to get good statistical power. Finally, it does give me a warm and fuzzy feeling knowing that some people do the right thing, but for the most part, it was just good entertainment.

Nathanimations : YEAH BABY ITS FREE!

A Ghost. : " *Hey, Vsauce. Satan here* "

Alex Alexandrov : All I want to know is why Michael opted for the creepy "Everyone is safe" message that sounds like Rick's death machine car instead of just showing the rest of the footage with the workers noticing the train and getting off the tracks in time. Wouldn't that be less traumatic, less confusing and more dramatic to boot? I'd actually really like an answer to this, if somebody would like to pitch in.

Jason Hollister : Is that the safe PATH or NOT, tricky QUESTION !!

MrCobalox : i would have switched the lever, but thinking it a bit better, i wouldn't. on track 2, 1 person was talking to the phone and alone, difficulting the earing. But on track 1, there was 5 people on the rail having a greater chance of people to hearing it or at least feel it cause they where on the same tracks, or even the train could have used the horn. this test have a lot of inconcluences, but thinking it better, imagine if there was 5 people TIED to the tracks and 1 tied to the another one.

Bumper210 : Mind Field is the only Youtube Red series worth paying

Timothy Anderson : I think it would have been more interesting to have had at least three age groups. Say 20 to 30's, 40 to 60's and say 65+. An accuculation of experiance and wisdom, would have had to have had more interesting outcomes. Still a very interesting experiment. I think the hesitation was mostly to due to people thinking how quickly and seriously the whole situation changed. We would hope that something like that would have to have a lot of checks and balances in place. My hats off to those that analyzed and made a decision quickly. Future Air Traffic Controllers.

DooMLorD : *FREE*

SUNRUNE L. : Thank Goodness this is free to watch...

Jonathan Weirich : It's interesting to see how many people here try to come up with creative schemes to derail the train or otherwise figure out a way to save everyone, which isn't the point of the thought experiment. I think the real predicament here that messes with people is that you are faced with a positive act (to pull the lever) and an act of omission (not pulling the lever). It's hard to quantify to yourself how you would respond to acting in a way that directly causes a death, versus ignoring a problem that you didn't create even if it means more deaths. On the one hand you are left trying to justify your action because of the greater good, and on the other you justify your inaction because you didn't want to directly cause a death and it isn't your fault the train is heading down the track

Volkan Taştan : Make a video about the 7 hand types. Or shall I say *8* ?

pro : To get youtube red for free just delete 'you' on and type red

DestructionOfUtopia : People in the comment are unbelievably stupid or inexperienced. I would do nothing. As a former soldier in the IDF in every situation there is a good chance that people will accuse you for taking action, even if you shot the legs of a terrorist who is a threat for your life and others. In this case, if the one person will die, his family will sue you that you are responsible for his death and if you did nothing he would still be alive. You will probably do time in jail. That is how it works in Israel: you protect yourself and others, you end up in jail. This is not an action movie, at the end of a catastrophic event there isn't a girl who hugs you and says "let's go home". no one will forgive you. See you at court.

MrCobalox : 32:30 pont*crack*IFIcate.

CL4M D1GG3R : I like how giddy Michael gets when waiting for the experiment

WHY SO SERIOUS : Probably the only show on YouTube Red that is actually good.

Evija3000 : I definitely wouldn't be suitable to participate in this. Felt terrified for the participants as soon as I realized Michael is going to do the experiment. 😄

Jerry Grey : Am I the only one who would derail the train by switching while the train is crossing the switching point? >.>

Pizza : The test subjects better not have been actors.

Apple Bee : Didn't answer the A.I. question. Unless it was _"Yes, avoid the many people for the single one"_ . If so, then this show was 20 minutes of filler and no different to the generic stuff shown on Discovery Channel.

BriefTv : But what if that 1 person was your mother? 🤔🤔🤔🤔

Estela Montoya : I know this sounds terrible, but as an 11 year old, I would've switched that lever with a smile on my face. Probably would've been disappointed that it was a test. I'm probably a psychopath.

Dylan DeFrates : Neck tumor @00:53 ?

sp0pie : wow what a heart-pounding introduction to a series. cool to see the trolley problem in action! this video positions throwing the switch as a matter of "doing as you said" or "not freezing up"—implying that failing to do so goes against your word or shows your inability to take action. There are a lot of other moral considerations that should be taken when thinking about what choice you would make. there's the classic "fat man" followup to the trolley problem: would you push a fat man onto the tracks to stop the train and prevent the death of five? Would you be able to live with the fact that you were the one actively responsible for the death of another human being? A pure utilitarian would look at the number of lives at stake and choose to kill the one person (or so they'd think until Vsauce gets em). A deontologist would not choose to switch the tracks because some actions such as killing are never morally the right choice. A similar moral dilemma also comes up in Avengers Infinity War. (spoiler alert) Thanos thinks killing half the universe in order to save all life is justified and throws the switch himself (utilitarian), while the Avengers think that even trading one life for a cause needs to be avoided at all costs (deontology) what would you choose to do?

Utsav Bhattarai : Man of the year, Cory.

josha.b doge 2 : What about being liable? I would be concerned that my actions would lead to me either being jailed or sued. That is the world we live in, somebody has to be the escape goat!

Kingstad : holy crap this is much better than expected, best youtube RED series so far

Red -X- : Pubg voice chat 0:46 Michael version

madnessSavior : Oof utilitarianism...

Vsauce 4 : I love you Michael