Why a Recession in 2019 Will Not Happen

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Explaining why a recession will not happen in 2019. While many experts such as Sven Carlin, Peter Schiff, and Lawrence Summers instill a belief that a recession is near MHFIN argues that the bull market is here to stay. The idea that stocks remain overvalued doesn't take into account numerous factors including the 4th industrial revolution

Comments from Youtube

Pawlik : Not sure I trust the analysis of someone who gets debit vs debt wrong.

Tim Lester : JP Morgan say 2020, Carlin and Schiff don't say 2019 for sure. On interest rates you will notice the general downward trend of lower interest rates so they don't have to lift as high to trigger especially if QE tighting. The longer malinvestment happens because of low interest rates the more unstable. Maybe read Ray Dalio or watch his how economic cycles work video. A good short book is economics in one lesson. You can never predict a crash but you can do smart hedges that don't have a huge impact on returns. So if you are sure no crash in 19 how long will bull run continue?

EVNI : For how long you think the market is here to stay??? Second why does Warren Buffet has at this moment so much liquidity??? third you mention 4th industrial revolution but it is during a recession companies are bound to automate in order to decrease costs.

DottoreVino31 : All the growth is not organic. Monetary dovish money printing + tax cuts + share buybacks + corporate spending ... name it ... a dangerous fake economic environment. The recession is already here in Europe even if the media don't cover this. GDP growth has declined in a row. It took almost half a year before media and politicians talked about the recession in the last crisis.